We Are All Born 7 Times Throughout Our Lives – Each Time For A Specific Reason

Have you ever wondered what stage of your life journey you are at? According to ancient legend, a person is believed to be reborn a total of seven times, each incarnation representing a unique and transformative period.

As we move through these different stages, we encounter different personality styles that shape our individual experiences.

So let's delve into these enlightening personality types and explore where you may currently reside on this wonderful spiritual path.

Embark on a spiritual exploration as you discover the seven fascinating people who intertwine with your existence.

From exciting beginnings to quiet climaxes, each birth brings its own distinct characteristics that contribute to the evolution of your being.

Discover the fascinating legend that suggests our souls pass through seven different incarnations before reaching final salvation.



1. The innocent child

1. The innocent child

The first stage of this extraordinary journey is known as the innocent child. During this initial birth, your soul experiences everything with open eyes, absorbing the world around it like a sponge.

Pure and untainted, your innocence leaves you open to new and unknown experiences. At this stage, it can be challenging to use your intelligence or find stability on your feet.

Individuals in this stage can often feel disoriented and struggle to find their footing. Despite their best intentions, they may face obstacles and failure.

Sadly, their true nature is often misunderstood, leading to a sense of alienation from their peers. Undoubtedly, this stage presents the greatest tests of courage and endurance.



2. The curious student

2. The curious student

In the second birth, we witness the emergence of the inquisitive student. This phase marks a rebirth fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Your soul eagerly embraces the opportunity to learn and gather vast amounts of information from the outside world.

At this stage, the desire for fame and recognition falls into the background, as your main focus is expanding your intellectual horizons.

At this stage, you devote your time and energy to acquiring different skills and professions, enriching your experience, and becoming a more complete individual.

Curiosity becomes the guiding force, shaping your path and preparing your soul for the later stages that await you.

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3. The explorer

3. The explorer

Similar to the Curious Student, the Explorer phase is characterized by a relentless search for discovery. However, at this stage, all exploration takes place within the realm of adulthood.

The exploratory nature of your soul is unleashed, propelling you into a life of constant wandering and adventure.

This birth also marks a phase of implementation. Rather than merely discussing ideas, individuals in this stage take a practical approach, actively tackling challenges and pursuing tangible goals.

The knowledge accumulated from previous births is applied in the real world, allowing you to reap the benefits of your experiential wisdom.

However, there may also be a constant awareness of the clock ticking, as time is perceived as a limited resource.



4. The lover

4. The lover

Having absorbed the invaluable lessons of previous births, the fourth stage represents a key lesson: love.

If you find yourself particularly drawn to romance and all its glories, chances are you're currently living your fourth life.

Embrace the joys and complexities of love, for it can uplift and challenge us in equal measure.

To successfully navigate the field of love, it is essential to strike a delicate balance between trust and caution.

Building walls and harboring doubt can hinder true connections, preventing success in matters of the heart. However, it is equally important to exercise discernment before you bare the soul of others.

The world of love carries its own set of dangers, and it is during this phase that the soul can experience deep pain.

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5. The artist


Welcome to the artist stage, where the culmination of your past experiences converges into a vibrant expression of creativity.

Hungry for recognition and eagerly awaiting the fruits of your labor, you may also experience fear of disappointment and a desire to retreat into your shell.

However, such fears are emblematic of great artists struggling to see their efforts bear fruit.

This stage provides fertile ground for the development and exploration of your inner creative potential.



6. The helper

6. The helper

After passing the previous stages, the helper stage opens, where you are asked to give back to the community that has shaped your journey.

Great joy fills your heart as you embark on altruistic endeavors, having experienced the transformative stages of personal growth.

Material possessions take a back seat as you prioritize social projects, education, and caring—endeavors that bring deep meaning to your existence.

By committing to helping others, you find comfort and purpose in making our shared planet a better place.

It is within this extraordinary phase of life that many individuals rediscover their spirituality and faith, rekindling a once-lost connection to the complexity of existence.



7. Transcendence

7. Transcendence

The crown jewel of the spiritual odyssey, transcendence marks the final birth where the shackles of worldly attachments are shed, freeing your soul from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Building on the foundations laid in your sixth life, you exude unparalleled generosity and selflessness.

What distinguishes this stage is the deep introspection and dedicated inner work it undertakes.

If you find within yourself an unquenchable thirst for self-discovery, a burning desire for inner knowledge, and a penchant for solitude, you have most likely reached this peak stage.

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