Little Dipper and Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

We stand to learn so much from nature; animals, trees, and even asterisms have meanings for us. For example, when it comes to asterisms, did you know that there is a Little Dipper and Big Dipper spiritual meaning? If you are lost, let me start from the beginning.

The Little and the Big Dipper are asterisms. The Big Dipper, also known as the Big Bear, is part of the Ursa Major constellation. The Little Dipper, called the Little Bear, is part of Ursa Minor. These asterisms are one of the easiest to spot and carry a powerful spiritual meaning for us.

Their history is tied to Greek mythology, where Hera, Zeus' wife, turned Callisto, his mistress, into a bear. Zeus' son from Callisto, Arcas, almost speared his mother. Zeus intervened and separated the two, turning them into asterisms.

The Great Bear is believed to be Callisto, while the Little Bear is Arcas. It is fascinating how you can still tell the difference between the two by observing the asterisms.

These two asterisms face opposite directions, so when the Big Dipper is upside down, the Little Dipper is right side up. This shows the balance and link tying a mother to their child. Their love will last forever.

So, with this knowledge, let us get down to the main reason we are here. Let us look at the Little Dipper and Big Dipper's spiritual meaning.


What Does the Big Dipper Represent Spiritually?

What Does the Big Dipper Represent Spiritually

There are different interpretations of what the Big Dipper means depending on who you ask. One of the Big Dipper spiritual meanings points to a sense of direction. That is because the Big Dipper is one of the easiest asterisms to see.

People have been looking to this asterism for direction when lost.

Some people turn to the Big Dipper to get instructions on where their lives should lead. Because of its sense of direction, it makes people feel a sense of purpose that shows them the next step.

In another Big Dipper spiritual meaning, specific to the Arab culture, the asterism is seen to symbolize death. This is tied to its shape, with the bowl shape representing a coffin and the three stars that make up its handle representing the mourners.

The significance and symbolism of the Big Dipper change according to culture, making it difficult to find just one perfect answer.



Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning

Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning

There are several spiritual meanings of the Big Dipper, which include:


1. Point of Reference

As we have seen above, most people used the Big Dipper as a point of reference. It would show them where they need to go and give them a sense of purpose. Scientifically speaking, the Big Dipper is used to locate other asterisms, such as Leo, Cassiopea, Boyero, Cepheus, and the Pole Star.

When it comes to our lives, seeing the Big Dipper can be a point of reference, showing you where your life needs to go. This is especially true if you see it when you are feeling lost or searching for your purpose in life.

It is there to act as a guide to a more fulfilling life, helping you find what you are supposed to do.

Whenever you see the Big Dipper, try to determine what you want from your life. Find what gives you a sense of purpose and pursue it. The asterism is telling you to be true to yourself. You can only find fulfillment when you do what makes you happy.


2. Love

The Big Dipper, according to Greek mythology, represents a mother scattered across the sky. Luckily, she is not alone; her son is close by. Their love burns bright as they spend eternity together.

Seeing the Big Dipper brings to mind a mother's love. It is said that nothing beats a mother's love, and this asterism shows how true that is. Although the mother and son are not physically close, they are still together.

This shows a mother's neverending love for their child. This love knows no boundaries and links them together forever.

Wearing or tattooing the Big Dipper is a way for you to hold those you love close to you. It makes you constantly aware of their love and makes you feel less alone.

It reminds us that those we love are always close to us in one way or another. Love has no end, and some connections are meant to last, and that is what the Big Dipper spiritual meaning represents.

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3. Loss

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, or the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, are apart, representing a sense of loss. This is why Arab culture sees the Big Dipper as a sign of a funeral. Nothing hurts more than losing your loved one in death, knowing that you cannot hold them close or call them when you miss them.

Loss can be extremely difficult to deal with, but we have to remember that it is a part of life. We cannot control who stays in our lives and who doesn't. The best way to deal with the situation is by enjoying the time you have with your loved ones before it comes to an end.

Do not hold grudges against those you love. Learn to forgive and appreciate each other and get rid of any bad blood. Life isn't forever, and we should not waste the time we have with those we love wallowing in sorrow.


4. Strength

Bears are a symbol of strength. They are among the most powerful and dangerous animals in the world. In Native American culture, the Big Dipper's bowl was seen as a bear, while the other stars represented hunters chasing it. Sadly, no matter how strong a bear is, it can still be hurt.

The Big Dipper shows us that we need to be strong to survive in this world. It also shows us that this strength does not guarantee that our lives will be easy.

Much like the bear being chased by hunters, we can face numerous hurdles in our lives that threaten to defeat us. The good thing is that we are strong.

This strength helps us persevere in any situation. Yes, we might get hurt, and we might fall down sometimes, but we will not stay down for long. Our strength reminds us that we are more than our challenges.

No matter how hard a time you think you have, know that you will succeed.


5. Understanding

Man is said to be a universe. Everything in the universe has a corresponding counterpart in man. For example, the stars symbolize overcoming thoughts that show our faculties. They show our power and our spirit that shines through. There are so many stars that we cannot begin to understand.

