7 Ways to Tell If Someone Was in One of Your Past Lives

Have you ever met someone with whom you instantly felt a powerful bond or connection? 

Even though have never met each other before, you feel like they're very familiar, as though you have met them before. Past lives are quite fascinating.

Psychics believe that most of us have eternal links not only with the people in our lives but also with our pets.

We must understand that past lives are not unique. Even though we don't want to admit it, people reincarnate because they like it here.

Therefore, a past life means that your “soul essence” is back because it wants to be in this world.

People do not undergo big changes from one lifetime to the next. Instead, we tend to reincarnate “looking, trying, thinking and processing” in the same way throughout life.

For there to be reincarnation, there must be reincarnation with a purpose. Think of each reincarnation as an expression of your soul.

Regardless of our race or gender, we always have similar traits, abilities, and quirks, as well as physical characteristics, that echo our dominant soul essence.

When you run into someone who you knew in a past life, the connection you share with them will feel different than anything you've felt before.

So, if you want to know if you knew someone in a past life, here are the signs to look for.



1. It's in your astrological chart

1. It's in your astrological chart

If you want to know whether or not your current partner shared a past life with you, check your astrological chart.

Astrology allows us to see past life links very clearly. There is a branch of astrology called synastry, which compares two or more birth charts.

It is used to explore romantic possibilities between two potential partners. However, in most cases, people don't have their birth chart and that of their partner to compare.

Luckily, there are other, less complicated ways to determine whether or not someone has been with you before, such as how you feel when you meet them.



2. Meeting this person will provoke a reaction in you

2. Meeting this person will provoke a reaction in you

Meeting a member of your so-called “soul group” will usually make you react in some way. Your reaction can either be positive or negative.

When you first meet someone, you may really like them or really dislike them, even if you don't know why. Whatever your reaction to a past life, it will never be neutral.

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3. You're very attracted to this person without explanation

3. You're very attracted to this person without explanation

Soul mates or people you've already lived with can take any form. For instance, a “soul mate” does not have to be someone you are romantically involved with.

It might be a close friend, a neighbor, or even a sibling. You'll feel a strong attraction to this person. It doesn't matter whether the feeling is positive or negative.

Your souls have unfinished business together and things you have yet to learn from each other. This can happen with any relationship in your life.

We all meet for a reason.



4. It's like love at first sight

4. It's like love at first sight

A “powerful sign” that you have lived with someone in a past life is love at first sign. However, rather than love at first sight, it is more of a “love of first memory”.

Both people, without consciously knowing it, have a memory of a past life. This indicates that they most likely were partners in a past life.

If you feel really really attracted to someone, you might have been partners in a past life.



5. Your relationship doesn't fit its role in your life

5. Your relationship doesn't fit its role in your life

When you reincarnate, you usually stay with the same group of souls, but you can play different roles in each other's lives.

For instance, if you and your mother shared a past life, but in that life, you were the parent and she was the child, this may play into your dynamics today.

If you've ever heard someone say: “I feel like I'm playing the role of the mother, and she's playing the role of the child” when talking about their mother, it's a strong sign that a certain karmic balance is at play.



6. Your pet seems to have found you out of nowhere

6. Your pet seems to have found you out of nowhere

Relationships from previous lives are not limited to only people. You and your pet may have shared a past life.

In many instances, animals know where they want to be, the home they want, and the human parent they're looking for, or they know to go where they can be helped to find the home they need.

Someone's preference for a specific breed of animal may stem from a past life. If an animal truly wants to be with you, it will always end up where you can find it at the right time.

Animals can find humans because their souls connect to the human soul. There may be something about an animal that gives the impression that you both know and love it already.

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7. You can easily pick up where you left off

7. You can easily pick up where you left off

There are some friendships that last a lifetime. Even if you haven't talked to a friend in years but somehow get in touch with them again, this could be a sign of a past life connection.

If you find that time and distance do not affect your relationship with your best friend, then it is likely that they are past relationships.

With the Internet and social media, you can easily find long-lost people if they want to be found. If they don't want you to find them, perhaps your karma with them is already complete in this life.

Most of the time, psychics say that it is easy to recognize past life connections because of the feeling of “knowing” you get when you meet people or animals.

Therefore, if you feel like you've met someone before, there's a good chance that you have.


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