6 Signs You’re Oversensitive To Other People’s Energy

Perhaps you've already noticed this, but there are different levels of sensory acuity. Some people even believe that our sensory abilities directly correlate to our level of intelligence.

While some people have excellent visual acuity, others see much less well, or not at all. Some have excellent hearing, while others are deaf.

The same can be said for the “sixth sense,” also known as the sensitivity to energy.


Are you energy sensitive?

When you take a step back and look at life more closely, you'll notice that everything is made of energy. Some people are very aware of the energy around them and can accurately judge whether the energy is high or low.

They can differentiate between “good” and “bad” vibrations while others are unsuccessful. I am energy sensitive and work with other people who are as well, so today I'll share some signs I observe on a regular basis.

If you have even a few of these traits, it is likely that you are very sensitive to vibrational energy. Read on to find out the 6 signs you may be hypersensitive to other people's energy:



1. You have deep empathy for others

1. You have deep empathy for others

You have a knack for identifying the sad person around you. Those who are sensitive to energy are often the first to give a helping hand, offer a hug, or lend an ear to someone in need of support.

You often feel other people's emotions and at times even the physical pain that they are experiencing. This is why you are compassionate and understanding toward those in need.

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2. You feel things very intensely

2. You feel things very intensely

Being highly sensitive to the vibrational energy around you often means that moments of high intensity give way to strong feelings, while moments of very low intensity lead to a drop in morale or motivation.

It can be very helpful to put a few strategies in place to raise your vibration, especially when you are feeling low. Some examples of such strategies include meditation, yoga, and physical activity.



3. You have addictions

3. You have addictions

If you are sensitive to energy, it means that you “feel” a lot more than other people could possibly imagine.

Someone who is hypersensitive to other people's energy is more likely to turn to substances such as drugs or alcohol to alleviate the discomfort caused by the negative sensory information.

These people can become addicted to things like food, games, or even shopping.



4. You know how others feel

4. You know how others feel

You have an uncanny ability to guess other people's intentions, whether they are good or evil. This can be a benefit because being aware of hidden intentions makes you more confident and therefore less likely to be manipulated or duped.



5. You're introverted

5. You're introverted

Most people that are sensitive to energies are also introverted. Feeling all of the emotions and feelings of others can be extremely overwhelming.

Because of this, a hypersensitive person tends to withdraw from social situations a little more and will need time alone in order to recharge their batteries.

There may be times when you feel completely drained after prolonged social interaction.

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6. You're very sensitive to the signs that the Universe sends

6. You're very sensitive to the signs that the Universe sends

You are much more aware of the signs that the universe sends you. You can find meaning in events and circumstances that the majority of people would label as mere “coincidence.”

As you can see, being sensitive to energy can be a bit of a blessing and a curse at the same time. It means you'll understand people and the universe better.

However, this can also lead to a degree of over-stimulation, and thus cause a variety of problems if no action is taken.

If you're an energy-sensitive person, there are some things that you can do to better harness your gifts and deal with the challenges that come along with them.

First, anything that helps you to voluntarily raise your vibration, or that of your environment, can be very beneficial.

For mental and physical training you can try out yoga or meditation. It is also highly recommended that you regularly burn sage in both your home and your work environment.

Pay attention to the people around you, and remove yourself from negative people, situations, and experiences that could lead to you feeling overwhelmed.

Work on self-acceptance and learn to love yourself. When we're born as sensitive people, the constant influx of energy from the environment can be overwhelming and sometimes painful.

However, if we take the time to learn how to properly manage this gift, we can accomplish many wonderful things. Being able to read and empathize with others is a great asset.

These people have powerful tools that can positively change the world. They're often some of the most influential and effective leaders, healers, and educators.


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