10 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is our connection between our physical and spiritual selves. Have you ever felt drained in the middle of the day for apparently no reason, then hours or days later, you get some bad news?

I think this happens to us because our spiritual selves are on a much higher plane of understanding than we are and can sense things happening before we do. It's not always that when you feel physically and emotionally drained that something bad will happen, but it has happened to all of us at least once in our lives.

Well, did you know when this happens, you are showing physical symptoms of spiritual awakening?

These physical symptoms tend to happen just when you start a spiritual journey; you start seeing signs and feeling them in your body. It can be confusing and scary, but it is far from that. A spiritual awakening is something you should be proud of.

But what is a spiritual awakening? It happens when you become spiritually conscious and elevate to a higher level of consciousness. This is around the time you start realizing that you don't need much to be happy, and there isn't anything to fear.

Spiritual awakening can spark up desires you didn't use to have or push you to do something you have shied away from. Whatever it is, you should embrace it.



10 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

As gratifying as spiritual awakenings are, they can take a toll on your body, leaving you with aches and pains all over. The pain makes it hard to know whether you are becoming sick or something else is happening.

Don’t let that worry you; I am going to show you ten physical symptoms of spiritual awakening that will help you realize when you are transcending to a higher plane.


1. Vertigo.

Because you are rebalancing pretty much your whole life, it is normal to feel like everything is out of balance. You can start experiencing vertigo even more than before.

The vertigo can be mild or more severe. The kind of imbalance you feel, whether something small or something that throws you off, tells the kind of spiritual awakening you are experiencing.

For example, if you feel like you cannot even get up from the nausea and vertigo, it means you are about to experience some significant changes that will spin your world around. It is a sign of a new journey; you are departing from your old life and entering a new one.

Mild vertigo means that your spiritual awakening is lesser. This doesn't make it any less significant. A small shift in your spiritual awakening could mean that your life was already on track, and you don't need to do much to reach peak spiritual awakening.

Whatever kind of vertigo you experience, you should be grateful for it and be ready to make the necessary changes.


2. Tingling Between Eyebrows.

Tingling Between Eyebrows

People who meditate often talk of feeling a tingling between their eyebrows, especially when they are deep in meditation. This mostly happens because that space is the location of the third eye chakra, also called the seat of intuition.

You can feel this when meditating because your body and spirit have elevated to new levels, showing you more about your life.

The tingling sensation in that spot is also a physical symptom of spiritual awakening. It means that your intuition is growing, opening you up to a new world and new experiences.

Don’t be surprised if you start noticing that you can tell when something is off without seeing anything pointing to it after experiencing this sensation.

The sensation is simply your third eye chakra opening itself, showing you worlds beyond the physical one. Once you attain spiritual awakening, your third eye opens, and your intuitions strengthen, enabling you to protect and foresee what is coming your way.


3. Insomnia.

I have been a long-time sufferer of insomnia, sometimes caused by the stresses of my everyday life. However, I have become more adept at identifying when my insomnia is because of my waking world stresses and when it comes from something more.

As you continue on your spiritual awakening journey, you experience intense energies throughout your daily routine, leaving you with more energy than your body can handle. It makes it hard for you to fall asleep; miraculously, you don’t feel tired when you wake up.

You might also notice that you tend to wake up more during the night. This happens because your brain's subconscious is getting rewired and reprogrammed while you sleep to catch up with your spiritual self. It causes you to wake up when the energy becomes too much.

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4. Vivid Dreams.

Whenever we fall asleep, we lose contact with our physical world and enter the spiritual world. For example, have you ever had such a vivid dream that you can remember all the details days after dreaming it? Well, this is a sign that you are ascending to the spiritual realm.

When sleeping, you become more receptive to the universal consciousness, making you one with the universe and the higher spiritual beings. In a sense, you become more awake in your sleep and dreams than you are in the waking world.

It can also happen during deep meditation, where you open yourself up to other worlds.

Having vivid dreams is one of the clearest physical symptoms of spiritual awakening, and it lets you know what you experience in your dreams is real. You can even learn to control your dreams while still in them with enough practice through lucid dreaming.

This keeps you in contact with both your spiritual and physical self and allows you to feel and control what you see in your dreams. You should also be more receptive to your dreams to understand what they mean and how you can use them in your waking life.


5. Personality Changes.

Personality Changes

Up to now, you have always thought of the world in one way. You know what you like and don't like, what you love doing, and the kind of people you want to associate with. This can all change in a minute when you start feeling you are becoming a different person.

Your friends and family might even start pointing out that they don’t know you anymore. As scary as it sounds, this is not always a bad thing and is one of the positive physical symptoms of spiritual awakening.

It is okay to outgrow things you used to love before and start discovering new things to occupy your time. You might notice that activities you never thought of suddenly make up most of your time. You start treating people better and look at everything through a different lens.

It happens when you are going through a spiritual awakening. Your previous self is being taken away, leaving room for your more authentic self. This is the person you were always meant to be, the person who sees more in the world than your previous self did.

