12 Undeniable Signs You Have Encountered Your Past Life Soulmate

Have you ever felt a love so strong you cannot believe it is happening to you? I have, and it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Twin flame and soulmate connections are the strongest, only eclipsed by the love between a mother and her child.

The connection I felt to my soulmate was so strong that I believed I had met them before. I remembered the stories of people who would meet their past life soulmates in their new lives and instinctively knew that applied to me, and I was right.

My suspicions were confirmed after I discovered the signs of past life soulmates.

Sometimes the love you feel for your significant other might be caused by a past connection. Your love was so strong that you attracted each other in your new life; your souls couldn’t rest until you found each other again.

If you have not found your soulmate yet, you can use this as a sign to help you identify them. You might even have this connection already; you are just not aware of it yet.

Don't worry; I will share with you signs of past life soulmates that will help you identify your soulmate when the time comes.


What Is a Past Life Soulmate?

What Is a Past Life Soulmate

As the name suggests, a past life soulmate is a person with whom you shared a past life. In some cases, you might have shared more than one lifetime together; your souls always find a way to meet each other every time you are reborn.

Although it is mostly tied to romantic relationships, sometimes past life soulmates can be friends or family members. Think of the people in your life; is there someone with whom you have an unexplainable connection?

Someone you didn't expect to meet but have formed an unbreakable bond with ever since? That could be your past life soulmate.

You might have been searching for each other for over 1,000 years, but you eventually find each other. It explains why the bond I have with my partner formed so quickly. We would joke about how we had known each other all our lives; we just didn't know how true that was.


12 Signs of Past Life Soulmates

12 Signs of Past Life Soulmates

If you think you have someone like this in your life or want to know how it will feel when you meet your past life soulmate, this article is for you.

Below are the signs of past life soulmates that will help you identify your soulmate:


1. You Feel at Home

You Feel at Home

One of the most telling signs of past life soulmates is how welcome they make you feel. When I first met my partner, I was instantly drawn to them, feeling as though this was the person I should be with.

I was comfortable with him and felt drawn in from the beginning. I couldn't place the feeling at first. I just knew they made me feel warm and cozy and like I belonged.

This can happen to you too when you meet your past life soulmate. You might feel an instant connection to them that you find hard to explain. It might feel like your life has suddenly found new meaning, and you have a sense of belonging you didn't use to feel before.

You don't want to let them go, and you yearn for their company when you are not together.

The feelings are still as strong even when you are apart; talking to them or seeing their picture makes you feel like you just got a warm embrace. This is one of the clearest signs of past life soulmates you will ever experience.

Your soul tells you it has found a home in this person and that you belong together.



2. Time Holds No Meaning

Time Holds No Meaning

Because of the ups and downs of life, you might not be able to spend as much time with your soulmate as you would want to. For example, when I first met my partner, we lived in different states and would spend weeks, sometimes even months apart.

The time apart felt like torture. However, the second we got together, all those feelings were a distant memory.

The sparks ran wild whenever we met, making it seem like all those months apart was just a blur. We would spend hours talking to each other, and before either of us noticed, hours had passed.

They say time is a construct, and I believe this; with your soulmate, time doesn't hold any meaning.

You will find yourself losing track of time and reality with your soulmate. That is because you hold a connection that isn't bound by time or space. The time you spend together means everything to you, no matter how short or long.

It is magical and transcends any physical ties to time.

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3. Instant Connection

Instant Connection

It felt like we had always known each other” is a phrase uttered by most past life soulmates. It is so common because of the instant connection formed by past life soulmates.

You may have spent your whole life feeling out of touch and misunderstood until you meet your person. Suddenly, you feel drawn to this person in a way you had never experienced before.

Meeting your past life soulmate removes any pain from past relationships, and you feel at home in a way you never had before. Past life soulmate connections are so strong that you can sometimes anticipate what they are saying; that is why most people love saying they can finish each other's sentences.

This instant connection makes you feel like this is the person you were supposed to be with, and nothing can tear you apart.

It makes you feel comfortable in ways you did not think possible, and the bond between you never breaks; if you feel instantly drawn to someone you have never met, it might be your past life soulmate reaching out to you.


4. You Feel Like Yourself

You Feel Like Yourself

Some relationships can make you feel drained; you feel as if you are not yourself anymore. I have been in relationships where I had to change my entire personality and the things I love to fit in with the person I was with. This doesn't happen when you meet your past life soulmate.

I was always made to believe I was weird by past life partners, but I have never felt this with my current partner. They made me feel like I was not a burden or a weirdo. In fact, I feel more like myself than I never had before. This is another of the strong signs of past life soulmates.

If the current relationship you are in or previous relationships have made you feel out of place, it might be time for you to leave. Your past life soulmate will always uplift you and make you feel lighter, more vibrant, and alive.

You will be happy being yourself, and they will encourage you to discover yourself more. Now that is true love.



5. You Have a Deep Spiritual Connection

You Have a Deep Spiritual Connection

Your connection to your past life soulmate goes beyond the surface; you have a strong spiritual connection. No matter how strong your physical connection to someone is, it doesn’t mean anything if your spirituality doesn’t align.

