8 Signs Of Psychic Attacks And How To Protect Yourself From Them

When someone is subjected to the influence of negative energies, they find themselves under a psychic attack. These negative forces are primarily influenced by our thoughts and environment.

Are you under a psychic attack? In today's article, we will talk about different ways in which you can protect yourself from a psychic attack.

You are worn out but unable to fall or stay asleep, and you feel drained all the time. You've been having a fever or a cold that doesn't seem to go away. You have a lot of mood swings, which is not normal for you. You feel depressed despite the fact that things in your life are generally going well.

What exactly is going on here?

These symptoms may be due to overworking, psychological problems, or even stress, but from the point of view of energy medicine, you are psychologically challenged.

We often find people, whether they're our neighbors, colleagues, friends, friends of friends, relatives, or family, and the psychic strands are always formed by one or more of them, which can be unconscious or conscious.

That is the reason why it's so important to acknowledge our dark/shadow side, because it continues to develop and becomes a strong source of light, power, and strength in our personality.

However, until we deal with it, it will continue to give us a hard time. Pay attention to the following example.

A guy's application to a prestigious university was accepted and no one else in his family had ever studied. After a few months had passed, he started experiencing sleep deprivation that lasted for days.

For this reason, his attendance and performance in class suffered, which ultimately led to a decline in his overall results.

The cause of his problem was obvious: he had a strong jealous attachment to one of his family members.

Because this individual was so filled with jealousy and envy, the guy's thoughts and feelings took on a strong form of anxiety psychosis.

I taught him a powerful ritual with the right mantra, which helped him heal the cord within a week, and he was still to work with the ritual that also helped him cut the new cords.

Just because you can't see it, perhaps your third eye isn't developed, doesn't mean it's not there.

Then there are intentional attacks, which are doubly damaging because the people who carry these attacks out know how to actually harm others.

Most of the time, and I speak from personal experience, it happens for no reason at all. You've never done anything bad to these people, yet the attack you.

This is so bad that it keeps you from your true self. Don't assume that the psychic attack is easy, it's really bad.

And when you are an empath, a coach, a reader/guide, a consultant, or a healer, then you work very closely with people, and that, too, leads to unconscious psychic attacks, the majority of which are based on neediness and putting yourself on a pedestal.

Even though most of the time the people who attack you unconsciously don't know what they are doing, this does not mean that the karma generated will be any less.

You still have to pay it back. And for people who intentionally attack and hurt others, which then falls under the category of black magic, their karma is many times higher.

This can make them completely crazy or insane in this life or the next, and often the consequences are even more serious.

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Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack:

I've already listed some of the most common symptoms, some others are:

  1. Nightmares, night terrors
  2. Constant panic attacks, even over trivial things
  3. When you are alone, an eerie feeling, as if someone is with you or as if you are being watched
  4. Heaviness in your body and mood
  5. Tendency to excessive anger
  6. Nothing goes as you planned, there are always some setbacks
  7. Accidents that happen to you again and again


How can you protect yourself at all times, even when you are asleep?

How can you protect yourself at all times, even when you are asleep?

Even though there are ways for us to protect ourselves from these attacks, such as those that are listed below, this is not enough.

Every day, the cords have to be severed, and your energy has to be protected from them. Because of this, it is essential to have a tool on hand that you use.

  • Don't let fear rule you
  • Don't blame anyone
  • Don't try to return the attacks in any way, as this will lead to even more powerful attacks that last a long time
  • Don't feel or think like a victim and don't judge yourself

Realize that the most essential first step is to not judge the other person or yourself, or to fear that these attacks have real power over you or that you need to counter or destroy them.

Why, you may ask? Because when you do that, you bring in your own energy, focus, and power, which makes them much stronger than they actually were.

What else can you do, then? Here are 5 ways to protect yourself from psychic attacks:


1. Work with your shadow self

1. Work with your shadow self

Every time you are the target of a psychic attack, take it as a sign from the universe and your guardian angels that you need to focus on the side that was triggered by the attack.

Make sure you analyze it well and don't think, “Oh, I must be very vulnerable, that's why I'm affected.” The “what” is more important than the “why” in this situation.

Discovering what it is about you that attracts these attacks is the first step in freeing yourself.



2. Consciously distract from anxiety thoughts

2. Consciously distract from anxiety thoughts

If you think about something that is considered to be “bad,” your subconscious mind will become fixated on thinking about it.

Whatever you do, no matter how hard you try, your thought gates are opened and those obsessive thoughts start coming one after the other.

Coming back to your center and knowing that “fear” will only make things worse is the best way to deal with this.

You should avoid getting angry or frustrated with your fear-based thoughts; instead, you should treat them like a child, with care and love, while still directing them to your center, knowing they can't hurt you.

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3. Work with books

3. Work with books

Always make sure you cut the cords and protect yourself. Whether physical or electronic, start using books to learn more about how to cut cords and protect yourself.

Knowledge is power and the more you read about it, the better prepared you'll be.



4. Work with your inner power

4. Work with your inner power

Acceptance is the key to your inner strength. There's nothing that our dark selves love more than when we stubbornly refuse to accept certain realities.

This way, your thoughts and feelings create even more confusion and chaos and you constantly feel unhappy and victimized.

Recognize that you are under the influence of bad energies that are trying to bring chaos or difficulties into your life.

Accept that you are going through something that doesn't help you directly, but it will be in the future. Then ask for assistance from your higher self and your angels.



5. Work with Archangels and your Higher Self

5. Work with Archangels and your Higher Self

These attacks are not simply intended to make your life more difficult; rather, they are designed to provoke your pain body in order to help you see what your hidden self looks like and show you the reason to grow beyond it and heal it.

Working with your higher self allows you to see the big picture, making it easier for you to forgive and open your heart to let the energies flow. With better flow, the impact becomes minimal.

Never put the blame on yourself or try to pass it off on someone else. Hostility, feelings of revenge, and hatred increase the power of harmful energies.

Keep in mind that nothing can happen without your approval and that this, too, is an important part of your life experience to help you grow.

Only when you have reached the state that the Divine wants for you will these attacks stop having any effect.


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