5 Spiritual Meanings of Having Knock Knees

I find it pretty interesting whenever I hear someone say they can feel things on or in their knees. We all have at least one uncle, aunt, grandma or grandpa who claims to know what the weather will be like by listening to their knees.

Numerous references are also linked to people with knock knees or who experience knee pain.

I knew there had to be a reason behind this fascination with knees, and being the researcher I am, I decided to look into the spiritual ties connected to knees. It was not surprising to discover the numerous knock knees spiritual meanings that are also tied to knee pain.

The knee has a spiritual significance; it is a major joint in our bodies and is believed to be one of the connection points of our physical and spiritual bodies. It is also believed that the knee represents our strength and vulnerability and shows how open we are to receiving help from others.

The knee also shows our connection to those around us and the world.


Knock Knees Spiritual Meaning

The knock knees spiritual meaning we are looking at today affects more than people who have naturally appearing knocked knees.

We will focus more on the spiritual aspect of knock knees, although some of these meanings can translate to people with knock knees. Without further ado, the knock knees spiritual meanings:


1. Bad Energy

As we have seen above, the knees are the point of connection between our physical and spiritual bodies; they are a bridge connecting these two dimensions. Knees possess bridging energy that connects the power of the cosmic and earth flow.

They pass messages and energy between the spiritual realm and our physical world. With the constant flow of energy between us and our spiritual selves, it is no wonder some people experience knock knees or knee pain.

The strain on your knees continues to grow, especially when you ignore the guidance and messages your spiritual guide sends you. Your knees can feel and absorb the energy released from your thoughts, specifically those related to your spirituality and where your life is headed.

If you send bad energy or are inflexible with your life direction, you place more strain on your knees, leading to knee pain and knock knees.


2. Emotional Turmoil

Emotional Turmoil

Our knees are more than the bridge between the two realms; they are the center of most of our energy, and any imbalance in this energy can turn into knee pain or a feeling of knock knees.

One knock knees spiritual meaning points to an imbalance of energy, which can show itself in mood swings. Sadness, anger, and frustration can cause these energy imbalances, disturbing your knee function and causing pain.

If you experience knock knees or feel pain in your knees, take it as your body telling you that you need to relax more. Start by relaxing the muscles around your knees, drink more water, and take your mind off stressful things. Sometimes even physical relaxation can help relieve knee pain.

Another message you should be taking from your knee pain is that you need to handle your emotions better. Having no control over your emotions is taking a toll on your body and affecting your relationship.

Find the emotions that are causing you pain and address those issues. Take your time to analyze what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Relax your mind and deal with any stubborn or negative emotions to get rid of the pain.

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3. You Are Overwhelmed

Although minor, the knee chakra located above our knees is connected to the root chakra, which is one of the major chakras. This chakra might seem insignificant, but a disturbance in the knee chakra can make us feel imbalanced or insecure.

When disturbed, it can make you feel overwhelmed and unsettled. A blockage in the knee chakra can make you feel like everything is spinning out of control, and you cannot handle it.

This is understandable, especially considering the fast-paced world we are living in. You are expected to deal with so many things both in your work environment and personal life.

You should also pay attention to your body and spiritual journey to ensure all are aligned. It can get overwhelming for one person dealing with all this, resulting in knock knees or knee pain.

Feeling overwhelmed can lead to anxiety and stress, which only makes the knock knees worse. To alleviate this condition, you need to take some time off and assess the situation.

Find out if there are things that don't need doing right now or that you can eliminate and do it right away. Get rid of all the unnecessary worries weighing you down and focus on the important things. Ask for help when necessary to remove this burden from yourself.


4. Refusal or Having Trouble with Changes

Refusal or Having Trouble with Changes

Some people are so set in their ways that they refuse to change when the time comes. This rigidity to life changes can be a sign of a blocked chakra, and you must address it.

Sometimes the refusal to change is caused by a fear of change, something those facing major life decisions are familiar with.

Remember that life is filled with constant changes, and refusing to change with the times will only leave you behind. You should not be scared of change or let your fear rule your life.

Do it scared is a motto I have used in multiple situations, and has never failed me. Don't let your fear dictate your life; feeling scared is okay, but don't let it stop you from making necessary changes.

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5. You Are Unsure

It is normal to feel like you have no idea where your life is headed. One knock knees spiritual meaning is that you are unsure of your situation, making you feel unable to make decisions.

You might worry that any decision you make is the wrong one and will have dire consequences. Well, you are not alone; most of us feel unsure in multiple situations, but we don't let this uncertainty stop our progress, and neither should you.

Believe it or not, your body knows what you need to do; you just have to trust in yourself. Your knee chakras already have the solution for you; the right knee leads you to your physical path while the left knee follows the spiritual path. Listen to your intuition to find what your knees already know.

Your uncertainty might be stopping you from accessing the messages from your knee chakra, causing you knee pain or knock knees. Unblock this energy and heal your knee chakras to find the way forward. Trust yourself and the universe, and you will find the right answer.


Last Words

Who knew the knee could hold so much? As you have noticed, most knock knees spiritual meanings are caused by us; we block our own knee chakras and are resistant to receiving spiritual messages, making us live in pain.

Don't let your fear or refusal to change ruin your life. Look at the knock knees spiritual meanings above, find what resonates with you, and work on unblocking your knee chakra.


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