7 Common Aura Problems and How To Fix Them

Our individual auric fields are wonderfully unique and constantly interact with the auras of those we encounter.

These atmospheres, alive and filled with colorful energy, are like a fascinating kaleidoscope that emanates from the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies.

Fascinatingly enough, they are closely related to our overall well-being, including our physical health, emotional state, and external influences.

Imagine our aura as a shiny multi-colored tech coat that envelops us at all times, perfectly harmonizing with our spirit body, mental body, causal body, higher mental body, astral body, and etheric body.

When combined, these intricate layers form a dazzling display of psychedelic color and light, shimmering around the contours of our skin.

In essence, our aura serves as an extension of our physical being, reflecting the essence of who we are.

Elevate your aura, elevate your life.
~ Asad Meah

There are times when problems arise within our energy fields, affecting not only our atmosphere but also our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Thus, it becomes imperative to become familiar with the underlying problems that can affect our atmosphere and, more importantly, learn how to address and resolve them effectively.

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What exactly is an Aura?

“Aura is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.”
~ Ozuna

An atmosphere is the complex matrix of energy that envelops not only living beings but all forms of existence.

While it is a subject of great fascination for both occultists and scientists, its profound significance for humans is especially important.

Throughout the ages, various methods have been used to unlock the secrets of the aura.

From capturing ethereal images through Kirlian photography to engaging in scratching sessions using the power of crystals, those who acknowledge and appreciate the existence of the aura have tirelessly sought to explore its depths.

They have tried to understand its essence, its composition and even discover any possible disturbance within it.

You see, the aura is not just an energy field; it is also a complex matrix of information, containing tremendous potential for diagnosis and even predictive knowledge.

Delving deeper into the study of auras, we discover a fascinating realm where invisible forces intertwine with our physical presence, opening up opportunities for a deeper understanding of our holistic well-being.

“The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.”
~ Lucian Freud


7 common aura problems and how to fix them:

7 Common Aura Problems and How To Fix Them 1

1. Insufficient connection with the divine

1. Insufficient connection with the divine

In our modern world, it has become increasingly common for individuals to turn away from spirituality and organized religion.

In doing so, they unknowingly distance themselves from valuable knowledge of their true essence.

We are not simply isolated beings; we are part and parcel of something greater, something uniquely transcendent.

Ancient teachings remind us that deep within lies a divine spark, constantly in communion with the Great Spirit, God or Goddess.


Keeping our energy comes primarily from the divine source. Furthermore, we get energy from our food, water, and environment, while the ground force of the Earth supports and anchors us.

However, when we neglect our connection to the divine, we unwittingly close the door to her endless flow of energy.

Consequently, our aura weakens, leaving us feeling disoriented, melancholy, and uninspired.


Reestablishing our connection with the divine is paramount. We can achieve this through prayer, spells, or by calling on our guardian angel.

Benzoin, known for its ability to invite angels and create a welcoming atmosphere, can be burned during these sacred moments, amplifying our call to our guardian angel.

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2. Parasitic cord

2. Parasitic cord

Throughout our lives, we encounter a variety of interactions and social relationships that provide valuable lessons.

These experiences shape our growth as individuals. However, not all relationships serve us positively.


From time to time, we find ourselves intertwined with individuals who have lost their way, resulting in an energy imbalance.

This lack creates a thirst or desire for energy, prompting them to seek connection with others. However, due to our innate defense mechanisms, making this connection turns out to be challenging for them.

As a result, they are driven to develop unhealthy, manipulative relationships characterized by mood swings, aiming to fill our hearts with guilt and pain.

Witches have long referred to these dynamics as parasitic chords, aptly capturing how these individuals feed off our life energy.

In modern terms, we label them as “toxic relationships”.


Liberation spiritually and mentally from these parasitic cords is best accomplished through cord-cutting rituals. Seeking psychological help when needed is also essential, as the toxic effects can be deeply profound.

Frankincense has long been believed to help ward off dark energies that drain our spiritual vitality.

Additionally, the healing properties of peppermint are known to nourish auric wounds after breaking these harmful connections.



3. Crack in the Aura Shield

3. Crack in the Aura Shield

The aura is fortified by a resilient energy shield, serving as an effective defense mechanism against lower vibrations, curses, and dark arts influences. However, there are times when this shield can develop cracks.


These cracks usually appear after experiencing a psychic attack. Such attacks can originate in the psychic realm, but can also occur on the physical plane, taking the form of emotionally charged conflicts accompanied by psychological weapons.

The pain and discomfort caused by these attacks weaken our defenses, creating vulnerabilities that allow attacks to break through our shields and leave behind scars, thus opening the door for future harm.


