8 Signs That Reveal You Were Destined To Be A Spiritual Master

“Teacher, guide, expert, or master” is the translation of the word “guru” in Sanskrit. It literally translates to “one who dispels darkness.”

In some cultures, a guru is a “value-building advisor” who shares experiential as well as literal knowledge. He also serves as a model for others to aspire to, a source of motivation, and someone who promotes the spiritual evolution of others.

If you are open to learning, a spiritual guru will show up in your life at some point and teach you the things that you need most.

The presence of a spiritual master is directly felt and noticed. They are teachers of universal laws and principles, they are lightworkers.

Spiritual mastery emerges in different people at different stages of their lives, and gurus are usually placed in your life path to guide you through the inevitable obstacles and challenges that lie ahead.

Here are 8 signs that show you were destined to become a spiritual master:



1. You have a deep respect for the earth and all life

1. You have a deep respect for the earth and all life

Spiritual masters show respect and compassion for the earth, its wisdom, and all expressions of Spirit. They are conscious of the fact that they do not own the land, but are equal participants. 

There is no such thing as “superior” or “inferior” when referring to living things.



2. You’re free from judgment and prejudice

2. You're free from judgment and prejudice

No matter how enlightened you are, what terms you use, or how you dress, a spiritual guru doesn’t care. He knows everyone lives their life to the best of their ability and that everyone has a story to tell.

He was once in the same position as you and knows that things are continuously getting better. Judging says more about the person judging than about the person being judged.

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3. You’re sensitive but not reactive

3. You're sensitive but not reactive

Most people who are empathic or sensitive are also very reactive. They quickly become devastated by the emotions and feelings that rise up inside them.

On the other hand, a spiritual master is able to be sensitive while not being reactive. He knows how to set emotional boundaries and relies on responsible action to differentiate between feelings and emotions.



4. You’re aware of the role of the ego

4. You're aware of the role of the ego

Spiritual masters are aware of the role that their ego plays in division and suffering, as well as the voice of the ego within.

Their attachment to ego is relatively weak as a result, whereas their attachment to Spirit is much stronger.



5. Teaching others comes naturally to you

5. Teaching others comes naturally to you

Although some people may have a hard time reaching out to others, this comes naturally for a spiritual master. Their lessons flash through you like a bolt of lightning.

In most cases, he is a living example of his teachings.



6. You are the personification of love

6. You are the personification of love

Most spiritual gurus have attained divinity by loving themselves and others unconditionally. This is the path that led them to their enlightenment.

They fully understand the fundamental truth that “we are one,” and as a result, they are no longer affected by feelings of anger or hatred.

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7. You have gotten rid of your attachments

7. You have gotten rid of your attachments

When you finally understand what is truly important in life, you can finally let go of the things that aren’t important at all, such as the desire to keep your youth at any cost and your attachment to material possessions.

A spiritual guru is aware that everything in this world is just temporary. As a result, he would rather focus his energy on beautifying the mind and soul rather than on a house or a wardrobe.



8. You feel great respect and a deep connection with the Earth and all that lives on it

8. You feel great respect and a deep connection with the Earth and all that lives on it

A spiritual guru feels an intense connection to the earth and all other living things. He shows respect and gratitude, and he is knows the planet is not his personal property. He sees Gaia and man as equal participants.


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