15 Warning Signs From Angels That You Need To Pay Attention To

Our lives can be so hard. We sometimes need help navigating the world; I, for one, need divine help every day to prevent me from breaking down. The universe knows this and has supplied us with warning signs from angels that guide us.

These signs let us know when things are about to go south and give us enough time to prepare for whatever the danger might be.

Our guardian angels are constantly looking out for us and will send us messages to warn and comfort us. They know how hard life can be and take the necessary measures to ensure we survive.

Some of us, however, might not be aware of the messages or signs they send us, making it hard to notice them.

This article will show you the warning signs from angels that your guardian angel might use to protect you. The signs can come in a singular form or take different forms.

Increasing signs could point to something more ominous; you need to be spiritually aware of them. Never ignore signs from your guardian angel if you want things to go well for you.


15 Warning Signs from Angels

15 Warning Signs from Angels

The following are the warning signs from angels you need to be aware of to ensure you are on the right path.


1. Physical Warnings

Physical Warnings

I once had to catch a bus to visit my mother. While waiting for it to fill up, I suddenly felt like I needed to throw up. I had not eaten anything yet, so I tried to see it through.

It dawned on me, however, that the trip was going to be long, and I couldn't stand being uncomfortable for that long. I got out of the bus and went to the washrooms, and while I was there, the bus left me. I was understandably furious because I had to wait for the next bus to fill up.

A few hours later, we passed the original bus, and it had gotten into a serious accident. I hadn't known it at the time, but my guardian angel stopped me from getting on that bus. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but I was glad I was not on it.

Have you ever decided to stay home out of the blue one day? Maybe you decided not to take that trip and just relax. These sudden decisions can be warning signs from angels.

They are steering you away from harm to protect you; you should listen when this happens.



2. Strong Intuition

Strong Intuition

Our intuitions guide us, stopping us from making grave mistakes that can harm us. Sometimes our angels use our intuition to stop us from doing this.

You might hear a voice in your head that warns you from doing something just as you were seconds away from doing it.

Maybe you wanted to go out with someone but had this clawing feeling at the back of your head. It later turns out the person was dangerous, and you evaded harm just like that.

The angels can also use uncomfortable feelings to let us know things are not okay. Maybe you feel sudden goosebumps, chills, or nausea out of nowhere. In some cases, intuition can kick in just as something is about to happen.

Listen to what your intuition tells you, and you will be safe.

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3. You Hear Angel Voices

You Hear Angel Voices

It is not uncommon to have a voice in your head whenever you are about to make a life-changing decision. It questions the choices you want to make, making you rethink your decisions.

All of a sudden, you are not so sure whether your choice was the correct one or not. Angels can send us warnings through our inner voices to let us know when we are making the wrong decision.

If you have a sudden warning or start rethinking your choices, you need to take a step back. Reevaluate your decisions and try to see everything from a new perspective.

Your choices can have lifelong impacts that might put you in danger if you don't think them through. Your angel voice is a warning signal that can save your life; you need to listen to it.



4. Technical Failures

Technical Failures

My friend had an alarm failure right before a big meeting they had been preparing for weeks. They were so disappointed, and it quickly turned to fury when their car broke down on their way to work.

These unexplained technical failures stopped them from crossing a busy intersection just as a huge truck sped by. If they had been earlier by just a minute, they would have been in that accident and lost their lives.

Experiencing technical failures can be frustrating, but sometimes they can be a warning sign from angels. They can use them to stop us from being in a dangerous situation. This is especially true if there is no actual explanation for these failures.

Do not be mad, and thank the stars that your angel prevented you from something that would have put you in danger.



5. Premonitions


Some people have a gift of telling when something bad is about to happen. We all have to some extent, an ability to tell when something is not right.

Premonitions can come in different forms; some experience them in their waking hours and others in dreams.

However your premonitions present themselves to you, you need to take a step back. Try to understand why doing whatever it is scares or worries you for no good reason.

Angels are not bound to time as we are, which makes them capable of seeing things before they happen. They can input the disaster into our minds when we are unaware, resulting in premonition.

It is easy to brush them off as just nerves, which can be true sometimes. However, the premonitions can signal something more dangerous. Think of it like this; it is better to wait until the premonition passes than to regret it later.

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6. Dreams


Most people believe that dreams open us to more worlds than we know. In our dreams, we can see beyond the veil separating our worlds. This allows us to commune with our guardian angels and other beings in the spiritual realm.

These beings can use their foretelling to plant a warning in our minds as we sleep.

I once was dreaming; I cannot tell you what the dream was about because my dreams are so random. Somehow, while still dreaming, I had a persistent feeling that I would be happy.

I couldn't figure out what brought that feeling on, which continued even after waking up. A few days later, I got a job position I had been praying for years.

