The 9 Types of Soulmates And How To Recognize Them

Are there people who, the moment you meet them, make you feel at home or feel like you've known them forever?

These people can drive you completely insane and give you some of the most transformational wounds you've experienced. These are the individuals with whom you have a strong soul connection, we call them soulmates.


What's a Soul Connection?

When two people feel connected on a soul level in a significant or extraordinary way, this is known as a soul connection.

It's the feeling that your connection goes beyond the earthly plane, beyond the mundane aspects of your relationship, and that something far more important has brought you together or is at stake.

You might feel like you've met each other in a past life or that your souls agreed before this life to meet now.

Tess Whitehurst, famous spiritual teacher, believes we have several soulmates. And since we're all part of a common humanity or spiritual consciousness, we're actually all linked on a soul level.

How can you recognize a soulmate? Let's take a look at the various kinds of soul connections, but before we do, it's important to note that there is may be overlaps between the categories. Someone can be your soul mate in many different ways.



1. Soul partners

1. Soul partners

The most common kind of soul mate is someone with whom you have agreed to associate in this life. The two of you have agreed to become best friends, get married, start a family together, or run a business together.

It's possible to have a soul partnership with someone you've known well for your whole life, like a sibling, or with someone you've barely known for a short time, like an influential person in your industry who offers you a great career advance.

A soul partner helps support you emotionally, professionally, or in any other way you need to accomplish and experience what your soul has set out to do here on earth.

Nobody can make it through this life on their own, and soul partners serve as a constant reminder of how beautifully our lives are intertwined with one another's.

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2. Soul links

2. Soul links

Simply put, a soul link is the feeling that another soul is in your life for a reason.

For instance, if you have a very busy life and you meet someone who could become a new friend or a potential business partner, the feeling that you have a soul connection with this person could encourage you to make room in your life for this relationship.

When a friend tells you that he has to leave his pet because he has to move abroad unexpectedly, you may feel a soul connection with this animal.

You could think of soul ties as the ties that bind, as in the Bruce Springsteen song!



3. Soulmates from past lives

3. Soulmates from past lives

Reincarnation is central to the beliefs of many Eastern religions and philosophies. How someone describes a connection can help determine whether they have met someone they knew well in a previous life.

If the bond manifests itself in the form of romance, he may say something like “I've never felt like this before!”

If two souls have already spent a significant amount of time together in a past life, when they meet again in this life, they may feel an unexplainable attraction to one another, and the sexual alchemy can be off the charts.

The energy that has built up over many lifetimes together is what people feel. Although it is possible to have soul recognition with any type of soulmate, those from past lives are very powerful.

However, just because you had a meaningful past life with someone and feel all the feelings, it does not necessarily mean that you are meant to partner up, romantically or otherwise, in this life.

Consider the relationship in light of who you two are and how you interact with one another today. If you suspect a past-life connection with a current lover, try to bring more healing to the situation, even if you break up.

This may involve releasing him with love and wishing him out of your life.



4. Karmic soulmates

4. Karmic soulmates

“Wrecking ball soulmates” is a term that we use to refer to karmic soulmates. But rather than thinking of karma as something that is either good or bad, or as a system that consists of punishment and reward, think of it as a simple, neutral energy of cause and effect.

Cause and effect are part of the earth plane. We create karma with other people all the time, through small and big interactions.  Every time you interact with someone, you create energy that can turn into karma.

Karmic relationships can enter our lives as agents of change that facilitate – through positive, negative, or neutral interactions – opportunities or invitations to improve our karma in order for us to grow and evolve.

The soul yearns for new experiences and growth.


5. Romantic soulmates

5. Romantic soulmates

When we enter into an important love relationship or fall in love, we may associate ourselves with that person. What is not only possible, but certain, is that we have the opportunity to heal, learn and grow through this relationship.

Even in the healthiest or happiest of relationships, romantic soulmates can reopen some of your deepest emotional wounds or challenge you in ways that are uncomfortable.

When two people decide to start a romantic relationship with one another, it's like walking to the classroom together. In these connections, people feel like they've waited their whole lives to meet this person.

The wait is worth it. Find ways to fall in love with life, work on the belief that many romantic relationships are possible for you, and get help healing those romantic wounds from the past.

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6. Twin flames

6. Twin flames

This popular term refers to an intense connection between two souls, and there is a school of thought that holds that twin flames are actually just one soul that has been split into two different bodies.

Twin flames can love, teach, challenge, and learn from one another in a unique and powerful way. However, many people warn against feeling like you need another person to complete you.

Trying to force people into specific categories in your life, including spiritual categories, can have negative consequences.

Remember that every relationship you have with another person, regardless of whether or not it is romantic, can help you become more enlightened, even though some believe that the twin flame is the ultimate romantic experience.



7. Soul mates, a.k.a. soulmate friends

7. Soul mates, a.k.a. soulmate friends

There are different kinds of soulmates. Your animal companions, also known as your soulmate friends, can play an equally significant role in your life.

If you believe that life on earth is merely a temporary journey for the soul, as some spiritual people do, then you will want to have travel companions who are both interesting and supportive.

Imagine them as spiritual sidekicks, people who seem destined to stand in your way so that the two of you, in turn, can give each other love and encouragement when needed to continue your earthly odyssey.

Don't underestimate the importance of your soulmate's friends. Having soul mates in your life is like having necessary nourishment, whether they are there for the long haul or just for a few months.

Just as the human body needs food and water, the soul needs soul mates.



8. Soul families and soul groups

8. Soul families and soul groups

Soul families can connect very large groups of souls to one another. They might be actual members of your family in this lifetime, like a cousin who is not only a family member but also a member of your spiritual family.

They might also be people who are working toward common goals but have never met, like activists working in different parts of the world for the same cause or spiritual seekers working to bring more love and awareness to the planet.

Either way, they are connected to you in some way. Sometimes a soul will incarnate to try to heal something in the family line, such as a pattern of addiction, abuse or illness.

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9. Kindred spirits

9. Kindred spirits

There is no rule that says soulmates must also be kindred spirits, but it is possible. Soul mates are simply people who really understand you.

You may think of a soul mate as someone who shares the same spiritual beliefs as you, or who agrees with you on cultural issues to the point where you could finish each other's sentences.

It can also be someone who has had experiences that are similar to your own. For instance, the two of you could both be elementary school teachers, both be mothers of newborns, and both be married to artists.


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