7 Reasons Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Suddenly Stopped

On your spiritual path, no matter how far you are, there will come a time when you will know and feel that you have made great improvements, and then all of a sudden there will be nothing.

Positivity vanishes, normal lower conscious dreams replace prophetic visions and lucid dreams, and mindfulness is replaced by hyperactive thinking patterns.

You cannot find the connection that you once experienced, and it appears to be completely out of reach for you to attain the level of light, love, and higher consciousness that you seek.

You feel as if an invisible roadblock is directly in front of you, and every attempt to move again seems to end in failure. This leaves you wondering what is going on.

It's a path that can't be avoided, but why does it happen? The goal of spiritual roadblocks is to make us stop and reflect.

Perhaps the initial stages of your spiritual awakening were so taxing that you now need some time to let your mind recover and reorganize.

These periods of time can be extremely frustrating and sometimes even painful if the cycle leads you into another dark night of the soul.

To overcome this, we must be patient and gentle. Find the root cause and then get back on track. Here are 7 reasons for why your spiritual awakening came to a sudden stop:



1. You're frustrated by the current state of the world

1. You're frustrated by the current state of the world

After experiencing a lot of euphoria and venturing into the higher realms of life, where you gained knowledge and an understanding of your existence as a universally connected multidimensional being, you find yourself human again.

It can be a devastating letdown. The power you once had in higher realms is manifesting in your current physical state, which causes discomfort and impatience.

You may also feel alienated from society because you have a lot of wisdom and want to share your knowledge, but those who are “unenlightened” may find your perceptions and ideals to be very unrealistic and exuberant.

After a lot of effort trying to teach others your way, you end up feeling more discouraged than appreciated.

When you look around and see the masses falling into the same old cycles of fear, attachment, and conformity to the ruling oligarchy, you start to feel like your hands are in chains.



2. You need healing

2. You need healing

A spiritual awakening can bring to the surface repressed memories and feelings that have been hidden in our subconscious.

Like past lives, things you may have forgotten or things you didn't even know you had, they can come to the surface.

You may even start to distance yourself from these memories in order to keep preventing yourself from believing that they're products of your imagination.

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3. You have developed an exaggerated sense of self

3. You have developed an exaggerated sense of self

You feel like you've “finally arrived” when you awaken, and when you look around at other people who haven't reached your level of consciousness yet, you feel like you're special and on top of the world.

Spiritual enlightenment and the evolution of our consciousness are worthy of praise and celebration. However, this shouldn't be seen as the ultimate goal of only a select few people but rather of all people.

The more you associate yourself with this identity of being different or special, that is, “motivated by self-satisfaction and pleasure,” the more you struggle with your “superego,” thus preventing the continuation of your spiritual growth.

In fact, the more you believe that you have “arrived,” the more you will feel as though you have reached a point where there is nowhere else to go.

Your cup is full, and in order to continue your spiritual fulfillment, it is necessary for you to empty it out.



4. You've fallen back into old behavioral patterns

4. You've fallen back into old behavioral patterns

Do you remember that moment when you “made contact” for the first time? The time when everything changed for you and your entire world was turned upside down.

You have seen the reason and meaning behind everything that is, was, and is yet to come. Do you also remember what it felt like when you realized you were a pawn in the game, a slave to a system that seemed to be winning?

This is your notice to remember.

What we were shown during our awakening was genuine and accurate; therefore, stand firm in your convictions, because we are the people the world has been waiting for, we are change.



5. You are angry

5. You are angry

Psychologists say that there is a wide range of unconscious factors that contribute to anger. When it comes to anger that comes from spiritual awakening, we can usually relieve it a little.



6. You still think you're unworthy

6. You still think you're unworthy

This awakening is usually interpreted as an external event, over which you have little or no control, as if it's a gift from gods because our consciousness is projected and seen outside the physical body.

Feelings of unworthiness can immediately take over the control center in your mind and many will feel they have been blessed with a wonderful, undeserved gift.

While there are many gods and guides that help you along the way, the realization of authentic power is the ultimate liberation.

This genuine power arises from within your own subconscious mind, from what's already part of who you are; it is, quite simply, encoded in your DNA.

By advancing unconscious awareness and memory, wisdom and knowledge unfold in the knowledge that you control your own destiny.

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7. You don't listen to your heart

7. You don't listen to your heart

Even though we are all connected, we are still unique. Each of us has a piece of a larger puzzle that ushers in the Age of Enlightenment.

We don't have the same perspective on how the world works, and your life's purpose lies in this uniqueness.

We always receive subtle cues, synchronicities, and encouragement from the universe; these serve as a pointer of light in a worldthat can sometimes feel overrun with darkness.

When your mind can't find its way out of its current spectrum of reality, your heart will always guide you along the path you seek.

Be confident. Approach your anger with love, follow your heart, and never forget that you're worthy.


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