The Spiritual Meaning of Mongolian Birthmark (Spot)

It’s scary to think how often things that make us special and unique are interpreted as something evil. Such is the case with birthmarks of any kind.

Maybe it’s even harder to imagine considering that we all grew up seeing some of the most beautiful women alive celebrated for moles by their lips or eyes.

Mongolian birthmarks are not as mainstream, but I find them beautiful, nonetheless.

Medically, they are benign, flat birthmarks with wavy edges and blue undertones. The name came from the wrong belief that it appears only amongst Mongolians. The birthmark often disappears within a couple of years of the baby’s birth and almost never sticks around by the end of puberty.

As for the spiritual meaning of Mongolian birthmarks, there are more than just one or two. Some of them come from Mongolian and other East-Asian cultures. Some don’t.

However, it’s vital to understand that birthmarks are not bad on their own. What makes them “bad” is people’s fear and ignorance. Your child is perfect and simply came to you with something unique and profound spiritual meaning.



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The Spiritual Meaning of Mongolian Birthmark


Mother’s dreams

Many birthmarks that appear on a baby are associated with what their mother was thinking or dreaming about. It can be as silly as seeing an apple-shaped birthmark on a child of a mother that was craving them often throughout the pregnancy.

This is just one more confirmation of that mystical bond between the mother and child. When a woman carries and grows a whole other human being for nine months, there are so many opportunities for their energies to mesh and bond.

In that case, the longer the Mongolian birthmark sticks around, the stronger was that bond in the womb. For all intents and purposes, think of it as sitting in a comfy chair and leaving an indent after you get up. The longer you were in the chair, the longer it will take for the indent to disappear.

However, keep in mind that your conscious thought could leave an imprint as well. This will become important in one of the following segments. For example, if you constantly think about playing soccer with your child when they grow up a bit, they may end up with little cute sock shape birthmarks.

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Mother’s fears

Mother’s fears

Several types of skin pigmentation are often associated with traumatic events the mother went through during the pregnancy. The Mongols, the Huns, and the Slavs each have a similar belief that, in short, say that the shape of both Mongolian and nevus birthmarks represents something that scared the mother during those nine months.

I have a heart-shaped nevus on my left shoulder, so my mother got frightened by love? Joking aside, this belief is interesting because it appears in a couple of other cultures as well.

With the Mongolian birthmark, the time it takes for it to disappear should correlate to how long it takes to get rid of the leftover negative energy after the event.

The birthmark may not only be shaped like the thing that caused such fear but also appears on a relevant body part. For example, if you got frightened by a snake, the mark could appear as a coiled snake on the ankle.

There’s nothing to do but concentrate on healing and gathering a lot of good jujus. The birthmark will slowly but eventually go away.


Past life memories

This is another one that comes from the Far East. Depending on where you look, you may see Mongolian birthmarks be called a past life memory or even a past life scar.

I don’t know where you are on reincarnations, but you probably at least have an idea that we can reach into our memories and recall past lives. It usually takes either outside help or a lot of meditation. Unless you are born with a Mongolian birthmark.

These birthmarks can either be in the shape of something relevant to our previous life calling or be a bit more graphic and disturbing than that.

There is no gentler way to say this, but if a baby is born with marks that resemble gashes and wounds, that could be the illustration of how their previous life has ended.

What’s even worse, you can imagine the amount of anger and pain tied to those last moments. Enough of it so they find their way into this life as well.

It’s for the best to avoid doing any kind of regression therapy with the child, at least until they are spiritually and emotionally stable to handle it. Maybe never do it, since some questions are better left unanswered.

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The spirit animals and guardian spirits

The spirit animals and guardian spirits

Let’s lighten the things up a bit. After all, the spiritual meaning of Mongolian birthmarks is not all doom and gloom.

This one comes from the other side of the world where it was believed that your birthmark show who is your guardian spirits.

For the spirit anima, the birthmark should either be in the shape of said animal or the mark will illustrate one of its aspects on the baby’s body. For example, wings on the baby’s back, or a bunny tail above the butt.

As for guardian spirits, that can be a little tough. It’s usually a type of symbol that the people will recognize, such as a silhouette of a lucky item or a profile of a family member that has passed on.

These types of birthmarks usually appear after a difficult birth or at times when things are just about to get messy.

If you’ve received a guardian, show them some appreciation. From time to time, leave a few treats that the animal would like, and don’t forget to save a spot at the table for that family member.


Life calling

Have you heard of Doljabi? It’s a really interesting Korean custom. When the family celebrates a baby’s first birthday, they set up a couple of different items that represent potential careers. When the baby chooses an item, it means that they have chosen their future job or calling.

For example, you can put money to represent business and finance, an abacus for maths and accounting, stationery for academics, pens for writing and painting, etc. These days it’s just a fun activity, but it’s not that hard to believe that we vibe with certain fields of work from a young age.

A Mongolian birthmark could also be an indicator of what thing the baby will love doing growing up or when they fully grow up. If the child has marks on their hands, they may enjoy crafting, and if they are on their legs, they could run about all the time.

Another way birthmarks can represent future callings is through imagery and symbolism. A mark in the shape of a shield could mean the child will grow up to be in law enforcement, or a screwdriver could be a mechanic or engineer.




In the end, the most important spiritual meaning of a Mongolian birthmark is that your baby may be a bit more spiritually sensitive. After all, they came into this world carrying an equivalent of a numerological chart.

It’s vital to teach the child how to avoid bad karma and emotional vampires. In a child-appropriate manner, of course.

Teach them to live a happy and healthy life and invite positive energy into it. The rest can come when they grow older.


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