To restore and strengthen the aura, it is essential to fill it with love and light. A powerful mantra you can use is “Ra (m)”, the sound that resonates with the essence of fire and luminous energy.

Witches have long turned to sandalwood, known for its healing properties, to repair cracks in their aura. Additionally, sacred Palo Santo wood can be offered as a cleansing and rejuvenating tool.

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4. Watchers

4. Observers

In the realm of magic and the arcane arts, light and darkness exist side by side.

As practitioners, we acknowledge this duality and acknowledge that some individuals prefer to engage in surveillance before casting malevolent spells.

Thus, they create what is known as “Watchers”, entities that can connect to one's aura.


Observers are sentient remnants of spirit attacks, forced to feed off their targets' energy while scrutinizing their every action and thought.

This insidious practice represents one of the darkest forms of witchcraft.

Have you ever experienced the strange sensation of being watched or felt the weight of someone's gaze upon you, as if your every move was being closely monitored? Creating Watchers is a widespread method used in the dark arts.


Since the Watcher is not an entity in itself, but a fragment of another entity, it must be expelled from the aura.

Ancient grimoires suggest that burning dragon's blood, a profoundly powerful magical substance is effective in this regard.

It is often used alone or together with bay leaves, clove buds, and a pinch of cayenne pepper (care should be taken with the amount of cayenne pepper used).

These rituals serve to dispel the influence of the Watcher, restoring harmony to the atmosphere and ensuring our spiritual well-being.



5. Chakra blocks

5. Chakra blocks

Within our body, there are various mechanisms that facilitate the passage of divine energy. Among the most well-known mechanisms are the chakras, which can be visualized as wheels that help the smooth flow of energy.

While there are seven primary chakras, many secondary chakras also reside throughout our body.


There are times when these chakras can become blocked or heavily influenced by our emotions, traumatic experiences, and other factors. Unfortunately, such blockages can lead to a host of problems.


In their pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment, witches have learned the importance of periodically cleansing and revitalizing their chakras to ensure a harmonious flow of energy.

However, this task is not always straightforward, they strongly believe in the existence of legal remedies that can help them deal with this issue.

Historically, myrrh and Palo Santo, sacred wood, have been highly valued ingredients for unblocking blocked chakras and facilitating a renewed flow of energy.

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6. Energy debris

6. Energy debris

Our aura is a tremendous and intelligent energy matrix that interacts with the world around us.

Vital information constantly flows in and out of this dynamic matrix. It is important to recognize that our aura is not static; it reacts to external influences.

Unfortunately, there are times when negative experiences occur, prompting our aura to respond with protective energy.


One consequence of this defense mechanism is the retention of energy waste within our atmosphere. This residual energy can best be described as a collection of memories stored within the astral energy.

It is essential to note that this energy is not inherently negative; rather, it represents the remnants of past experiences.

However, the presence of this waste can cause feelings of stagnation and heaviness.

This lack of fresh spiritual energy can be attributed to the accumulation of waste energy, thus requiring its periodic removal.


To begin this cleansing process, it is imperative that we first engage in meditation and delve into the nature of energy waste itself. What caused its formation?

By understanding the root cause, we can continue to eradicate these unwanted traces.

Traditionally, witches have turned to burning dried almonds as a means of drawing out all the stagnant and malevolent energy that is trapped within their aura.



7. Inadequate grounding

7. Inadequate grounding

It is well known that our interactions with the physical realm can be overwhelming, often resulting in an excess of energy.

While this growth serves as a defense mechanism, it is essential to find a balance and ensure harmony within ourselves.


The reason behind this necessity lies in the potential imbalances that excess energy can create within our chakras and aura.

To maintain a healthy energetic state, regular grounding becomes essential. This technique is used by witches around the world, especially after rituals or intense experiences, to restore balance.


To achieve grounding, witches have long used the power of herbs and resins to enhance their effects. One such herb widely known and used for this purpose is patchouli. Its distinctive properties have made it a staple for witches seeking to clear their energy field and call upon healing spirits.

In addition, patchouli has been revered for its ability to aid in meditation, providing mental and spiritual clarity whenever needed.

“Words were never invented to fully explain the peaceful aura that surrounds us when we are in communion with minds of the same thoughts.”
~ Eddie Myers

Your aura, a multifaceted energy field that pulsates with vivid colors, acts as a shield that must be protected and nurtured at all times.

By taking the necessary steps, you can effectively address any aura-related issue, leading to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

By enhancing your auric senses, you will unlock a realm of heightened emotion and heightened vitality, empowering you to embrace each day with renewed energy.

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