What Type of Friend are You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Our astrological sign reveals the essence of our personality, our qualities as well as our faults. It also allows us to know more about our behavior, in love, in family, at work, and even in friendship.

Want to know which type of friend you are according to your astrological sign? Read on to learn more about friendship and the kind of friend you are depending on your sign.

Defined in the dictionary as a “sense of mutual attachment between two people,” true friendship is based on the mutual nature of a relationship. And if the adage says that “you can choose your friends but not your family,” it is because friendship can be born between people who are not related. Friendship, the real one, also evokes the benevolence that one person shows to another.

A true friend is, therefore, the one who shows you sympathy, the one with whom you pour out in order to obtain advice, and even comfort, when you face certain difficulties.

As in love, friendship is a jealous feeling that requires a lot of understanding from the people who have befriended. It is also a feeling that is maintained. Disinterested and sincere, friendship can be a source of great joy, an unwavering support in all circumstances: it resists any test.

But when it only develops in one direction, where if one of the friends is insincere but befriends other people for their own sake, then it can be a source of annoyance. This kind of friendship, which does not seek the fulfillment of the other, can be toxic.

The zodiac sign gives you clues about the kind of friend you are, so why not try to get to know yourself and your friends well to build lasting friendships?



What Type of Friend are You According to Your Zodiac Sign



The sign of Aries, characterized by its dynamism and its teasing side, is also endowed with great intuition. This makes him the reliable friend to whom one can ask advice and on whom one can always count.

But this demanding friend likes his friends to be as available to him (as he is to them). And if he feels misunderstood, he can get offended… even get confused. But luckily, he reconciles easily (it's just his fiery side talking)!




Taurus, who prefers quality to quantity, only befriends people he trusts. But those who are part of Taurus' circle of friends, often calm and simple people, can count themselves lucky because this earth sign's friendship is unwavering.

Beware, however, of those who have disappointed him: it is difficult to regain the friendship of Taurus! If he gives himself totally in friendship he expects as much in return!




The most sociable of the zodiac signs, Gemini, likes to surround themselves with lots of cheerful and joyful friends. His ease in society makes him a person appreciated by all.

This Air sign, ruled by Mercury, loves chatting with friends and can stay for hours in intense conversations. He is appreciated for his culture and his curiosity in various and varied fields. This is why Gemini is the friend par excellence for fun and entertainment.




Cancer, characterized by its great reserve, is of the solitary type. He has very few friends, but those who do are reliable people he can rely on and with whom he feels a sense of security.

Cancer is a tender, helpful and gentle friend, endowed with a sense of listening, but who also demands a lot of tenderness. His sensitive side is also what we appreciate about him.

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The Leo is generous in friendship: this explains the bewildering number of his friends. But the true friends of the Leo, in search of a sincere relationship, are those who are also loyal in friendship.

And despite appearances, the Leo is a reliable person in friendship. He is generally recognized as the leader of his tribe: always ready to initiate ideas for evenings or weekends with friends! As a true epicurean, he embarks his troop, and we adore him for all that!




Virgo, faithful in friendship, is the kind of friend who likes to put his life on hold to allow his friends to live their dream. And since Virgo is characterized by his discretion and his desire to help others feel good, he is often surrounded by people who take advantage of him, not even realizing his efforts.

It must be said that Virgo loves to bend over backwards for her friends. Pleasure is his leitmotif! They will appreciate that their efforts, even selfless, are recognized and thanked.




Libra, queen of good understanding, needs to be surrounded by a lot of people to feel good. Thus, Libra finds in her well-filled address book the right people for outings to restaurants, shops… She knows perfectly how to recognize in all her circle of friends those in whom she can trust and indulge.

This is how this native of the sign of Air makes the difference between his true friends and those who are not. When it comes to sincere friendships, Libra is an always available and very empathetic friend.




The Scorpio, despite his legendary frankness, which may turn some people off, is often surrounded by many friends. He is a demanding friend who does not hide what he expects from his true friends.

This is how he can count on a genuine, passionate, and intense friendship that will last a lifetime. But beware of whoever betrays him! Because it will be very difficult for him to forgive, friendship is too serious a subject!

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Sagittarius stands out for his good humor and his spirited side. And because we enjoy his company, it's no wonder he has a lot of friends and acquaintances. However, despite his long list of friends, he doesn't like to confide or pour out his feelings too much.

He is rather discreet about his feelings and likes to protect himself as well as being very protective with those around him. Only a small handful of sincere friends will be able to know its flaws. If a Sagittarius confides in you about their moods, it's because they've found an authentic friend in you!




Capricorn is one of those people who favor genuine friendship based on a solid and constant foundation. Thus, he likes to handpick his friends and has very few real friends, while his acquaintances fill several address books. Not inclined to confidences, he gives his trust sparingly.

He needs to be sure of the person's loyalty. Under his sometimes a little cold aspects – which are just a way for him to protect himself – Capricorn is a jovial friend with a caustic humor and who is always there to lend a hand!




Aquarius, who likes company and exchange, is very easy to contact and likes to be useful. So he knows a lot of people! However, despite their empathetic nature and their sense of listening, the friendship of Aquarius can seem quite superficial.

He is a reliable friend who can be counted on but who knows how to slip away when it comes to showing his emotions… In fact, he prefers giving to receiving. Aquarius will have to have a real emotional “crush” on a person to include them in their small circle of sincere friends.




The Pisces is a friend capable of maintaining a disinterested friendship and expects nothing in return. He can get along with everyone, thanks to his legendary empathy. He is able to step aside to allow his friends to shine.

Generous, calm, and faithful, the Pisces is a friend capable of giving everything for his friends because their happiness in his eyes is as important as his own happiness.

In the end, he does not have many “true friends.” This is why if a Pisces confides his moods to you, it means that he has found an authentic friend in you. And you can always count on him!

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