3 Karmic Cleansing Techniques to Correct Past Life Mistakes

Want to live a lighter, happier life? Know what are the karmic cleansing techniques that correct the mistakes of previous experiences

According to certain beliefs, when a child is born, it brings with it messages and reflections of situations experienced in the past. Before birth, every human being has passed through previous lives that are registered, in some way, in their aura, an energy field that surrounds the physical body, and in the akashic records.

On some occasions, people suffer from the consequences of the burden they bring from other incarnations, requiring a karmic cleansing.

It is believed that, for example, if a person goes through economic difficulties throughout their existence, it is probably because in another life they abused money and did not know how to use it correctly.

However, one cannot relate karma to all present situations. Therefore, before practicing the karmic cleansing technique aimed at correcting the mistakes of past lives, it is necessary that you do a self-assessment so that you can discard some simple conflicts of this life.



3 Karmic Cleansing Techniques to Correct Past Life Mistakes

We are what we think, so if you want to change the way things happen in your life, the first step is to mentalize these attitudes, always keeping positive thinking.

For this, it is recommended that you create a particular form of meditation as if it were a prayer that summarizes everything you want to change. Here are three karmic cleansing techniques to correct your past life's mistakes.


1. Fundamental meditation for karmic cleansing.

Fundamental meditation for karmic cleansing

It is important for you to know this method, as it is a way to open the paths of your consciousness and ensure the success of future mentalization exercises, as well as being the first step towards making changes in your life through karmic cleansing.

Step 1: Perform this meditation twice a day: when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

Step 2: Before meditating, relax your whole body, free your mind from worries and let joy take over your interior. Take time out of your day to dedicate yourself to mentalization, as well as set aside daily time to take care of yourself.

Step 3: Look at your body and imagine a ray of violet light coming out of you and illuminating all around you. This color symbolizes spiritual transformations and fills your interior with positive energies.

Step 4: When you feel ready, focus and repeat, in a low voice, these words: “I am a free person and willing to change according to my desires. Nothing will stop me from growing, learning from others, loving, and being loved. I am in search of my own destiny, and I will not let fears and doubts be a part of my life. I use my freedom to find happiness.

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2. Purifying swirl.

This is a visualization exercise to cleanse and purify your aura of all the karmic residue you carry with you. To accomplish it, you will only need five minutes of your time, bringing great benefits and happiness.

Step 1: Sit comfortably and slowly relax your body.

Step 2: Above you, imagine a whirlpool of white fire beginning to form. Visualize it rotating around your head and down to the rest of your body.

Step 3: Try to imagine this whirlpool as a clockwise spiral, ridding your aura of all accumulated negative energies.

Step 4: Allow it to travel through your entire body and out through your feet so that it is absorbed into the earth.



3. Energizing with mantras.

Energizing with mantras

This method balances the auric field, providing you with the energy you need to perform your everyday tasks efficiently and willingly. According to Tantrism, a doctrine derived from Hinduism, Buddhism, and popular cults, mantras are magical formulas that have the power to materialize the invoked divinity and are a karmic cleansing technique.

Step 1: Sit in a calm and peaceful place, be comfortable and relaxed.

Step 2: Visualize a crystalline sphere of white light around you, located above your head. This sphere of light is a source of positive energy, so mind your clarity and feel it growing strongly within you.

Step 3: Then, pronounce “I am what I am,” emphasizing each syllable and feeling that your head is being flooded with good vibes. Repeat this five to ten times and only think about positive things.

Step 4: Pause and visualize the sphere of white light descending into your throat. Say “Oh lord of creation,” and feel the ray of light become even more intense and bright. Repeat this five to ten times.

Step 5: Breathe deeply and feel the light invade your heart, where it will form a third glowing sphere. Slowly, say, “God manifests himself through the mind“, repeating it five to ten times. Feel how the sphere of light becomes stronger.

Step 6: Rest for a while, and then visualize a beam of light descending to your groin area. Feel and see how the fourth sphere of light is formed there, also very intense. Say “almighty existing god” five to ten times. At that time, feel extra energy taking over your body and mentalize what you want for your life.

Step 7: Wait a while and imagine a ray of light reaching your feet, where the fifth sphere of light will form, even brighter. Imagine the rays of light descending to the earth.

Step 8: Once this is done, you will have formed the structure that will balance your body with your aura. Then, focus on the top of your head and practice rhythmic breathing: breathe in slowly, counting to four, and feel the energy built up on the left side of your body radiating into your aura. To exhale, empty your lungs slowly, counting to four, and feel the energy on the right side of your body go out, increasing your aura.

Step 9: Now, each time you breathe in, see and feel the energy that takes over your body flowing downwards, and each time you breathe out, feel that energy flowing upwards. Repeat this sequence four to five times, maintaining concentration, and notice your auric field expanding.

Step 10: Feel this energy going to your feet. As you inhale, envision a rainbow of lights that go up and down, from head to toe. When you breathe out, see how this rainbow expands over you, coloring your soul.

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