The number of stars represents the endless truths and revelations beyond our current level of understanding that we do not know exist. We progress slowly, not able to understand everything all at once. However, our understanding grows as time passes and the more we learn.

The Big Dipper and its numerous stars make up a very small part of the universe. This represents the knowledge we have and the knowledge we are yet to learn. The spiritual meaning of the Big Dipper represents the growing understanding that will bring us to enlightenment.

Give yourself time to learn about yourself. Therein lies the key to understanding the outer world and all the knowledge it has to offer.

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What Does the Little Dipper Represent Spiritually?

What Does the Little Dipper Represent Spiritually

Ursa Minor, commonly known as the Little Dipper or the Little Bear, is a smaller asterism. It is seen as the second half of the balance, much like yin and yang. The two Dippers coexist together and form the perfect balance whenever they come into contact.

They are always together because one cannot exist without the other.

Just because the Little Dipper is smaller doesn't make it any less significant. It represents the give and take that makes the world turn. There has to be a balance between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper for there to be peace.

The Little Dipper spiritual meaning represents harmony, shown by the balance brought about by the two asterisms.

The spiritual meaning of the Little Dipper also points to a spirit of togetherness. The Little Dipper, in its own way, complements the Big Dipper, making the two unite in the spirit of togetherness.



Little Dipper Spiritual Meaning

Little Dipper Spiritual Meaning

Although fewer than its counterpart, the spiritual meaning of the Little Dipper is also important for us. It represents:


1. The Spirit of Giving

When the two asterisms arrange themselves well, it looks like the Little Dipper pours into the Big Dipper. This happens when the Little Dipper is upside down, making the bowl look like it is sharing water with the other dipper. This shows a spirit of sharing that most people need to develop.

For us to get along with others, we need to show the spirit of giving, which is what the Little Dipper spiritual meaning represents. Life is about balance, a give and take that makes the world go round.

You cannot always be the person benefiting from someone else; you need to share what you have with others.

At the same time, you need to be careful with how much you share and with whom you share it. Some people take advantage of others, only receiving but never giving something.

This can quickly drain you if you are the one who is constantly sharing with others. Create a balance to ensure you don’t run yourself dry while helping others.


2. Unity

The Big Dipper and Little Dipper symbolize unification or unity. This can mean unity of the soul, where you want to make your life align with your true mission. To do this, you will need to find your true self and unite this with your higher self.

In a much bigger picture, the dippers unite several cultures. It has been observed that through time and different cultures, most people refer to these asterisms as bears.

This means people who are thousands of miles apart and who have never and will never meet all came to the same conclusion. It is much like how we all see the same moon. There is an association of ideas that is one of the fundamental meanings of being human.

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3. Equilibrium

I know we have seen the word balance more times than we can count. However, the spiritual meaning of the Little Dipper also represents balance or equilibrium. Balance is important for most things to exist. For example, there has to be darkness for there to be light.

Maintaining a healthy balance is important for our lives to thrive. Overworking one end and not putting in any work on the other will not get us results. To steal from the example we used above; you cannot always give to others without taking care of yourself.

Giving is important, but if you only give and never receive, there is no equilibrium, and it will result in you burning yourself out.

We need to find the parts of our lives that we are overlooking and put effort into them. This will ensure we maintain a healthy equilibrium that will make our lives easier.



FAQs About the Big Dipper Spiritual Meaning


Is It Good Luck to See the Big Dipper?

Most people believe that seeing the Big Dipper symbolizes good luck. The star gives us a sense of purpose, showing us our life’s true mission. It can point us to what we should be doing with our lives, which bears positive results.

Those who followed the Big Dipper when lost always found their way out, and that was another Big Dipper spiritual meaning. Its luck ensures you will always make it through in the end, regardless of what you face.


What Does a Big Dipper Tattoo Mean

For some, the Big Dipper tattoo represents Callisto, Zeus' mistress. She was the human who was turned into a bear. Tattoos carry significant meanings for those who get them. Some see the Big Bear as a sign of strength and courage. It encourages them to push on.

For others, the Big Dipper tattoo symbolizes the Zuni Indians' beliefs. They believe that Big Bear guards the lands, protecting them from evil gods. Those getting this tattoo can see it as a sign of protection against evil.


What Does It Mean When the Big Dipper is Upside Down?

The Big Dipper being upside down astrologically represents the Earth's rotation. On a much deeper level, it represents the exchange between it and the Little Dipper.

The two dippers seem like they are pouring liquids into each other, representing the perfect balance. It is also used to symbolize the love between mother and child. This is a neverending love without boundaries.

Last Words

We stand to learn a lot from the spiritual meaning of the Little Dipper and the Big Dipper. The most valuable lessons we can take from it are about love. Love that comes from the heart knows no bounds and is accommodating.

The two dippers also teach us a lot about maintaining balance in our lives and our interactions with others. We also learn that we are stronger than we know, and we can overcome any troubles that come our way. What have you learned from the Little Dipper and Big Dipper spiritual meanings?


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