12 Signs From The Universe That Warn You About A Toxic Person

In the grand cosmic scheme of things, every event and occurrence in our lives has a purpose, a significance that goes beyond our immediate understanding.

When life takes an unexpected turn and things don't go according to plan, the universe, it seems, has a way of guiding us to a way out, gently nudging us in the right direction.

But we humans, with our stubbornness and willpower, often find ourselves oblivious to the subtle hints and lessons the universe is trying to impart. And so, we encounter alternative ways to learn and grow.

But fear not, for the universe, in its infinite wisdom, uses a myriad of strategies to guide us through this complicated journey called life. Only if we open our hearts and minds to its whispers can we find that the path forward becomes clearer and straighter, leading us to our true destinies.

However, if we choose to turn a blind eye to the signs and signals the universe is showering us with, we will inevitably pay the price by veering off course and embarking on unnecessary detours.

So if you suspect that you may be confusing yourself with a toxic individual, it is essential to recognize and heed the warnings that the universe kindly gives you.

These subtle indications can be the key to protecting your well-being and protecting your precious energy.

Now, let's delve into the 12 extraordinary signs from the universe that serve as beacons of light, warning us of those people who may not be the best influence in our lives.

Pay attention, because within these signs lies the wisdom to navigate the treacherous waters of toxic relationships:




1. Your gut is warning you

Your gut is warning you

Sometimes, our intuition speaks louder than logic. When it comes to toxic people, your gut feeling becomes a powerful warning sign.

Deep down, you sense that something is off, even if you can't pinpoint the exact reasons behind it. Trust that inner voice urging you to stay away. Your gut feeling knows what's best for you.



2. Bad things have happened since this person came into your life

Bad things have happened since this person came into your life

Have you noticed a pattern of misfortune since this person entered your life? It's not just the occasional coincidence or minor mishap. It's those moments when bad things seem to align in alarming synchronicity.

Perhaps, after spending time with this person, strange accidents occur or unexpected chaos disrupts your day.

If you consistently notice such unsettling occurrences, it's time to take note and pay attention to more signs.




3. You can sense it

You can sense it

Do you feel a sense of impermanence surrounding your connection with this individual? Deep down, you know that this relationship won't stand the test of time.

As a result, you find yourself investing minimal effort and energy compared to other relationships.

This feeling of detachment and lack of engagement might be an indication that this person is toxic to you.

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4. You feel like a worse version of yourself around this person

You feel like a worse version of yourself around this person

The presence of a toxic person can have a profound impact on our individuality. When you're around this person, you may notice that you no longer recognize the essence of who you are.

You willingly engage in behaviors and accept circumstances that go against your true nature.

It's as if you're slowly losing yourself in their presence. Should you recognize this transformation, it's time to acknowledge that this person might not be good for you.




5. You feel like your relationship is forced

You feel like your relationship is forced

Do your interactions with this person feel forced and unnatural? It's like you're trying to fit puzzle pieces that just don't match.

You realize that there is little or no common language between you and the lack of a fluid exchange becomes painfully obvious.

When a relationship feels strained and lacking in authenticity, it's a clear indicator that something is wrong.




6. Unexplained coincidences keep happening

Unexplained coincidences keep happening

Have you noticed a series of unexplained coincidences that leave you feeling uneasy? Maybe a particular song plays over and over whenever you're around this person and its message fails to evoke anything positive within you.

These seemingly random occurrences are not coincidences at all; rather, they are divine messages sent from the universe, urging you to recognize the toxicity of this relationship.

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7. You have terrible dreams with this person

You have terrible dreams with this person

Pay attention to your dreams, because they often serve as messengers from the other realm. Have you experienced vivid dreams involving this person, but they are not pleasant at all?

In these dreams, you may witness events that hint that something terrible is happening between you. You may even encounter a loving presence warning you to stay away from this individual.

Your dreams hold valuable insight, providing further confirmation that this person is not meant to be a part of your life.



8. You feel like you're not really compatible

You feel like you're not really compatible

Deep down, you feel a lack of true compatibility with this person. Despite the surface-level harmony, you find yourself attuned to the subtle inconsistencies and disturbing aspects of their personalities.

Doubts can creep in, making you wonder if you're overthinking or being unnecessarily critical.

However, trust your intuition, because underneath it lies the truth – you and this person are incompatible after all.



9. This person drains you mentally

This person drains you mentally

 Whenever you are in their presence, a great feeling of weariness washes over you for no apparent reason.

It seems like they're draining your mental energy, leaving you completely depleted once you get home.

Take note, because this constant draining is a clear indication that this person is draining your vitality.

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10. Something always comes up when you try to make plans with this person

Something always comes up when you try to make plans with this person

Have you noticed a pattern where plans with this person never seem to go smoothly? Whenever you try to arrange a date or a meeting, obstacles always arise, causing tension and worry.

It feels like outside forces are conspiring against the two of you, creating an invisible barrier to your union.

Pay attention to these repeated interruptions, as they may be the universe's way of signaling that this person is not meant to be a part of your life.



11. Your friends and family members have negative feelings about this person

Your friends and family members have negative feelings about this person

The perceptions of those closest to us can provide valuable insights. If your friends and family members spend time with this person and express negative feelings or reservations about them, it's time to take their words seriously.

While they may struggle to articulate specific reasons, their gut instincts are telling them something is wrong.

Don't dismiss their concerns; instead, consider whether this person aligns with your well-being and happiness.



12. You feel like something is tearing you apart

You feel like something is tearing you apart

Do you feel an inexplicable sense of inner turmoil, no matter how hard you try to make the relationship work? It seems like the whole world is out of sync with you and you are dealing with a deep disconnect.

This feeling of being torn apart is a powerful sign from the universe, pointing out that there is a reason why the two of you are being kept apart.

Listen to this cosmic message because it suggests that this person is not right for you.

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