12 Tips To Sharpen Your Sixth Sense

In a world filled with enchanting tales, what never fails to captivate our imagination is the amazing power of the sixth sense. Reports from the famous Daily Mail suggest that Tom Cruise himself possesses the uncanny ability to see into the mind and gather information from afar.

Mind-reading skills have always intrigued me, but it was when I came across the fascinating story of Ritchie Neville, who effortlessly discovered his girlfriend Natasha Hamilton's pregnancy through the power of scent alone, that I truly marveled at its incredible depths.

Are you inspired to cultivate a highly attuned mind like theirs? If so, it's time to embark on a journey to sharpen your sixth sense!



Sixth Sense

The sixth sense, also known as extrasensory perception, transcends the realms of our conventional senses—sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste.

It delves into the mysteries of intuitive powers, allowing us to tap into information that lies beyond conscious thought.

Our minds become conduits for assimilating knowledge that transcends the physical, giving us access to psychic abilities such as intuition, telepathy, psychometry, and clairvoyance.

But how can we begin to improve this remarkable cognitive ability? Let's delve into the secrets that can unlock the potential of your sixth sense.

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Humans have sixth-sense abilities, but most of us never notice them. Some of the signs of the sixth sense are:

– The ability to sense a person's emotions, intentions and personality
– You can immediately sense danger or discomfort
– You can predict how things will go in the future or make premonitions
– You have a deep connection with pets and nature
– The ability to “see” dead people, places, and stories without physical data
– You may feel unexplained movements or see shadows in your peripheral vision.

Do you have a sixth sense? If not, then why not develop these innate tendencies to make yourself powerful enough to influence your life and the lives of others?


There are many benefits to developing your sixth sense. If you look at people with a high sixth sense, they are always conscious, creative, and have high energy levels.

When you sharpen your sixth sense, you are better able to express passion, love, and feelings through your artistic talents. You also gain high self-confidence and the ability to be more responsible, compassionate, and empathetic towards others.

Here are tips to open or sharpen your sixth sense:



1. Enhance your physical senses

1. Enhance your physical senses

Nourishing your physical senses is essential to cultivating awareness and deepening your connection to the world around you. Here are some practices to help you engage each of your senses:

To stimulate your sense of smell, embrace the powerful aromas of coffee or essential oils every day. Take a moment to breathe deeply and let those aromas awaken your senses.

Expand your listening by exposing yourself to music from different genres. Immerse yourself in melodies and rhythms that vary in style, tempo, and instrumentation.

This varied listening experience will sharpen your ability to perceive subtle nuances in sound.

Keep your eyes sharp and focused by incorporating eye exercises into your daily routine. Try rolling your eyes, massaging your temples, and practicing techniques that improve your visual focus.

These exercises will strengthen your vision and improve your ability to observe the world around you.

Awaken your taste buds by adding a variety of foods to your diet. Experiment with different flavors, spices, and textures. By diversifying what you consume, you enhance your sensory experience and develop a greater appreciation for the complexities of flavor.

To nurture your sense of touch, seek out different tactile experiences. Run your fingers across the smooth surface of silk shirts, feel the weight and texture of stones, or explore the intricate details of seeds. Pay attention to how each object feels in your hands, as this will improve your sensory recognition.

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2. Expand your consciousness

2. Expand your consciousness

Break free from the confines of social norms and expand your consciousness. Instead of judging, open your mind to new perspectives and suspend disbelief.

Recognize that social conditioning can limit our beliefs unless we actively seek to overcome them. Embrace the wisdom that comes from accepting different opinions and exploring the world with an open mind.

Seek out new experiences that challenge your existing beliefs and expand your understanding of the world. Don't shy away from interactions that bring different perspectives and points of view.

Embrace the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations that offer alternative angles on a given topic.

Remember, intelligence doesn't just come from proving your point. Instead, it lies in the ability to assimilate different perspectives and approach problems from multiple perspectives.

In doing so, you expand your intellectual horizons and enhance your sixth sense—the innate ability to perceive beyond the boundaries of conventional wisdom.



3. Connect to your inner self

3. Connect to your inner self

Keeping a strong connection with your inner self is essential to staying grounded amid the constant conflict between mind and heart.

Instead of suppressing either, learn to strike a balance that allows both to express themselves authentically.

While logic and reason have their place, it is equally important to honor the intuitive guidance that comes from the heart.

When you allow yourself to feel deeply, these emotions translate into meaningful action, facilitating personal growth and transformation.

To navigate this delicate balance, learn to distinguish between real feelings and surface emotions.

Cultivate trust in your emotional compass, allowing it to guide your decision-making process. By doing so, you prevent biases from clouding your judgment and ultimately cultivate a clear and focused mind.



4. Cultivate mindful awareness

4. Cultivate mindful awareness

To truly immerse yourself in the present moment, practice being mindful and attentive to every detail of your surroundings.

Engage all your senses to increase your awareness. As you walk down your hallway, count each step, allowing yourself to notice the subtle sounds around you – whether it's the distant rumble of buses or the melodious chirping of birds.

Develop an eye for detail, observing the ever-changing boards on the street or the shades that adorn the walls.

When you engage in conversation, go beyond simply listening. Pay attention to people's gait, speech patterns, mood, mannerisms and expressions.

Observe and absorb every aspect of their presence. Train your brain to carefully perceive even seemingly insignificant aspects of your environment, allowing you to connect deeply with the world around you.

