Seeing Purple Spiritual Meaning – A Message From the Source

Colors are such a vibrant and poetic way to express ourselves, and they also hold special spiritual significance. Today, we will be looking at the spiritual meaning of seeing purple. Purple as a color is associated with so many things, ranging from our emotions to other people's way of expression.

One of the most common associations we all have with purple is that it is the color of royalty. It is meant to portray wealth, independence, pride, and so many things.

Color is one of the things we tend to take for granted, but it is an interesting way to learn about yourself and others. It is part of color psychology, which looks at how colors impact our behaviors and emotions.

Understanding the spiritual meaning of seeing purple can make you want to incorporate it into your life. We will look at the messages or meanings you could be getting from the universe whenever you see the color purple.


What Does Purple Mean Spiritually?

The connection between purple and our spirituality is interesting. It is even more so when you consider that purple is a rare color. In spirituality, purple is mostly associated with the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is one of the sources of our connection to the spiritual realm, enabling us to connect to a higher state of consciousness and the divine.

It is said to hold a significant understanding and knowledge of the universe that can benefit us in our daily lives. It can also help us follow our soul’s true purpose. But to understand this, you first need to know the spiritual meaning of seeing purple.



Seeing Purple Spiritual Meaning

Seeing Purple Spiritual Meaning

So, below are seven spiritual meanings of seeing purple and what they could mean for us. This can help you understand yourself better.


1. You Posses a Special Wisdom

Purple is a color that represents wisdom, knowledge, and maturity. You might have noticed that most people drawn to the color are older. This is because of the amount of knowledge they accumulate throughout the years. Their experience also makes them gain wisdom from what they have seen and learned as they grow.

Seeing purple could mean that you have a well of knowledge that you have not yet tapped into. It might be time you start amassing more knowledge. This can mean you start reading more books or listening to people with more experience than you to learn what they can teach you.

It is also a sign from the universe that you need to make sound decisions. You might have been letting your emotions take control of what you say and do, which has led you down some regrettable paths.

Seeing purple is a sign for you to perceive things differently, start being more truthful and practice better control over your emotions.


2. Power and Status

Power and Status seeing purple

The late Queen Elizabeth II is one of the figures who would wear purple at royal events. This is a tradition that ties back to the beginning of most monarchies. Purple, especially purple velvet, has been a sign of high status and royalty.

Even I feel more empowered and elevated from wearing purple clothes. The color lets you tap into the energies existing around you that you and others might not even have noticed.

What seeing this color could mean for you is that you are a powerful presence. This doesn’t have to mean that you are rich or in a leadership position, but it shows that you have these qualities. Sometimes the only thing holding you back from achieving this can be yourself.

Seeing purple is a sign for you to start exploring new avenues. Adopt bravery and courage that can give you the boost you need to make changes in your life. It can also be a foretelling of the future power or status you will come to hold.

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3. Good Luck

My elder sister's favorite color is purple. While I cannot say the same about myself, I have seen the courage she gets whenever she wears or carries a purple item. She calls it her good luck charm and wears it whenever she feels she needs luck on her side. It is surprising to say that it has worked in her favor so far.

Purple is a lucky color, and seeing it can mean that your luck is about to change. This message can be very encouraging to those who have been going through a tough time.

It doesn't mean that you should now start wearing purple wherever you go. It is just a message of hope from the universe that things will start working in your favor soon.

You can also wear a purple item to your job interview or whatever situation makes you feel nervous about the outcome. It can be your good luck charm that will bring you the luck you need. Even if it doesn't happen on that day, you will at least feel confident in knowing that your luck will change soon.


4. You Need to Be More Open-Minded

You Need to Be More Open-Minded

Purple is considered an enlightened color; that is because it is unbiased. It is also seen as a civilized color and is one of the most mature colors. It provokes feelings of acceptance and understanding. In your case, the spiritual meaning of seeing purple could be that you need to adopt these virtues.

