22 Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You During Separation

Forming a twin flame connection is one the rarest and most remarkable things to happen to anyone. If you have found your twin flame, you know just how blissful it is when they are around you.

This happiness, sadly, doesn't always last, especially when they go away for a while or pass away.

Separation from your twin flame can feel like losing a part of yourself; the distance can feel like a physical pain you cannot heal. You want to know that they are at least thinking of you at this time.

The good news is, they probably are, and you can find out if they are by studying the signs your twin flame is thinking of you during separation.

There are twin flame telepathy signs during separation that you should look out for that let you know your twin flame is thinking of you. This can be small comfort when you are separated; you know you are on their mind as much as they are on yours.

The twin flame telepathy signs during separation can act as your form of communication even when you are not together.

To help you understand how this is possible, I will share signs your twin flame is thinking of you during separation. You have probably seen a couple of them and just didn't know.


22 Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You During Separation

Your twin flame is never far from your mind, nor are you from theirs. The following signs twin flame is thinking of you during separation will help you realize just that.

I will also include some twin flame telepathy signs during separation that will let you know they are reaching out to you.


1. You Experience Warm, Euphoric Feelings.

You know that feeling you get when you receive a warm hug from your favorite person or drink some hot chocolate on a cold day? That is the same kind of feeling you will experience that is one of the signs your twin flame is thinking of you during separation.

The feeling can come over you when you seem to miss them the most. You get a sudden sense of comfort and warmth that makes you feel loved and joyous. This is a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you and sharing loving energy from wherever they are.


2. You Can Sense the Distance.

You probably know where they are, but one of the twin flame telepathy signs during separation you will feel is being able to sense the distance between you. The closer they are to you, the stronger the telepathy bond is.

The bond weakens when they are far away, but that doesn't mean you won't feel them. You can even tell when they are coming back from a long journey by judging the strength of the bond.

You know your twin flame is far away when the lines of communication are dulled and no longer as clear as they used to. You can take comfort from this because you know they will come back and that you are always on their mind.


3. You Dream of Them.

You Dream of Them

Our dreams connect us to the spiritual world, making us feel connections we didn't know existed. You most likely have dreamt of your twin flame when they are away but chalked it down to missing them. Well, dreaming of them can also tell you that you are on their mind.

Twin flame connections are strong and can be felt through dreams; you can communicate with your twin flame in the astral realm even before you ever meet them.

This connection will only continue to grow the more your bond strengthens. You might find yourselves dreaming of the same things or situations and each other. That is your bond bringing you closer even when you are sleeping.


4. You Smile Subconsciously.

Have you ever caught yourself smiling for no reason, and no matter how hard you try to wipe the smile off, it just doesn't go away? If you have ever experienced that, know it is a twin flame telepathy sign during separation. It means your twin flame is thinking warm, happy thoughts of you.

You and your twin flame share an energy frequency, so you will know whenever they feel anything towards you. Sometimes it will be positive things, but other times you might feel a deep sense of longing.

That is because they are missing you at that exact time. So whenever you catch yourself smiling without knowing or missing them terribly out of nowhere, cherish that connection as it comes from your twin flame.

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5. You Feel Their Energy.

If you have spent some time in certain places with your twin flame, you might start feeling their presence when you visit those places. It also happens when you touch their favorite shirt, go to your favorite coffee shop or see an something that made you happy.

Your energy will change whenever you come close to something the two of you shared. These can be inanimate objects that hold on to some of their energy and transfer that energy to you.

This energy can grow, especially if you have been separated for some time and the pressure is getting to you. It is their way of reminding you they are still there; they send their energy to you to comfort you and tell you to hold on.


6. You Experience Soulmate Telepathy.

Another twin flame telepathy sign during connection can be you feeling soulmate telepathy. This is one of the ways to tell that your twin flame is your soul mate, whether romantic or platonic (yes, there can be platonic soul mates and twin flames, although rare).

If they are someone you have a romantic relationship with, the two of you are extra special, which explains why you are constantly experiencing some kind of telepathy regarding them. This ensures the two of you are always connected, and you can tell whenever they think of you.


7. You Know Who They Are.

You Know Who They Are

Sometimes you can feel a twin flame connection to someone you have not met yet. You know the feelings you feel toward them, you are sure they feel the same way, but you don't know what they look like.

Instead of wasting time with people who might be the one, you can instead find help to recognize who they are.

Psychics are known to read your energy and your connection to draw you a sketch of what they look like. You tell them what you feel when you think of them and whatever other twin flame or telepathy connection you have, and they can show you what they look like.

This makes it easier for you to recognize them when you finally meet.


8. Experiencing Intense Emotions.

We all have feelings that come to the surface at odd times. However, you might notice that sometimes the emotions you are feeling don’t feel like they belong to you. That is because you are feeling your twin flame’s emotions. This is another sign your twin flame is thinking of you.

It explains why you sometimes feel frustrated or calm, seemingly out of the blue. Your twin flame influences your emotions, especially when they want to be with you, but the distance is too much.


9. Your Intuition Tells You.

“My gut feeling is always right.” We have all said this at some point in our lives because it is true. That is the same way your gut feeling or intuition will let you know when your twin flame is thinking of you; you can just feel it in your bones.

Your emotional connection is so strong you can tell when you are on their mind. It happens when your energies are high, and you feel high emotional energy towards them. Trust your gut feeling and take comfort in the knowledge that you are on your twin flame's mind.


10. A Burst of Energy Hits You.

This is a sign twin flame is thinking of you during separation that hits close to home. My twin flame is aware that I sometimes get demoralized and won't do anything for hours.

