10 Best Ways to Develop Your Spiritual Intelligence

In the midst of our daily routines, from waking up to going to work and tending to our bodily needs, it is very easy to lose sight of the spiritual aspect of our existence and its profound importance in our lives.

Often, we find ourselves living in two separate realms – one physical, the other spiritual. We can only remember our state of mind when we attend religious services or engage in meditation.

However, it is essential for us to understand that these two dimensions are interconnected and our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being all rely on each other.

Intelligence extends far beyond the realm of IQ, which is typically associated with reasoning skills such as understanding, evaluating, and using information effectively.

While an intelligence quotient (IQ) test measures our ability to think on our feet and make logical decisions in challenging situations, it only scratches the surface of the different forms of intelligence that exist.

For example, let's consider emotional intelligence (EQ) – a concept that is relatively easier to understand. Individuals with high levels of EQ possess the ability to navigate a wide range of emotions and handle different situations with grace and understanding.

They excel at demonstrating empathy for people from all walks of life, managing their emotions, communicating effectively, and achieving a balance between thought and action.

This newfound intelligence also plays an important role in assessing our emotional and mental well-being, with the heart serving as its primary focus.

In addition to EQ, spiritual intelligence (SI) has become a topic of great interest in psychology and psychiatry departments within universities. It delves into the understanding of the soul, how it works, and its active role in our lives.

The value of spiritual intelligence cannot be overstated, as it serves as a compass for all other forms of intellect. It represents a deep desire to discover the meaning of existence and its connection with the vast cosmos.

Spiritist doctrine, for example, holds that material existence merely reflects the eternal reality of the soul.

Spiritual intelligence allows us to perceive that there are not two separate realities, but one unified entity that manifests at different vibrational levels, influencing multiple worlds that coexist within the same space-time complex. Existence beyond death is a clear demonstration of the interaction between the physical and spiritual realms.

Understanding the importance of spiritual intelligence brings awareness that the soul is constantly seeking growth and progress, including all aspects of human knowledge and action.

Its importance is recognized not only in psychological studies but also in business environments. Individuals with a high level of spiritual intelligence are constantly seeking personal development and deeper insights into the physical world.

Now, you may be wondering how to improve your spiritual awareness. Franco Torralba, an expert and consultant for the Pontifical Council for Culture, has written extensively on the subject and offers valuable guidance on its cultivation and the benefits that come with it.

In his book, he outlines ten essential practices to keep in mind. Let's briefly delve into each of them:



1. Discovering the meaning of life

Discovering the meaning of life

Have you ever thought about the question: “What do I want from life?” This simple yet profound search reveals the essence of a person's being.

Each of us has a purpose and significance in our existence, and the honesty of our responses reflects our deepest values.

This meditation is a uniquely human endeavor; no other species has the capacity for such introspection. Therefore, it is essential to delve into your ideals and motivations, exploring the depths of your soul.



2. Exploring deep questions

Exploring deep questions

Moreover, philosophers delve into more complex and provocative inquiries that touch the core of our existence.

They ask: Why am I here? Does my life have a greater purpose? What awaits me after death? Why does suffering exist? Is it worth fighting for?

These questions, even if they remain unanswered, serve as invaluable tools for nurturing our spiritual intelligence. Each question contributes to the philosophical growth of the individual.

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3. Cultivating mental distance

Cultivating mental distance

When we talk about distance, it is not a physical separation, but rather a mental separation.

Without meaning, understanding becomes unattainable. Similarly, an outsider often provides a new perspective on previously obscure issues.

By distancing ourselves from a problem, circumstance, or conflict, we improve our judgment and make objective decisions.

When we refrain from emotional entanglement, we rely on our spiritual intelligence to guide us to wise choices.




4. Overcoming limitations

Overcoming limitations

Francesc Torralba refers to the ability to transcend oneself as an essential aspect of spiritual intelligence.

Simply seeking happiness is insufficient; it involves envisioning the future and nurturing hope. It transcends religious boundaries and can awaken within any individual.

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5. Consciousness of existence

Consciousness of existence

Admiration is an intrinsic and unique human trait. Animals and plants lack awareness of their existence.

When we admire someone or something, we must be self-aware, recognize the other's existence, and maintain a certain degree of emotional distance.

To fully appreciate and understand the potential of anything that evokes fear, we need the right distance and introspection.

What or who did you appreciate today? When we accept our existence, we are in for a pleasant surprise. This delightful revelation invites us to appreciate and enjoy life as an ongoing project.



6. The journey of self-knowledge

The journey of self-knowledge

Spiritual intelligence offers the most direct path to self-awareness. Cultivating this intelligence allows us to gain deeper knowledge about ourselves and our unique qualities.

Our actions and words reflect who we really are and how we approach various aspects of life, such as appearances, first impressions, and social norms.

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7. Embrace appreciation

Embrace appreciation

Appreciation is another special quality given to mankind. Emotional intelligence is based on ethical experiences, enabling us to distinguish between right and wrong based on our values.

As a society, it is essential to foster and maintain this capacity for evaluation.



8. Recognizing aesthetic pleasure

Recognizing aesthetic pleasure

Everything possesses inherent beauty and artistic expression that resonates with the human mind and heart. A non-human animal cannot see a setting sun in the same profound way that we can.

Recognizing, experiencing, and finding beauty, goodness, and significance in our lives is a basic human need. Do you feel proud to value these aspects?

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9. Uncovering mysteries

Uncovering mysteries

As curious beings, we naturally seek to discover the secrets hidden behind the veil of mystery. We want to discover the solutions to the questions that fascinate our minds.

Both individuals and the world they inhabit fascinate the human intellect, prompting a desire for deeper understanding.

How can we achieve the depth necessary to engage with spiritual matters that are vitally important in life? We ask questions when faced with uncertainty.



10. Pursuing Wisdom

Pursuing Wisdom

Science alone cannot fully explain our place in the vast universe. If that were the case, religion and spirituality would be irrelevant.

We can be happy even if we don't understand everything in the world, but if we know a little more about ourselves and the people around us, we can still be satisfied.

It gives us the freedom to enjoy every moment of it.

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