The 7 Phases You Must Go Through To Achieve Spiritual Awakening

Unfortunately, the vast majority of individuals spend their entire existence grappling with the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, hoping to eventually discover it.

However, what many fail to understand is that everything unfolds in its own way, and trying to speed up the process only leads to failure. Influence on this journey is simply not in our power.

It is essential to allow nature to take its course and take a more passive role, observing the spectacle that unfolds before us. Any attempt to speed up the process would be futile.

Furthermore, we have stopped acknowledging that each of us exists at different stages of life, resonating at different vibrational levels of energy.

It would be wrong to expect that the methods and practices that work for us in our current state will produce the same results for others.

The key lies in how well we align ourselves with our energy and spirit, and the determination we have to achieve true enlightenment.

Therefore, giving help to someone who seems to be stuck at a certain stage can do more harm than good. By intervening prematurely, we prevent them from recognizing and embracing their potential, causing them to rely on external crutches indefinitely.

To truly succeed and achieve a state of enlightened consciousness, individuals must cultivate a belief in themselves. Otherwise, they remain trapped in a state of mediocrity, suspended in limbo with no clear direction forward.

However, the question remains: how can we awaken our sleeping soul and finally discover enlightenment?

To begin this journey of self-discovery, there are seven key steps that can help us in our search.



Phase 1: Confusion of awakening

Phase 1: Confusion of awakening

The initial stage of awakening is characterized by a deep sense of confusion. You find yourself unsure of your purpose and direction in life. Your once orderly existence has fallen apart, leaving you feeling disoriented and lost.

Everything seems to boggle your mind and you struggle to discern the next step needed to break free from the chaos. There is no clear roadmap to follow, leaving you adrift like a rudderless boat in the vastness of existence.

As you navigate through this bewildering period, it may seem as if you lack the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully navigate this seemingly meaningless journey.

However, succumbing to despair will not serve you well. Instead, hold onto the glimmer of hope that the sun will eventually shine brightly on the horizon, illuminating the path that lies ahead.

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Phase 2: Unbearable anxiety

Phase 2: Unbearable anxiety

Impatience consumes you in this awakening phase. A deep desire for change and transformation builds within, driving you to seek true success and happiness on your own terms.

The monotony of life has taken its toll and you want to experience joy without shouldering the weight of a meaningless existence.

However, here lies a challenge – you are in a hurry. Instead of taking time to understand and reflect, you are driven to rush through experiences, unaware of the potential harm it can cause.

In these moments, it's vital to remind yourself to stop, breathe, and practice patience. Because it is with patience that the seeds you have planted will bear fruit in due time.




Phase 3: Enlightened Understanding

Phase 3: Enlightened Understanding

This is the pivotal moment everyone is looking for – the epiphany that brings clarity amidst the multitude of emotions swirling around you.

Thoughts that were once considered superficial or childish, but now have a deeper meaning and resonance, reappear.

The burden that weighed you down remains, but armed with thoughts, emotions, and a greater understanding of the world, you are better equipped to navigate its complexities.

As the dawn breaks in this new chapter, embrace the wisdom that has been revealed to you. Use it as a beacon to guide your steps forward, knowing that although challenges may continue, you possess the tools to overcome them and continue on the path to enlightenment.

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Phase 4: War and Surrender

Phase 4: War and Surrender

Rest is not an option at this point – especially now that you've come this far. With every inch lost, you feel compelled to regain what has slipped away.

It is a constant battle, a tug of war between submission to the rapacious darkness and triumph on the way to salvation.

Just as you are drawn towards the light, the forces of darkness try to pull you down. Be careful not to give up.

The temptation to give in may tempt you to sit back, and ask for a break, but resist it. Remember the arduous journey you took. Don't give up now.




Phase 5: Embracing the Darkness

Phase 5: Embracing the Darkness

Even in the midst of darkness, don't lose hope. Although it may seem like the shadows have engulfed you, they will fade.

The weight of negativity wears you down, threatening your mind. However, the despair, the sense of worthlessness that feeds on your humanity, will disappear once again.

Keep in mind that any clouds that cover the sky will eventually dissipate.

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Phase 6: Unity of Existence

Phase 6: Unity of Existence

In this stage of awakening, you find yourself immersed in a higher realm of existence—a deep connection with all that surrounds you.

Nature, living creatures, animate and inanimate – they all intertwine with your being.

This sensation induces a calm state within, one that you are reluctant to release your control over. And I assure you, there is no need to let go.

Let your awareness flow unhindered, embracing everything you encounter.




Phase 7: Harmonic Synchronization

Phase 7: Harmonic Synchronization

Finally, harmony prevails. You have achieved balance with the world around you. Serenity envelops your being and you have realized that true happiness comes from within.

Let life unfold naturally, without obstacles, and you will become a master of Zen-like calm.

As you move through these seven stages of awakening, a clearer understanding of your worth, authenticity, and purpose will dawn upon you.

This enlightenment will propel you to higher levels of understanding and deep awareness. Only a select few reach this final stage, but by remaining steadfast to hope and accepting the intricacies and pitfalls of each stage, you have the potential to get here.

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Last Words

It's a journey worth taking! Eventually, you will find yourself in perfect harmony with your Creator, having discovered your inherent self-worth and transcending the limits of the material realm.

This ascendant will give you a comprehensive understanding of the world, fostering unconditional love for all that dwells within it.


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