It mostly happens when they are far away, and I just cannot be bothered to do anything. Right as I am feeling this is when I feel a burst of energy that enables me to finish all that needs to be done.

Your twin flame can be pushing you to do something you have wanted to do or didn’t want to do. They share their energy with you and drive you to accomplish something. It is their way of encouraging you even when they are not close.


11. Your Heart Races.

So many things can get your heart racing, such as your twin flame thinking of you. It is a feeling you feel in your soul that sets your heart aflutter. You start feeling an adrenaline rush out of nowhere that you cannot explain.

Twin flames have a heart chakra connection that closely links them and lets them know when they think of each other. That explains why you sometimes feel like you have been running a marathon even when relaxed.

These are just intense emotions from your twin flame that happens when they miss you.


12. Your Thoughts Change.

This sign twin flame is thinking of you during separation happens with twin flames who have been together for a while. You can sometimes find your thoughts changing; you suddenly don't see things the same way you used to, and you do a complete 180 when it comes to your thoughts.

If you have been together for years, your thinking merges; you share the same values that align your thoughts. When they go away for a long time, you start returning to who you were and changing your thoughts.

This also happens to those who lost their twin flames through death. Your thoughts show that they think of you wherever they are and still influence your thoughts.

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13. Change in Appearance.

Change in Appearance

This sign twin flame is thinking of you during separation might be the most shocking. You suddenly don't realize the person looking at you from the mirror; it is an entirely different person. Your mind doesn't accept that that is how you look.

It can be a weird experience, but it will not last long. Your mind's eye changes the way you see yourself; you might be seeing yourself through your twin flame's eyes.

This great twin flame telepathy sign during separation lets you know they are thinking of you. Chances are they will experience the same change in appearance too.


14. You Get Depressed.

Depression can set in when you have been separated from your twin flame for a long time. It is especially strong in people whose twin flames have died. It is a way your body uses to honor your twin flame, whether dead or far away.

You are grieving the distance between you and your twin flame, and your body uses depression as a way to let go of the painful feelings. You can take comfort in the fact that they feel the same way and think of you during this difficult time.

Socialize with others and take a stroll in nature to help deal with the depression. It might take your mind off the pain.


15. You Are Enveloped By Guilt.

You might rush into a rebound relationship when your twin flame and you are separated. This is especially true for those who have permanently lost their twin flame. You might feel guilty because you have started to feel better without them.

It could be a twin flame telepathy sign when you are separated that lets you know they have not yet let go of you. They might use guilt to tell you they are still out there.


16. Lovesickness.

When your twin flame is away, they are constantly on your mind, and you yearn to connect with them. You want to share some form of communication, which feels like a heartbreak. This lovesickness is another of the signs twin flame is thinking of you during separation.

The feeling can intensify when you see something that belongs to them or go somewhere you used to frequent together. It can make you feel ill, euphoric, or a mix of the two. Don't worry; it will pass.


17. You Lose Confidence.

You Lose Confidence

You have been accustomed to having your twin flame and energy around you all the time that you feel like a part of you is missing when they are away. They would encourage and give you confidence, and now you can feel the confidence slipping away.

This is common when you separate and you start craving their energy. You feel vulnerable, which might make you withdraw from yourself. You avoid company and just want them to be around.

It is essential to realize that these feelings will not last forever, and you should not backtrack, especially if your twin flame was toxic.


18. You Feel Lonely.

One of the downsides of getting used to your twin flame is the sinking feeling of loneliness you feel when they are away. This feeling of loneliness is intensified if they are dead and you know you will never see them again.

Your loneliness can sometimes be from your twin flame, wherever they are. You might miss each other, but you can take comfort in knowing it will not last forever.

Sooner or later, you and your twin flame will be together, and the feeling will go away. Find other things to occupy you during this time, and don't give in to the loneliness.


19. Twin Soul Silence.

This is a comfortable silence that washes over you when your twin flame is thinking of you. The thoughts of each other consume you that you cannot even speak. The feelings are too strong, and you revel in the silence that comes with them.

This is a twin flame telepathic sign when separated that lets you know they are missing you and craving you. Let the comfortable silence wash over you and think of them; it is a warm feeling that connects you.

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20. Your Passions are Blazing.

Have you ever had an activity that your twin flame loved, but you could not get into it? Well, you might be surprised to see that you suddenly have a passion for that activity. This is because twin flames have a shared soul, and you are sharing interests.

Your interest may spark, and you feel motivated to do what they love; you even feel the passion rising when they talk about what makes them happy. This is a clear sign twin flame is thinking of you during separation, and you are sharing passions.


21. You Feel Protected.

You Feel Protected

No matter how great the distance is between you, your twin flame's protection will always be with you. It is why you feel peace, comfort, and safety even when they are away. They are there to protect, guide and heal you from afar. They will not let anything bad happen to you.

The protection can even stretch to the astral realm; they protect you from evil spirits and ensure your way is not blocked. Your twin flame is constantly thinking of you and doing their best to ensure you don't come to any harm.


22. Synchronicities.

One of the final signs twin flame is thinking of you during separation are synchronicities. You talk to them at the end of the day, telling them what you experienced during the day, only to have them say they experienced the same things.

You might have seen the same numbers, seen familiar faces, heard the same songs, or had similar interactions. This is a strong twin flame telepathy sign during separation, letting you know there is a connection between you regardless of the distance.


Last Words

There are multiple signs twin flame is thinking of you during separation. Being aware of these twin flame telepathy signs during separation can be a comfort and will let you know you are not alone.

Your twin flame is thinking of you, and you will be reunited soon.


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