5 Things That Can Happen When You Are An Awakened Soul On Earth

When you are an awakened soul, the world and life itself take on a completely different hue.

It is as if a veil has been lifted from your eyes, allowing you to see beyond the illusions that society has woven.

An awakened soul is a spiritually enlightened being who goes beyond the surface, striving to contribute to humanity in a profound and meaningful way.

Despite being labeled as radicals, hippies, rebels, or outsiders by society, awakened souls remain unwavering in their convictions.

They defy social norms and rules, for they understand that true change and enlightenment lie in breaking free from the shackles of conformity. As Nikki Rowe beautifully puts it, this awakening is not merely a physical transformation, but a shift in perspective.

It is a moment when you awaken to the truth within yourself, giving you the courage to let go of societal expectations and live authentically, aligned with the desires of your heart and soul.

Here, we delve into five remarkable experiences that can unfold once you embrace your awakened soul on this earthly journey:



1. You will begin to realize that you do not fit into any type of group

1. You will begin to realize that you do not fit into any type of group

One of the telltale signs that you're an awakened soul is as if a sense of detachment from the world around you begins to take over.

You find yourself longing for a place that feels like home, where you can truly belong. Things that once seemed tolerable now weigh heavily on your soul.

As a light fighter, you begin to distance yourself from the distractions of mainstream media and social expectations. Spirituality becomes more than a passing interest; it becomes a way of life.

You find comfort in forging your own path, and you don't need to adhere to any specific religion or philosophy. Authenticity becomes your guiding principle as you navigate the complexities of existence.

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2. You will become more compassionate

2. You will become more compassionate

Another profound transformation that occurs when you awaken to your true self is a deep compassion that springs from within.

As a warrior of the light, you are naturally drawn to the innocence and vulnerability of children, the wisdom and gentleness of the elderly, the unconditional love of animals, and the majestic wonders of nature.

You find yourself more inclined to engage in heart-to-heart conversations with a homeless person than to attend glamorous social events deemed important by society.

True kindness flows effortlessly from your being and thoughts of revenge have no power over you. Your fulfillment comes not from seeking personal gain, but from reaching out to those in need.

You understand the deep healing that comes from a heart filled with empathy and love.

In this sense, you find purpose and fulfillment in serving others, knowing that your actions ripple out and create positive change in the world.



3. You will simply know it

3. You will simply know it

When you wake up as a light warrior, words become unnecessary. Your journey becomes one of deep feelings and deep experiences.

You find solace in prayer, meditation, and contemplation, seeking moments of stillness and connection with the divine.

Crowded places can quickly overwhelm your sensitive nature as you adjust to the energy and vibrations of those around you.

Without visible communication, you possess an innate ability to feel and understand others on a deeper level.

This intuitive connection allows you to feel their emotions and experiences without the need for verbal exchange.

As a light warrior, you need moments of solitude and isolation to recharge your energy batteries, because constantly taking in and filtering other people's vibes can be overwhelming.

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4. People are always telling you about their problems

4. People are always telling you about their problems

There is a magnetic quality that draws people to warriors of light, an invisible thread that connects their hearts to those in need.

With open hearts and compassionate souls, light warriors create a safe space for others to share their deepest secrets, confide their problems, and unload the weight of their personal experiences.

As attentive listeners, light warriors offer support and guidance, conveying universal wisdom that transcends individual struggles.

People instinctively turn to light warriors in times of trouble, recognizing their innate ability to provide solace and comfort.

Through your presence and genuine empathy, you have the capacity to make a positive impact on the lives of others and contribute to the collective healing and growth of humanity.



5. You are not afraid of death and dying5. You are not afraid of death and dying

Many individuals who have embarked on this extraordinary journey have had close brushes with death, battled severe illnesses, or triumphed over tremendous obstacles in their lives.

Through these experiences, they have come to understand and embrace the truth that death is but a transition, a bridge to a state beyond our physical existence.

As a light warrior, your role is to keep your heart open, nurture conscious thoughts, and provide assistance to others as we collectively navigate this transitional phase.

It is not your responsibility to change anyone; instead, you must accept their choices and radiate the Divine Light that resides within you.

Your very presence contributes to the spiritual evolution of humanity, serving as a beacon of love, wisdom, and compassion. Remember that on this profound journey, you are never alone.

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