9 Reasons Why The Universe Sends Certain People Into Our Lives

During our life, each person meets many new people. Some of them stay with us for a short time, some set out and very few walk our life path with us to the end.

And although we sometimes don’t understand why someone is moving away from us, even though we really want them to stay, the lessons they taught us stay with us for many long years.

Sometimes your life is filled with light and meaning from a wonderful person who appeared in it just when you really needed it, and sometimes fate throws you an interlocutor or colleague so toxic that you think you are almost ready to kill him on the spot, but after that, you realize that if it weren’t for him, you would never have become who you are now.

Below you will find several reasons why people may appear in our life, whether we like it or not. I hope this article helps you better understand how we relate to other people and where the endless flow of life takes us.

And remember, if you don’t see the reason for something, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Here are 9 reasons why the Universe sends certain people into our lives:



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1. To Teach Us a Lesson

These are the people we can learn from. Sometimes their lessons are overly rigid, and sometimes the “teachers” themselves are extremely far from ideal.

But no matter how your relationship develops with these people, remember one thing: if the Universe is trying to teach you something, it does it for a reason.



2. To Awaken Us Within

To Awaken Us Within

There are people who make us doubt and ask ourselves questions. Sometimes they become a permanent part of our life, sometimes they stay in it for a very, very short time, but either way, they help us find another piece of ourselves.

We don’t have to love these people, but we can’t do without them. Whether we like it or not, our toxic relationships can sometimes enrich us.

This type of disappointment gives us the necessary trigger to assert ourselves better, to learn to say no and to end a relationship that we consider toxic.

In the end, these encounters that drained us emotionally end up making us grow. It is these epiphanies that help us better welcome the right person into our life.

By having the detachment necessary to make this encounter, we learn to leave space for those around us and to have healthy relational attitudes with others.



3. To Remind Us of Something

These people, by their mere presence, remind us of something we would not have remembered without them.

They remind us that we are not alone, that this world is our common home, and there will always be those in it who are ready to help us when we need them.

And sometimes, when we’re almost ready to give up, these strangers help us pack up and get back on our feet, reminding us that our life is anything but as hard as it seems.



4. To Pay a Karmic Debt

To Pay a Karmic Debt

Karma is the idea that all our actions eventually materialize in our life, whether good or bad.

This spiritual concept purges us of our harmful passions and can drain our energy for a period of time. But this backlash is temporary and will help us pay off the debt we owe someone for causing them harm, whether consciously or not.

This is when we will be able to meet a person who meets our expectations.

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5. To Warm Our Hearts

These people appear in our lives when we feel like a blown candle, and it seems to us that we don’t care about anything. The Universe has knowledge and will send you a person who will support you unconditionally.

For the most part, these people fly through our lives at the speed of a meteorite, and we never hear from them again, but our memories of them are there for a long time…



6. To Be Close to Us

To Be Close to Us

These are precisely those people who become part of our life – forever. They remain with us, despite all the difficulties that face us in our journey of life.

These are our friends, relatives, and loved ones. These are the ones who are always ready to catch us if we fall.

This union will be lasting and will go through the trials that fate can sometimes make us undergo.



7. To Help Us Grow Above Ourselves

These are the ones that help us get through the darker streaks in our life. They stay with us when we break our hearts or lose loved ones.

Sometimes they stay with us forever, sometimes they disappear imperceptibly. It all depends on how important a role in your life they must play.



8. To Show Us What and Who We Deserve or Don’t Deserve

To Show Us What and Who We Deserve or Don't Deserve

These people are somewhat similar to those who help us grow above ourselves. They can be both the most wonderful and the most terrible people in your life, depending on the circumstances.

These individuals prepare the way for the types of people we let into our life.

For example, when we confront someone we really don’t deserve in our life, we learn from this and we draw conclusions not to let such toxic people get into our life.

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9. To Learn Something From Us

These are the people for whom we already have to become tutors and teachers. And who knows, maybe by communicating with them, you will teach something not only to them but also to yourself.

The Universe occasionally sends us people for whom it is extremely important to hear what we can tell them.



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