How to Release Tension and Handle Problems According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your sign influences the things you are passionate about, the way you move in life, and of course also the way you should handle stress and relax.

In those moments when it seems that stress is going to win you over and that you have no chance against it, choose the activity that best suits your sign. You will see how you manage to take charge of the matter.




If you are an Aries, surely you are a very active person. You will hardly find your relaxation space in the armchair.

You like sports, adventure, and challenges. But that also leads you to a rhythm of life that often surpasses you.

Try going for a run just for pleasure. No unattainable goals, just to release tension. It can be at dawn, accompanied by your favorite music.

If you don't like running, you can try other activities, like boxing or tai chi. The important thing is that you choose to give yourself some time to move your body with the sole intention of getting the bad energies out.




Tauruses, when they relax, they do it seriously. Once they decide to turn off the battery, the best thing for them is to lie on the couch all day. Channel surfing, reading, or any activity that doesn't require movement is ideal for them.

However, if you are stressed, there may be something better than staying at home glued to the TV. That won't get you out of trouble.

Ideally, look for a place outdoors to do what you like the most (even if it's lying looking at the sky) but in contact with nature. It will help you unwind.

Singing is a good hobby that you can practice. The best: a campfire with friends, with guitar and singing until nightfall.




It is a very mental sign, and that is why they can get stressed even when they are not doing anything. It's just that not everything is what it seems: even if they are still, Geminis have their brains in overdrive.

They think of all the possibilities and have an answer for each one. Without a doubt, something that would exhaust anyone.

So, to relax for a Gemini, the ideal is activities that “turn off” the mind (or rather, that take it to other levels). Meditation, listening to music, or painting mandalas are ideal activities for them.




Crabs are super emotional, and their greatest anguish often comes from people who do not treat them with the affection and care they need.

Therefore, all contact with the earthly is ideal, to relax and get out of their own universe, which sometimes traps them.

Gardening is good therapy for cancer. So can water activities: swimming or aquagym.

Cooking and housekeeping are also tasks that, for this sign, represent a therapeutic space and not one of boredom.

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Leos love to be in the center of attention and attract all eyes. But this can sometimes turn against them when they do not find the middle point in which to feel comfortable and be in harmony with others.

For this reason, activities that have to do with theater, body expression, or, in general, with everything related to the performing arts, are ideal for leo.

In addition to relaxing them and getting the best energy out of them, they will help you get a foothold in everyday life, and function more easily.




Contrary to Leo, what can stress a Virgo the most is exposure. They usually have a low profile, they are lovers of science and study.

To relax, you need a bit of solitude or well-chosen good company. Chess, or games of ingenuity downloaded from the cell phone go very well with this sign.

Also readings and crossword puzzles.

But beware! It is also advisable to carry out some activities outside the home, even if it is only going for a walk. Otherwise, they can become a bit of a hermit in times of greatest stress.




Libras are good and peaceful lovers, they always try to have the right word and be impartial.

As they adore aesthetics and good taste, everything that is harmonious relaxes them. When the world gets hostile, activities such as aromatherapy, a massage session, or going out with your partner to watch a sunset are ideal for them.

Anything balanced puts Libra at its center and helps keep you relaxed. Ideal to get away from the chaos of the city.




A strong sign by nature, they always need to have everything under their control. However, and although it seems that yes, not everything can. Therefore, sometimes they can be, although they do not like to admit it, a little tired.

For them, the best way to de-stress is to look for those spaces where they can let themselves flow. Extreme sports will release all the energy and help you give yourself completely to the moment.

Do not rule out good sex either, one of Scorpio's favorites.

If you prefer to stay at home, try to watch something that excites you a little, like horror movies. The key: let go and surrender to emotions.

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Sagittarius needs a little disconnection from reality to relax. It is that many times the world does not seem to be the color of roses that you have in your mind, and that hurts you.

Traveling, even if it's just a weekend getaway, is an ideal way to relax a Sagittarius.

If you can add a physical activity that connects you with your body and nature, so much the better.

You can try trekking or, if you are more daring, climbing. The ideal therapy for tired days.




Capricorns's sense of responsibility is one of his greatest strengths, and possibly his worst flaw. They are tireless, and they always get what they want, but along the way, they can leave their hearts.

Capricorns, when they are stressed, mean it: if they admit it, it is because they are beyond their own means. Therefore, to relax, the ideal is the combination of body and mind.

Combining yoga with meditation is a good idea to relax Capricorn. Also, take long walks or a good immersion bath.

In reality, it is not the activity that will make Capricorn relax, but how he takes it: walking without wanting to get anywhere, relaxing just to feel good.




For them, the real world leaves a lot to be desired. They live more in their own mental constructs, where they feel much better.

The best activities to relax an Aquarian are those that make these two worlds (the real and the ideal) a little closer.

Painting, dancing, and everything related to the arts will bring out the best in them. But they don't stop there. They will do everything possible to find answers to the mysteries of the world, and it is what will make them feel really good.




For little fish, the hardest thing is to find balance. The fish that go against each other make them feel all the time between a rock and a hard place. Not knowing where to go can stress and distress them.

Therefore, the best way for a Pisces to relax is to go with the flow. All the activities that don't make you think too much, but connect with what you like and let yourself be.

If they choose sports, the ideal ones are the aquatic ones: they connect them with their interior, and it will be easy for them to get carried away. Swimming, diving, surfing. If it is in the sea, so much the better.

It can also serve artistic activities, such as music or painting. Or reading by the sea, one of the favorites of Pisces.

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