This transition, while scary, can be one of the more positive things in your life. It teaches you to look beyond your regular world and open yourself up to more possibilities and people that will enrich your life.


6. Headaches.

A headache is one of the more common physical symptoms of spiritual awakening and happens more during the full moon. Like vertigo, the headaches can vary in intensity, with some days being harder than others. Sometimes even taking painkillers doesn't help.

The headaches happen when you are experiencing a surge in energy, which is why they get stronger as the full moon approaches. Don’t worry; you are not turning into a werewolf, although some might think it is a fair trade.

The headaches show you are becoming more connected with the energies around you.

You will feel a stronger connection between you and nature, sometimes making you feel like you are one. Your intuition can also become stronger during these days, overwhelming you.

It can feel as if the sounds are louder, the colors brighter, and everything is more in focus than before.

This can cause a headache because your body doesn't know what to do with all the new sensations. The good news is that there is a full moon ritual you can perform that will help you make positive changes by harnessing that intense energy into something you can use.


7. Buzzing or Throbbing Sensations.

Feeling a buzzing or throbbing sensation on the top of your head is also another of the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. It happens because your crown chakra is found at that location.

The crown chakra connects you to the source, and you can feel these sensations when the chakra activates. It also happens a lot during the full moon or when there is an eclipse.

The buzzing or other sensations let you know that you are connecting yourself to your source, even if you do not realize it. The stronger the connection being formed, the stronger the sensations will be. They can even result in the headaches we talked about earlier.

Sometimes you can feel a buzzing in your ears instead of the head. This simply means that you are tuning in to a higher frequency than you are used to. The higher vibrational tone will show itself as a buzzing in your ears.

It can be overwhelming, especially when coupled with headaches or vertigo, but it will not last long.

The buzzing in your ears can also mean that you are getting more heightened senses, which make you more receptive to whatever is happening around you. With the heightened senses comes the strain of your body trying to keep up with the spiritual activities, resulting in these physical signs.

You will get more used to the sensations over time, and they will not feel as overwhelming as they were in the beginning.

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8. Food Intolerances.

I used to marvel at those people who would wake up one day and decide they would not eat a particular food anymore. That is until it happened to me. I loved bacon and can still eat it to this day but in very controlled amounts. My body started rejecting bacon one day, even causing me to throw up whenever I ate it.

Of course, my first thought was that I was becoming ill or developing a bacon allergy. That was far from the truth. What happened was that my body was becoming more intelligent, making it reject unhealthy foods. Thank God I didn’t have to stop eating bacon altogether.

When you start experiencing intolerances to foods you used to love, it can be one of the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening. This is your body letting you know it is time to let go of the foods that don't nourish you. Most foods you develop intolerances for will be junk or highly processed foods.

This happens because your spiritual awakening wants to cleanse your body of harmful things. After all, your body is a temple, and even temples need to be cleaned. Getting more connected with your inner intelligence can make you crave foods you don't like.

The intolerance will go away once you learn control. You need to find a balance between eating unhealthy foods and nourishing your body with healthier foods. Once you learn this balance, you can go back to eating things you love in moderation.


9. Trembling or Shivering.

Trembling or Shivering

Every part of your body is connected to your spiritual self. Your body also has numerous chakras that can all activate at once when you are going through a spiritual awakening.

Trembling or shivers can happen during this time, especially if your body is not as connected to your spiritual self as it should be.

Your body might be unable to handle the multiple vibrations going through it at once. This is because it was unprepared for this to happen and doesn't know how to react to the new sensations.

This overwhelming feeling can make it tremble from the vibrations; some even say they feel cold during this time, even when it is hot outside.

Sometimes, you can feel some heat on your hands and feet instead of the cold. This can happen when your body is ascending to a new understanding. These can also cause your hands and feet to tremble from the heat.

In Hinduism, it is explained as the connection you feel when there is a transfer of energies. The heat on your hands can happen when the transfer of energies is high.

The heat on the feet can also happen at the same time as your feet are trying to ground you and maintain the balance between these two energies. So, whenever your body trembles or you feel hot on your hands and feet, know that a transfer of energies is happening and let it take its course.

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10. Aches and Pains.

Our bodies can sometimes try to fight off spiritual awareness because they are not ready for what is happening, resulting in aches and pains all over your body. This happens because your body's first instinct is to protect you, and it sees the energy transformations as something that can harm you.

In other instances, this resistance can make you experience fatigue and an overpowering sensation of exhaustion. It happens because of the strain on your body while trying to fight off the energies.

Your body goes through a lot during this time, and you might need to take some days off to rest after it happens.

You should also learn to make your body work with your spiritual self. This will stop any aches or pains and reduce the fatigue you feel after a spiritual ascension.



Last Words

So there you go, the ten physical symptoms of spiritual awakening you might experience when connecting with your spiritual self. These symptoms can be very intense when you start, but you will grow used to them.

The stronger the connection between your mind, body, and soul, the lesser symptoms you will experience.


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