7 Ways Your Soul is Trying to Communicate with You

Have you ever heard about soul communication, the idea that your soul is trying to guide you and help you? The soul does not speak in human language, this fact has long been understood by sages, mystics, and shamans.

Rather, our souls speak to us through metaphors, archetypes, poetry, deep feelings, and magic. The full range of profound knowledge, insight, and revelations that the soul has to share cannot be fully expressed through the limited human language.

Most of us haven't been taught how to tune into the dance rhythms of our deepest selves. We have instead relied heavily on the mind alone and its interpretation of reality because of our social conditioning.

Unfortunately, our emphasis on hard data, facts, and linear logic has left us with a gaping hole. It is with consumerism, addictions, violence, and never-ending distractions that we try to fill this void.

A traumatic or extreme event can often cause us to change the way we usually view the world. However, most of us ignore the big, flashy daily signs that our soul is trying to communicate with us.

Furthermore, we tend to actively distrust, disregard, or doubt every sacred form of communication that we receive.

How can we start to tune into the subtle voice of the soul and rewire our conditioned brains? How to listen to our soul's messages and nourish ourselves with its life-changing wisdom?


Soul Communication: 7 Signs to Look Out For

Soul Communication: 7 Signs to Look Out For

Soul communication is a birthright that every human is entitled to, not just for enlightened individuals or people of medicine. It is an essential part of soul work.

I actively disregarded my soul's guidance for years. Since I reconnected with my soul, I found it offered endless gifts, insights, teachings, and guidance to help me connect with my purpose in life.

I am saddened to see how spiritually emaciated we are. I can immediately tell by the glow in the skin, the glow in the eyes, and the type of energy they transmit whether or not a person has made contact with their soul.

Unfortunately, most people are only shells of who they could become. If you want to learn soul communication, you must first pay attention to the signs your soul whispers.

There are many different kinds of signs, but I've compiled some of the most important ones here:



1. Dream signs

1. Dream signs

Psychologists in the West say that dreams serve as the subconscious mind's interpretive tool for reality. However, dreams were considered to be messages from the supernatural realm or from the gods in ancient cultures like Egypt and Greece.

Dreams have also been used as a path to enlightenment and revelation in numerous indigenous cultures (such as Native Americans).

Most healers today concur that dreams convey significant messages and truths about our lives and futures.

In my experience, dreams can open doors to new perspectives, reflections of our true inner feelings, and even opportunities to communicate with our spirit guides.

Pay close attention to the scenarios, images, and symbols that appear in your dreams. What catches your attention? You might want to write down your first impressions in a dream journal.

Please note that dream dictionaries can sometimes help you, but they rarely convey the true message that your dream is trying to convey to you. Why? Dreams and the archetypes/symbology within them are highly contextual and personal.

For instance, a snake might be a good sign for one person and a bad sign for another.

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2. Lucid dreams

2. Lucid dreams

Spontaneous lucid dreams involve waking up in the middle of the night and suddenly realizing that you are dreaming.

In addition to being spiritually symbolic, becoming conscious in your dream gives you the chance to explore the hidden realm of your unconscious mind.

This opportunity is rare or could happen without you making any effort. Nevertheless, it is possible to actively practice lucid dreaming.

Consider it a sacred gift if you often experience lucid dreams. Very few people have access to the depths of the unconscious realms.

This is a chance to reflect on yourself and discover guidance that you might not otherwise find in your waking life.



3. Repeating words or numbers

3. Repeating words or numbers

How often have you seen “11:11,” “12:12,” and “13:13” on the clock? Many skeptics say that the meaning of repeated words and numbers is just “confirmation bias,” but I don't believe that to be the case.

It's easy to be cynical but much harder to explore the personal meaning of these experiences. Whatever meaning we give the repeated words and numbers, their purpose is to momentarily “wake” us up.

Why else would we give them so much importance? I interpret repeated names or numbers as signs of soul communication.

Whenever you encounter them, ask yourself: “What is the hidden message?”



4. Animal omens and guides

4. Animal omens and guides

Most of us come into contact with animals every day. Each of these various animals has a distinct teaching, message, or type of energy.

However, it's crucial to keep in mind that the meaning you give to various animals is very personal and not necessarily the “orthodox” meaning that is already established out there.

Therefore, you are not required to adhere to the “textbook” definition. Follow your instincts.

Observing the animals you often come into contact with is one way to discover your own unique meaning. Try to understand what they're teaching.

What do they reveal? How do they behave, move or sound? This is a powerful type of soul communication.

Crows, for instance, might be something you see frequently. You notice that these crows are constantly agitated and noisy.

Their message could be that you need to pay more attention to the emotions you have been suppressing so that they can be released.



5. Synchronicity or luck

5. Synchronicity or luck

Have you ever experienced a series of events that seemed unusual or special to you? These events could be called “serendipity,” when in fact they may have been something known as “synchronicity.”

What is synchronicity? Synchronicities are times when our inner and outer worlds align.

Synchronicity is often a sign that you are on the right soul path because it seems like everything is happening without your conscious effort.

You may even feel that life/God is playing an active hand in making your dreams or desires come true.

I firmly believe that nothing happens by accident and that coincidence is an illusion. Everything is interconnected on a soul and spirit level.

What then is synchronicity? It occurs, in my opinion, when the vibration of our thoughts and the vibration of our individual destinies are in harmony. Imagine a water funnel: you don't need to force the water, it passes through effortlessly.

So keep an eye out for synchronistic events because they are powerful indicators that you are on the right track.

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6. Gut feeling

6. Gut feeling

An unexplainable sensation that directs you to do (or not do) something is known as a gut feeling. This phrase can also be described as intuition. We all know what intuition is, but most of us don't pay attention to it.

Intuition is different from the inner voice of fear because it is subtle, calm, and centered, as opposed to being frantic or aggressive.

Many people mistakenly think their intuition is leading them when, in fact, their anxious inner conversation.

Imagine intuition as the voice of our soul speaking to us. Your soul is trying to guide you whenever you feel attracted to something or someone (without a fearful motive).



7. Visions during meditation

7. Visions during meditation

You can also communicate with your soul through meditation. That quiet, spacious, infinitely loving room you've walked into before? This is where your soul resides.

Long-term meditation, at least 30 minutes, is a powerful way to have what we call a mystical experience.

A common mystical experience is to tune into visions or spontaneous names while you meditate. These visions or names could be from your current spirit guide or directly a message from your soul.

I've even had people tell me they've received strange melodies or songs while meditating. I've had my share of spontaneous words and visions.

But how can you distinguish from normal mental chatter of visions, names, or songs from your soul?

The words you hear or the images you see typically have a recurring theme that seems foreign to you (for example, it might be from an ancient culture). They'll make you feel as though they are important for you to pay attention to.

Write down any visions, pictures, words, or songs in a meditation journal. This will help you better articulate what your soul is trying to express.


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