And when you communicate, do so with all your senses, realizing that 93% of communication is conveyed non-verbally.

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5. Tune into the vibrations

5. Tune into the vibrations

Have you ever experienced fear when approaching a stranger? Or did you feel that something was not right at home or at the office?

These are the vibrations, emotional signals, or subconscious messages that enable you to tap into the energy of a situation.

Positive vibes arise when you feel energized and uplifted in the presence of someone positive.

By attuning to these vibrations, you open the door to your sixth sense—a remarkable ability to perceive subtler changes within your environment that might otherwise go unnoticed.



6. Keep a dream journal

6. Keep a dream journal

While it may seem strange at first, keeping a dream journal can be extremely helpful in tracking recurring dreams, identifying related themes and patterns, and uncovering hidden thoughts and emotions that reside in your subconscious mind.

By interpreting your dreams, you gain a deeper understanding of what your subconscious is communicating. Through this practice, you become attuned to ideas, transformations, or experiences that may be unfolding beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

Believe in the power of this practice because it can serve as a powerful tool to strengthen your intuition.

Recording your dreams upon waking allows you to process your emotions and gain valuable insight into your personal challenges and life events.

Positive dream outcomes can even help you overcome fear. It is worth noting that many famous writers have received inspiration from their dreams – evidence of the limitless creativity that lies within the subconscious realm.

Embrace this practice and open the door to a wellspring of imagination and innovation within yourself.



7. Prioritize “ME” Time

7. Prioritize ME Time

When faced with important decisions or seeking solutions to important problems, create a space for yourself—whether it's a quiet walk or a quiet corner of your home—and sit in meditation.

Take slow, deep breaths to quiet your thoughts and cultivate a sense of calm. The key is to turn inward, explore your inner self and seek answers.

Regular practice of this mindfulness exercise will quiet your mind and bring you clarity, allowing your memories, insights, and senses to come together and guide you to the answers you seek.

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8. Visualize and speak your intuition

8. Visualize and speak your intuition

Knowing exactly what your goals are is paramount. Imagine how you will manifest your desires into tangible actions.

Your goals act as affirmations – for example, declaring “I will generate $1,000 a day.” By visualizing these goals in your mind's eye and vocalizing them out loud, you amplify your desires and engage the power of your subconscious mind.

Through this exercise, you effectively communicate your subconscious aspirations, just as your subconscious conveys messages to you through dreams and intuitive knowledge.



9. Spent time in nature

9. Spent time in nature

Immerse yourself in the embrace of nature to cultivate and strengthen your physical senses.

Engage in conversations with the trees, enjoy the warm greetings of the sun and moon, embark on water rafting adventures, or simply marvel at the exquisite beauty of the flowers.

This communion with nature serves as a powerful exercise that improves your short-term memory, reduces stress, sharpens your vision, boosts your creativity, improves the quality of your sleep, and strengthens your overall sense of happiness.

Additionally, nature provides fertile ground for spiritual growth, deepening your connection to a higher sense of purpose. It stimulates not only your mind but also allows you to reconnect with your inner self, renewing your being and attuning you to higher levels of intuition.

Over time, this heightened sensitivity strengthens your sixth sense—your innate ability to tap into the invisible layers of existence.



10. Embrace the power of your inner voice 

10. Embrace the power of your inner voice 

Closing off the connection to your inner voice or intuition is akin to surrendering to a profound loss. These internal guiding forces serve a higher purpose for both you and those around you.

It's important, however, to understand the distinction between your inner voice and intuition, despite their common source within you.

Intuition emanates from your unconscious mind, manifesting itself through your senses. It can take the form of a gentle reminder, a visual or auditory cue, or an intuitive knowing that compels you to take action. These messages are succinct and direct, often instructing you with a simple “don't do it.”

On the other hand, your inner voice consists of thoughts that spontaneously arise in your mind, posing thought-provoking questions like “what if?” or “why?” as you contemplate various aspects of life. Unlike intuition, inner voices tend to meander without reaching a specific point or instruction.

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11. Cultivate the practice of meditation

11. Cultivate the practice of meditation

Rest assured, you don't need to embark on a monk's journey to embrace the benefits of meditation. By dedicating just 10 minutes a day to this practice, you can experience transformative changes within yourself in just a few weeks.

Scientific research has revealed that only four days of regular meditation can significantly enhance your attention span.

For those struggling with concentration, meditation serves as a miraculous remedy, enabling you to work efficiently even amidst distracting background noise by silencing the chaos within.

Studies have shown that meditation possesses the extraordinary ability to rewire patterns in your brain, addressing factors such as poor attention, stress, and wandering thoughts.

By tapping into your inner peace, this ancient practice becomes a gateway to improved mental and emotional well-being.

As your body and mind find harmony, your thoughts become clearer, and your intuition, or your sixth sense, becomes heightened.



12. Use the power of writing

12. Use the power of writing

Unlocking the depths of your inner knowing can be achieved by embracing the habit of writing down your thoughts.

Maintaining a journal not only helps organize your ideas but also facilitates self-reflection, providing a platform to record your musings and fuel your creativity.

This exercise acts as a pathway to accessing your subconscious mind, ultimately strengthening your intuitive abilities. Moreover, numerous studies have indicated that writing serves as a conduit for unrestricted thought flow, reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

As journaling cultivates self-confidence, you'll find yourself navigating life with heightened assurance and conviction.

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