7 Spiritual Meanings of Waking Up Crying From a Dream

Have you ever woken up from a dream crying but don't remember why? If that has happened, you might have asked yourself if there is a spiritual meaning behind waking up crying from a dream.

I know I have asked myself this question multiple times. I always find it a little unsettling when I wake up from a dream with tears in my eyes, and I cannot remember why.

One thing you and I have to understand is that this is normal. We have so many emotions that we do not release in our waking hours. When we sleep, we relinquish control and are at our most vulnerable. Therefore, it is expected that the feelings you were trying to suppress come bubbling up at this time.

At the same time, dreaming is one of the ways spiritual beings communicate with us. It is a way for them to send us messages from the spiritual realm. You may have woken up from a dream crying because you received a powerful message in that dream, even if you don’t remember it at the time.

There are multiple reasons why we might find ourselves crying after dreaming. This article is going to look at seven spiritual meanings of waking up crying from a dream. They can help you understand why this happens to you and what you can do about it.


Waking Up Crying From a Dream Spiritual Meaning

Waking Up Crying From a Dream Spiritual Meaning

The different reasons explaining why you wake up crying from a dream can also help you understand why you might find yourself crying in your sleep.

Two of the most common reasons for this are your subconscious is trying to talk to you, or the universe is hinting something at you. Let us look at what could be happening in your case.


1. Hidden Fears

I sometimes try to put on a brave face whenever I hear something that shakes me. That is because I don't want anyone to see me at my weakest moments, which is not always healthy.

I also do not like admitting that something scares me, which makes me bury whatever dreadful feelings I have, not just from others but myself as well.

Most of us have this behavior, which causes us to suppress our fears. Maybe you have encountered a situation that scares you or had a dream showing you your deepest fears. It bares all that you have been trying to hide, which causes you to cry.

The waking up from a dream crying spiritual meaning here is that something in your life scares you. The dream exposes your hidden fears in your most vulnerable moment. Your tears can also show your anger over the situation.

You are angry because there is nothing you can do to stop the fear. All that is left is to pray on it and leave it up to a higher power; they will give you help when you need it.


2. You Have Received a Touching Message from the Spiritual Realm

You Have Received a Touching Message from the Spiritual Realm

Dreaming opens our subconscious to a world beyond our own. Here, we can experience what it is like to communicate with the beings existing in the spiritual realm.

They can use this chance to pass us messages from their world that impact us. You might have received a particularly touching message in your dreams that caused you to cry.

The saddest part about this is when you don't remember the dream. This is why it is important to keep a dream journal with you at all times. This makes it easier for you to recall any important dreams.

Simply believing you will remember all your dreams is unrealistic. Writing down the dream as soon as you wake up crying is the best way.

I once wrote something in my dream journal that turned out to be gibberish after waking up. It did, however, make me remember the dream and made it easier for me to understand its message.

Maybe you got a message about your loved ones that had you in tears. You can analyze the dream better to understand the touching message when you wake up.

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3. Experiencing Emotional Cleansing

This meaning ties up with our first spiritual meaning of waking up from a dream crying. We try to hide our emotions for so long that it creates emotional unsteadiness. It makes us easily overwhelmed and affects our emotional stability.

You can survive on this, but not for long. Your body and mind will find a way to get the emotions out.

When asleep, the vulnerable state you are in brings out the emotions you haven't had time to deal with. I usually dream of the scenarios I am most afraid of while sleeping, which can sometimes be a good thing that I fear I will not achieve.

My mind opens me up to all the possibilities, which makes me feel naked, causing me to cry.

This can also happen to you in your dreams. When you wake up crying after such a dream, it is simply the way your mind chooses to deal with those negative feelings.

It does an emotional cleansing you have been unable to do while awake. You might be surprised to find yourself feeling lighter the next day. This happens because all the emotional baggage has been cleared away.

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4. A Vision of Good Luck

Have you ever had something that weighs on you so much that it feels like you will burst from the anticipation?

Let us use this example; you just had an interview at the job of your dreams. You wish to get good news, but you are unsure how the interview went. One night, maybe the same night as the interview or a few nights later, you dream of yourself in that new job post.

This understandably takes some of the burdens you had been carrying around off of you. It makes you so relieved that you start crying. This is a normal occurrence, especially after the spiritual realm delivers to you a message of good luck.

The universe shows you that your dreams are about to come true, which causes all the emotions to come to the forefront.

If you woke up crying from a dream and had something weighing you down, you might have gotten a good luck vision.


5. Something Bad Comming Your Way

I know it is harsh to put this spiritual meaning of waking up crying from a dream just after the vision of good luck, but it had to be done. Sometimes you can wake up crying from your dream because you got a warning that something bad will happen.

This doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen to you or that it will happen soon.

Let us take the above example. You might have received a message in your dreams that tell you that you will not get that job. This might feel like a cruel thing to happen to you, but think of it like this; it is better to find out this way than to break down over the phone call or email that informs you.

It is one of the ways the universe protects us.

The only way to know whether your meaning is this or the one above is to listen to how you feel. It is more likely good news if you are more lightweight after the dream. If you feel sad, chances are the news is not so positive.


6. You Are Receiving Spiritual Healing

You Are Receiving Spiritual Healing

Yes, you can receive spiritual healing when you are asleep. As human beings, we are limited in what we do in our waking hours. However, the spiritual world doesn't work the same way as we do, and things can go on there while we are sleeping. This makes it possible to receive spiritual healing while asleep.

You cry in your dreams as this happens because you feel the weight being taken off you. The cleansing sends you into a restorative phase that makes you vulnerable. You can experience the most disturbing events from your past during this time. You can also relive the happiest moments.

This overflow of emotions can make you feel overwhelmed. Your body has to find a way to deal with these feelings, and it chooses tears. The healing you receive moves you to cry your dreams, which is why you find yourself crying when you wake up.

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7. Past Trauma is Affecting You

You might have lost a loved one recently or experienced a life-changing event, such as an assault. To your surprise, it doesn't seem to affect you as much as you thought it would. Then one night, you wake up crying from your dreams, and you can't seem to stop.

In this case, the spiritual meaning of waking up crying from a dream is that you are being affected by this past trauma. Your body was in distress while you were sleeping as it remembered what had happened, causing you to cry.

You can get help from a professional to find healthy ways to deal with the trauma. It will make it easier for you to face it and reduce its effect on you.


Last Words

So there you have it, seven spiritual meanings of waking up crying from a dream and what they could mean for you. Studying your emotions after the dream is important to understand the meaning.

You should also write them down and ask the universe to give you answers. This will enable you to know the actual purpose of this occurrence.


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