You might be too stuck in your convictions that you don't let yourself see things from a different perspective. The presence of purple is nudging you towards different opinions and perspectives that you have never thought of.

It is a sign to start looking beyond your limits and expanding your horizons to see the other things the world can offer.

Learning more about other people and what they have to offer exposes us to possibilities and opportunities that we would never have come across otherwise. The universe can use purple to inform you that you have been living a sheltered life, and it is time for you to surrender yourself to the great unknown.

Being open-minded gives you room to explore and learn more about life which can be a very rewarding experience.


5. It Fosters Your Imagination

Purple is also an inspirational color. It inspires us to listen and share our innermost thoughts. We can understand ourselves better through doing this, which opens us up to spiritual guidance and growth.

Divulging your thoughts gives you free rein over your imagination, which can help you build your spiritual intuition.

The color can also unleash your imagination in other areas, such as art. It encourages us to access our visionary side, letting our creativity take over. One of the best artists I normally associate purple with is Prince. He responded so well to the color that it became his signature, and his success is a testament to the power of purple.

Your creativity doesn’t have to be like his. You might be talented in other things, such as baking, building, or writing. Seeing purple is a message from the universe that you need to foster and water this creativity.

Step out of your comfort zone and let your creativity run wild. It can be a great way to unburden and unwind.


6. A Symbol of Peace

A Symbol of Peace

Our lives are filled with so much stress and anxiety that we can feel like we are constantly battling with everyone and everything around us. One spiritual meaning of seeing purple is a sign of pace.

It encourages us to let go of our worries and fears and let the higher power deal with them. It also encourages us to feel complete within ourselves.

You might be struggling with finding stability in your personal and financial life. This can be frustrating, turning you into an easily irritated person or putting you in a lot of despair.

Seeing purple reminds you that there is so much more to life than what we think. You should not let these stresses affect your life.

Incorporating purple in your life can help you find wholeness, enabling you to be happy and at peace with what you have. It dissolves the fiery energy that makes you feel like you are on edge. It also alleviates the negative energy surrounding you, freeing you to see the world from a clearer lens.

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7. You Need to Trust Your Intuition

Imagine this; you are on your way home after a busy day at work. You always follow a specific route when going home; it could be because it is the shortest or more scenic.

However, you decide for some reason not to go down that path like you usually do. Something just tells you to take a different route then you later hear of an accident on that route.

You can easily chalk this up to a coincidence, and it might be. However, another possible explanation could be that your intuition cautioned you against using that route.

Our intuitive abilities are a compass, guiding us through life in ways we cannot understand. Our intuition is associated with purple because of the connection with the crown chakra.

In some cases, the spiritual meaning of seeing purple could be a message for you to trust your intuition more. Doing this aligns with your inner guidance, allowing you to pick up or see changes in your surroundings that you would not have noticed otherwise.

Seeing purple encourages you to use this ability to improve your life and awareness.



What Does it Mean When You See Purple in Meditation?

What Does it Mean When You See Purple in Meditation

Seeing purple when meditating could be a message from your mind letting you know that there is an issue. It could also mean that you are forming a spiritual connection and unlocking the crown chakra.

Seeing purple during meditation could mean that you are not making the connection to the universe as well as you should. Your emotions can block this connection or cause your crown chakra to underperform. You have to look into yourself to determine the cause of this.

It could be because you lack inspiration or that you are too absorbed with the physical world that your mind cannot connect with the spiritual world. You might also be confused about where your life is headed, which can make you feel like you lack clarity or cause a disconnection with your spiritual side.

Seeing purple during meditation could be telling you that your crown chakra has a problem that is caused by any of the factors above. You will need to work on it and cleanse it to make a true spiritual connection.


Last Words

So, there you go, the seven spiritual meanings of seeing purple. As you have seen, the color purple holds a lot of spiritual significance. Seeing it could be a message from the universe highlighting any of the meanings above.

Meditate and ask for guidance from the universe to understand the meaning that applies to you.


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