The true sign of a past life soulmate is how your spiritual, mental, and emotional views align with each other. You have the same opinions on things and balance each other out.

This doesn't mean that you will always agree on everything. Rather, you are more open to expressing yourselves and understanding each other's way of thinking.

You can exist in blissful silence together without feeling awkward or talking for hours and still feel at home. You get each other in a way no one else does, and your connection brings you closer.

You and your partner's views align, pushing you to become even closer and building your physical and spiritual connection.

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6. You Share Past Life Memories

You Share Past Life Memories

It can feel trippy when you recall memories with your soulmate that you know you have not experienced in this lifetime. You might remember meeting them once in a country you have never visited or having a conversation with them that you know has not happened since you met them.

Although these memories can be confusing, it only means you are recounting memories you had the last time you contacted each other.

You remember these things intuitively, and sometimes, they can have these memories too. There is no clearer sign of a past life soulmate than this. The fact that you can recall these memories is remarkable and shows just how strong a connection you have.

It is something you should always treasure.


7. Strong Physical Chemistry

Strong Physical Chemistry

Not only do you feel instantly connected to your soulmate emotionally and spiritually, but your physical connection is also out of this world. This is especially true with romantic past life soulmates.

Your physical connection is stronger than any you have had throughout your life, and you cannot keep your hands off each other.

It boosts your sex life, and you have the best relationship in bed. Even when out in public, you might see past life soulmates show more public displays of attention; they literally cannot keep their hands off each other.

Physical chemistry is crucial in most romantic relationships and keeps the relationship hot throughout. Be careful, however, as other relationships can start with a bang but gradually fall off; this is not the connection you want.

Your past life soulmate's chemistry will never wane.



8. You Feel at Peace

You Feel at Peace

I used to dread coming home to someone at the end of the day. This doesn’t happen with your past life soulmate. When I found mine, I couldn’t wait to get back home and into their arms.

If you have this person at home, you just want to be near them because they make you feel at peace.

There is no anxiety or the need to keep up pretenses. You are at home and are accepted in all ways.

You long to get home and just relax in an environment that makes you feel at peace at the end of a hard day; that is what going home to your soulmate should feel like.

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9. You Feel Safe

You Feel Safe

I know some people who dread going back to their partners; they feel like they are in danger. This is not the kind of relationship you want to be in. One of the signs of past life soulmates is the safety you feel when around them.

They make you feel like nothing will ever harm you as long as they are around.

Your past life soulmate will make you feel protected and at home; I know I have overused this word, but it really is what it feels like. This person is your safe haven, and you don't want to be apart.

Their presence in your life is more welcoming and feels right.


10. Emotional Vulnerability

Emotional Vulnerability

We constantly have to filter what we feel when around other people, but this doesn’t happen with your partner. You feel free to express your emotions and are not scared of being judged.

Past life soulmates make you understand that your emotions are valid and welcome you to express them.

Your emotional vulnerability is not exploited. You don't have to be careful with what you say or feel. They understand what you feel or try to understand your emotions instead of judging you.

You know your secrets are safe with them, and they will not weaponize them against you.

Not only is your past life soulmate a safe place, but they also encourage you to express yourself. Your partner helps you understand why you feel the way you do and helps you deal with such emotions.

You feel accepted in all the ways that matter; you even long to tell them your secrets because you know it is a safe place.



11. Love at First Sight

Love at First Sight

I know how corny it sounds, but love at first sight is sometimes true. Encountering your past life soulmate is one of the ways we experience this phenomenon. The feeling is not just sexual; you will instantly feel like they are a person you can spend the rest of your life loving.

My partner says he knew we would be together forever from the very second he met me.

In some cases, you feel that instant connection we discussed above, but it is not always love. You know this is a person you are connected to, but it can take ages before accepting that you love them.

This is because your soul already knows that it was love at first sight; the rest of you just hasn't caught up yet.

Don't rush the feeling even if they have felt that love at first sight and you haven't; good things come to those who wait.

Enjoy the time you spend with them, and build that instant connection until it becomes something your whole being knows you cannot live without. Such is the beauty of past life soulmates.

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12. Multiple Coincidences

Multiple Coincidences


Because every experience is unique, don’t be surprised to discover that you and your soulmate had met multiple times before, you just didn’t realize it.

I have heard stories of people who were neighbors their whole lives, lived through similar experiences, and even went on vacations in the same places without ever knowing it.

These people only come to discover these coincidences years after they finally get together. Are these really coincidences, or was it planned all along? Nobody really knows.

You might realize that you and your soulmate have basically lived the same lives without ever knowing it. Some say this is why you instantly recognize your soulmate when you finally meet.

The experiences are different for others, but most past life soulmates have similar stories; I do too. That just shows past life soulmates have been around your whole life; in some cases, these experiences might be from your past life.

It is why you and your soulmate feel familiar and have aligned beliefs; they have been there all along!


Last Words

There are many signs of past life soulmates, and some might seem like they differ. This isn't true; it only seems that way because each experience is different.

The signs of past life soulmates discussed above will help you identify your soulmate and might even bring you closer to your soulmate.


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