9 Signs You Are Tapping Into Your Dormant Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities undeniably exist, and it is fascinating to witness how these extraordinary powers manifest uniquely in each individual.

For example, let’s consider two individuals who have extraordinary abilities to read minds and intentions. One can use an extremely refined and disciplined version of their throat chakra, channeling their psychic knowledge through this energy center.

On the other hand, the second individual may possess a well-developed or extremely well-maintained pituitary gland, serving as a conduit for their intuitive abilities.

The wide spectrum of supernatural achievements and the multitude of paths to achieve them make it difficult to compile an exhaustive list of common guidelines.

We have curated a collection of principles that we confidently believe embrace the essence of psychic exploration.

Here are 9 signs that you may have psychic abilities and some tips to help you become more in tune with your power.

By embracing these signs, we hope to provide you with a new perspective on your continued ventures into the realms of the unknown.



1. You experience a lot of headaches

You experience a lot of headaches

One of the few downsides, this symptom can go from annoying to painful and debilitating.

This symptom can develop for many reasons. It can hurt in the same way that an exercised muscle hurts.

You may have received or mirrored unconsciously from someone. Whatever the reason, drink some water, eat, and meditate this way.

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2. You experience the ‘Springs of Silence’

You experience the 'Springs of Silence'

This particular sensation is very disconcerting the first two times you hear it. As your psychic abilities sharpen, you will be able to ‘hear’ the world around you.

You are not receiving specific thoughts, intentions, or emotions. Instead of specific stimuli, you feel the ‘weight’ of the presence of that information.

This false silence is like your brain’s way of protecting you from being flooded with psychic information.



3. You often seek intuitive advice and perspective

You often seek intuitive advice and perspective

People can come to you for all kinds of wants and needs. While people you know often come to you, strangers will too.

When strangers approach you, just do your best not to judge and actively listen. If they open up to you, this is a strong indication that they lack someone to talk to.

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4. You experience extreme and seemingly random sensations

You experience extreme and seemingly random sensations

Examples of this can have many types, but one of them is localized temperature fluctuations in specific extremities (cold left hand or tingling right calf).

You may also feel a surge of energy, someone watching you, and a burst of strong emotions out of nowhere.

Feelings of something crawling on you, falling, or even sudden spinning sensations. 




5. You experience different levels of consciousness

You experience different levels of consciousness

You’ll look at a problem and feel like someone whispered the answer in your ear. The answer may not always be dead on, but it will be very close.

The sensation, like many of these examples, is hard to explain, but it feels very similar to when your gut is trying to tell you something.

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6. You can sense and feel what strangers want

You can sense and feel what strangers want

A person can walk into a room, a person they don’t know, and before that person says anything, you get the sense of a human mirror, you can feel what they feel and know their intentions.

In cases where you already know the person, the feelings and the process seem similar.




7. You can see Auras

You can see Auras

You may or may not see distinct shapes and colors emanating from a person. It may look like ripples or shimmers in the air.

If you want to develop this skill faster, we have an article tailored to your needs.

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8. You experience lucid dreams naturally and effortlessly

You experience lucid dreams naturally and effortlessly

You have naturally developed a refined and strong connection with your mental and spiritual aspects, allowing you to dream ‘better’.

Not only can you dream more clearly, but you also remember more of these details and intentions when you return to the waking world.



9. You experience special anxiety and ‘wonder’ in public

You experience special anxiety and 'wonder' in public

Large crowds and public spaces give you anxiety. You can feel the false silence we talked about earlier.

Also, the fact that you are experiencing these spiritual powers and breakthroughs means that there are a handful of others in the crowd going through the same thing.

They may project these feelings without meaning. It will be like a child who cries because he is cold and doesn’t know what else to do.

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