5 Things That Can Block Your Psychic Abilities

The development of psychic abilities is a topic that concerns many people. Often, people are fixated on finding ways to improve their own intuitive abilities.

However, what remains largely unrecognized is the fact that there are certain actions and factors that unconsciously hinder this very process.

Surprisingly, there are five significant obstacles to psychic abilities that escape most people's attention.

By simply bypassing these obstacles, one can effortlessly unlock one's innate psychic potential and embark on the journey to heightened intuition.

Engaging in activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit, such as meditation, exercise, and adequate rest, creates a solid foundation upon which psychic powers can thrive.

When one is open-minded and allows oneself to explore the realms of the unknown, one's psychic abilities can be expanded and refined, ultimately leading to a deeper connection with one's intuitive self.

Remember, the key is not only what you do to improve your psychic abilities but also what you avoid.



1. Taking toxic substances 

1. Taking toxic substances 

The first obstacle involves the consumption of toxic substances such as cigarettes, coffee, drugs, alcohol, and excess sugar.

Even in moderation, these substances can tread a fine line between unhealthy habits and excessive behavior.

When indulged, they create an opportunity for negative emotional attachments to ascend into our auric field.

This, in turn, drains our energy and lowers our vibrational frequency.

It is essential to avoid entering altered states, whether for reading, meditation, or healing, while under the influence of mind-altering substances.



2. Participating in drama and gossip

2. Participating in drama and gossip

Engaging in drama and gossip is another major obstacle that can dull our psychic abilities.

Speaking negatively about others not only damages their spirit but also perpetuates lower consciousness.

When we listen to hurtful words and negative emotions, we distance ourselves from raising our consciousness.

Therefore, it is vital to avoid participating in conversations and activities that are steeped in drama and gossip, as they carry lower forms of thought.

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3. Allowing the negative ego to get out of control 

3. Allowing the negative ego to get out of control 

Permitting our negative ego to take control can greatly hinder our progress as new intuitive.

It includes unethical practices such as invading the privacy of others by spying, trying to manipulate others by using our gifts for personal gain or seeking to outdo others by demonstrating supernatural abilities.

These behaviors hinder our spiritual growth and prevent us from tapping into our intuitive potential to its fullest extent.

It is essential to nurture a sense of spiritual integrity and use our psychic abilities responsibly and ethically.




4. Failing to create a safe work environment

4. Failing to create a safe work environment

Creating a calming work environment for your practical exercises, such as meditation, reading, and healing, is paramount.

Without maintaining energetic purity within ourselves and our environment, we unwittingly invite unwanted and potentially destructive energies.

It is essential to create a foundation of energetic protection and ensure that our spaces are clear and harmonious, thus fostering a favorable environment for the development of our psychic abilities.

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5. Not setting boundaries

5. Not setting boundaries

Engaging in psychic work while experiencing illness, fatigue, or being in an unhealthy emotional state can immediately stifle our psychic abilities.

It is imperative that we check our psychological and emotional well-being before engaging in any psychic practice.

Being honest with ourselves about our current state and limitations is key to nurturing our abilities in a healthy and sustainable way.



Last Words

Embarking on the journey of developing psychic abilities is not only fun and exciting, but extremely important and a gift that everyone possesses.

If you find yourself unsure of where to start, fear not! There are resources available to guide and support you along the way.

Researching your local area or asking for recommendations from trusted friends can lead you to find a teacher and/or mentor who can provide invaluable guidance and assistance.

Remember, pursuing psychic growth is an ongoing process that requires patience, dedication, and a willingness to expand your knowledge and understanding.

Embrace this transformative journey wholeheartedly and you will unlock the deep potential that lies within you.

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