Spiritual beings and guardian angels can use our dreams to tell us of future events. They can use them to warn us as we sleep to ensure we are safe. It is important to write down your dreams, especially if they are confusing.

Therein could lie a warning from your guardian angel.



7. Losing Items

Losing Items

It is a running joke in my family that the day you are running late is when you will not find your keys and wallet. This has happened to me more times than I can count.

You might have experienced something similar too, right when you need something because you are late is when you cannot find it.

As exasperating as it can be, think about why this happens. Could it be that angels are stopping you from doing something or being somewhere that puts you in danger?

What lesson could they be trying to teach you, and what should you do about it? Take time to understand why you might have lost something you always keep in the same place.

You might just be saving yourself from a bad situation, even though it will not seem like that at the time.



8. Unexplainable Delays

Unexplainable Delays

Missing your bus, plane, or train, waiting long hours in traffic, or needing to take a longer detour than you should is infuriating. Most of us are governed by the clock and must do everything on time.

While this is a good quality, sometimes unexplainable delays can happen. You might have missed the green light by just 3 seconds, making you wait five more minutes.

These delays could be warning signs from angels, letting you know that you need to slow down. They are telling you that you do not always need to rush.

Slow and steady wins the race; taking your time can be necessary in some situations. Try to find the lesson from these delays.

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9. Warnings from Others

Warnings from Others

There are instances where angels can use other people to warn you from doing something. This can be a complete stranger or someone close to you.

We have all heard or said to someone, “I wouldn't do that if I were you.” Failure to listen to these warnings almost always results in something going wrong.

When I was young, my mother used the exact words to stop me from using a razor. I was young and headstrong, so I used it anyway. I cut my wrist so bad that day that I still have the scars to prove it. If only I had listened to that warning.

Don’t be like me; take caution whenever you hear a warning from someone. Angels might not have been able to reach you and so choose another person through whom they can communicate their warnings.



10. Tingling Sensations in Your Stomach

Tingling Sensations in Your Stomach

Angels have a weird way of communicating that we might not always understand. For example, if you have been unaware of the signs they are sending you, they might find other ways to make you aware.

There is always that tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach that acts up whenever something bad is about to happen. This is one of the warning signs from angels.

This mostly happens when you are in a stressful sensation. Angels will use this signal to inform us that maybe we need to take a rest. Taking care of your body is one of the best things you can do.

If you feel this sensation when you are under pressure, take a moment to relax. The world will not pass you by if you take a breather.

Going back to work with a fresh mind might make you realize errors you would not have caught otherwise.



11. Feeling a Physical Touch

Feeling a Physical Touch

Angels can use physical touch, or at least the feel of one, to warn you. Picture this, you are alone at home but suddenly feel like someone is touching you. You turn around, and no one is there.

This can weird you out, but you should consider it positive.

Angels can use the physical touch to warn you that sinister forces surround you. They also use this touch to let you know you are not alone. They surround you, and they will protect you from anyone or anything that wants to harm you.

Take comfort in knowing your angels are watching over you.

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12. Random Occurrences

Random Occurrences

Things can happen that have no explanation. Sometimes you might find yourself acting completely out of character. This can be unsettling because these things are not normal and wouldn't happen in ordinary circumstances.

For example, you get a sudden urge to pee or a phone call just as someone is about to break into your house, giving you just enough time to contact the police and scare them away.

These occurrences will not always be as dramatic. Some of them could be so small that you might miss them if you weren't looking closely. These are just warning signs from angels to protect you from evil.



13. Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

This is a short warning sign from angels that doesn't need much explanation. You might have said, Lord, give me a sign that this is wrong and something happens at that exact time.

Coincidence? I think not!



14. Contact from Old Friends

Contact from Old Friends

Have you ever had a person you have not talked to in years suddenly reach out to you? They might have been thinking about you lately and decided to see how you are doing.

When this happens, your guardian angel might have used this friend to cheer you up. They have seen you are struggling and are doing their best to comfort you in these difficult times.



15. Unsolicited Advice from Strangers

Unsolicited Advice from Strangers

I hate it when someone I don’t even know tries giving me advice. I don’t think they have the right as they don’t know me. However, I also have to acknowledge that some of the unsolicited advice I have gotten from strangers has actually been useful.

Instead of ignoring or reacting harshly when someone gives you advice, try to figure out why they thought you might need it. It could be a warning sign from angels that shows you the best way forward.

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Last Words

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Angels can use multiple ways to warn us from doing something. You need to be spiritually awake to see some of the warning signs they use. Don't ignore them even when they don't seem important.

That could be the warning that will change the course of your life. Take time to listen to the warning and understand what it could mean for you to get the best results.


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