7 Signs The Universe Is Leading You To Your Destiny

When you start to notice and feel positive changes in your life, you should know that the universe is guiding you toward your destiny.

We all have moments in our life where we feel completely lost. Sometimes that feeling will last for a very long time and something will eventually appear to point us in the right direction.

If you've seen or read “The Secret”, then you've probably begun to accept the idea that the universe manifests itself in different ways to show us the right way.

However, at that point, you start to wonder how it works for you. The following are 7 signs that the universe is guiding you to your destiny:


1. Your life suddenly becomes eventful.

1. Your life suddenly becomes eventful.

Your life may have been boring. There weren't many events, and you didn't have any friends. Nostalgia for the wild times of the past seems to take much more control of your life than you would like. But now everything is different.

All of a sudden, your friends decide to throw a party, and they invite you as their most important guest. You will feel as though your life has taken an unexpected turn because of new friends.

Everything is moving at a furious pace now. Say something like, “I will open myself up to all of these invitations and say yes to them.”

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2. You are alive for your purpose.

2. You are alive for your purpose.

You knew you had a hunger inside you. You wanted to get what you wanted, but somehow that hunger was reduced. The raging fire within you is now weak.

The spark, however, will be reignited when you realize that the universe is on your side. It burns and keeps you awake day and night.

It makes you anxious and inspires you to work harder. Your motivation is the most important part, and it is all that really matters.

Make the affirmation to the universe, “Thank you for putting me in the right place at the right time to fulfill my purpose.”



3. Opportunities come to you.

3. Opportunities come to you.

It should come as no surprise with new opportunities and relationships coming into your life, you will be presented with new experiences.

And with new experiences come new opportunities. You are no stranger to having your heart broken. You put up walls and never allowed anything to come up and affect you.

It's time to start tearing down those walls now. Be willing to put yourself out there and have new experiences; be open to new possibilities.

You'll receive many blessings from the universe. Go wherever the universe leads you.



4. Your soul family begins to come together.

4. Your soul family begins to come together.

It is not necessary to have a biological connection to someone in order for them to be considered a member of your soul family.

They are the people who come into your life and bring a whole new definition to it. It is the community of people who are spiritually aligned with you.

Your life will be brought to a whole new level of excitement the moment you meet them. It doesn't have to be romantic.

They can be your soul brothers or sisters. They can also be your friends. These are the kinds of people with whom everything seems right.

And the more the universe sends them to you, the more you will have a great life coming your way.

Say the following: “I am thankful for all of the soul mates I have all over the world, and they nourish my soul.”

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5. Your intuitive energies begin to grow.

5. Your intuitive energies begin to grow.

Your intuition will start to work better as the universe leads you to your destiny. You are in harmony with the cosmos and you radiate powerful vibrations.

The vibrations of others will begin to contact you and you will be intentional about being in the specific place you want to be.

Make the affirmation to yourself, “I have become intuitive, and it will serve me in most of my situations now.”



6. You are full of joy.

6. You are full of joy.

Everything around you is full of life. When sunlight hits your skin, you sense its energy. The cool wind brings a new life to you. There is nothing that truly slows you down.

The world almost conspires to make you happy. It's hard to point out the source of happiness, but you can definitely feel it in the air.

The most essential part of this whole process, however, is that you recognize its value. It helps you grow and be one with the optimistic energy of the earth and that is just beautiful.

Make the following affirmation and share it with others: “I thank the cosmos for everything.”



7. You're open to the universe with an intention.

7. You're open to the universe with an intention.

While it's okay to be open to the universe, be careful not to get lost again. Therefore, in order to truly connect with the universe, you need to have a goal in mind.

Something magical will take place, but you should be careful that the magic does not fade. Point it in the right direction in order for you to truly feel the change.

Make your dreams a reality. The universe is rooting for you. Embrace its cosmic energy. The universe supports you. Do not resist it.

Simply live your life and let the rest fall into place. In order to forge a deeper connection with the cosmos, you can also try the Ancient Manifestation Ritual to spark a deeper connection.

Allow the forces of the universe to guide you toward the accomplishment of your goals. You just need to trust yourself and have a little bit of faith in what you can accomplish.

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