How to Activate The Merkaba – 10 Merkaba Activation Symptoms

The Merkaba or Merkabah is a state of total awareness that most spiritual people aim to have. Ascended masters mainly use it to establish a connection with beings of higher realms. You can also establish your Merkaba by activating it through the evolution of consciousness to enable you to reach higher dimensions.

Merkaba activation can sound complicated, but it is not. That is because your Merkaba already has a connection to the Source; you only need to put in more work to reach the Source. Most use meditation, established habits, and exercise to make the activation.

When wondering how to activate the Merkaba, you have to look within. Find ways to connect your 4th and 5th dimensions of your spiritual and physical form. Below are some ways to achieve Merkaba activation. They will help you know how to activate Merkaba and the best ways to do it.

You should be warned, however, that Merkaba activation can have physical symptoms. These are symptoms that might shock you at first, but it is not something that should worry you. It just goes to show that your Merkaba activation is working. Don’t worry; the symptoms will pass once you reach peak activation.



What is Merkaba Activation?

Merkaba activation is the ability to connect your spiritual and human forms. The Merkaba is an eight-pointed star made from two triangular pyramids. One pyramid points upwards and the second downwards.

It harmonizes female and male energy. Understanding what the Merkaba is is the first step when learning how to activate Merkaba.

The pyramid pointing upwards represents the connection between our body and the universal energy; the second pyramid connects our bodies and the earth. Merkaba activation means finding the balance between the two, helping you achieve harmony.

It makes you the creator of your own world, letting you create your world and find the balance between all forms. You have the power to activate your Merkaba, and that is the most powerful thing you can have.



How to Activate Merkaba

How to Activate Merkaba

Discovering how to activate Merkaba is one of the most important things you can do. There are different ways to achieve Merkaba activation; they include:


1. Meditation

There is no better way to shut the world out and connect all parts of your being than through meditation. It gives you the power to center yourself and open yourself up to higher powers. You must clear your mind and relax to use meditation to achieve Merkaba activation.

Focus on pointing the male pyramid of the Merkaba upward and the female downwards. Start spinning the pyramids in opposite directions from left to right. The spinning enables you to energize your meridian.

Keeping the pyramids spinning will make a light field grow, covering your whole body, and activating the Merkaba. You can then control how the Merkaba works.


2. Visualization

Another way to activate Merkaba is by visualizing it and how it moves. Use your mind's eye to see the pyramids spinning, then ask it whatever you want. To do this, you must firmly believe in your Merkaba and trust in all it can do. You should not have any doubts in your mind.

For the best Merkaba activation through visualization, you have to do it every day. Practice the visualization at least once a day. This ensures it is fully energized and keeps it like that.

Practice complete control of your Merkaba, and don't let your conviction waver while doing it for the best results.

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3. Issue Commands

The final show to activate Merkaba way you can use is by giving commands. It might be the hardest to use, but it is no less effective. You have to use your intuition to command it. Focus is one of the best ways to ensure your activation works.

You can command your Merkaba to do whatever you want by using clear commands. Use words like, “Merkaba, please help me balance my energies,” and “Merkaba, please help me find peace.

Direct commands issued in clear, calm tones are as effective as meditation and visualization. You must also have deep faith in your Merkaba for it to work.



10 Merkaba Activation Symptoms

10 Merkaba Activation Symptoms

Merkaba activation requires more than just your spiritual self. You have to use your body and find unity between body and spirit to activate Merkaba successfully. Our bodies, however, are limited, and there is only a number of things they can do.

Because of our limitations, you might start experiencing Merkaba activation symptoms that might catch you by surprise. By being prepared and knowing what symptoms can affect you, you will be one step ahead.

Below are some of the uncomfortable Merkaba activation symptoms you might experience when you start Merkaba activation. Don't let this worry you; it will all pass with enough practice of Merkaba activation.


1. Intense Physical Pain.

This is one of the Merkaba activation symptoms that most people report having. Your pain can be different from that of others, but the symptoms are the same. You might feel body aches or the flu. This is because physical changes are happening at the genetic level.

Don’t be surprised if you see physical bruising brought about by the Merkaba light activation. Your DNA will undergo changes, transforming your body, resulting in pain and sometimes bruising.

The pain and bruises are only temporary and will decrease over time. Enough practice with your Merkaba will take the pain away. Merkaba activation also takes away diseases and slows down aging, which seems like a fair trade to me.


2. Intense Emotions.

Not all Merkaba activation symptoms are physical. You might feel intense sadness or anger before or after activating your Merkaba. There will not be a specific reason behind your emotions because it all comes from your activation of the Merkaba.

It also makes you more sensitive to the things and people around you. Their emotions might seem more amplified, and you can start feeling them. You must be careful, however, because these feelings can easily overwhelm you, and you must find a better way to control them.

You will have to learn control over your emotions and how you react to others around you. Get to a safe space and relax if everything starts becoming too overwhelming for you.


3. Insomnia.

Because you are activating higher powers, your body might produce more energy than it can handle. This can leave you too energized to sleep, making you stay up all night. It can also interrupt your sleep pattern, stopping you from getting enough sleep.

Getting insomnia after Merkaba activation is common, and you can find ways to control it. Try to grab some sleep whenever you can and find healthy things to occupy your time before sleeping.

Read some books, meditate, or catch up on some of your work to pass the time. Try finding ways to get more sleep whenever you can; it will all pass soon.

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4. You Become Unsettled.

Getting better at your spirituality makes you discover your purpose and find more things to enrich your soul. You might discover that things you used to love before don't make you happy anymore, and you don't find joy in the simple things.

Some talk of becoming unfulfilled in their jobs, and some even resign. This happens because they find earning money to be meaningless. You can become unsettled in your occupation and find concentrating harder.

This will continue until you get something more fulfilling and start doing what you love.


5. You Feel Weightless.

Because of the elevation to a higher being, you lose the sense of weight. Your body doesn’t feel like it belongs to you; it does not weigh you down or make you feel heavy. Instead, you feel light and weightless, like nothing is holding you down.

This feeling comes about because you are no longer attached to the things of this world, and your physical being transcends. The material world doesn’t control your life, and you are elevated to a higher state of being.

This feeling is only temporary, but you can enjoy yourself in this state.


6. Vivid Dreams.

You might experience insomnia, and then the moments you can finally get some shut-eye, you have intense dreams. Most cultures believe that dreams open us up to the spiritual realm, enabling us to communicate with the spiritual beings in this realm.

They take the time we are asleep to pass us messages that can affect us in our waking hours.

The dreams you have after Merkaba activation can be messages you get from the Source. They feel so vivid because you are supposed to remember what the message was and find ways to interpret it.

Use your waking hours to find interpretations for these dreams and how they impact your life.

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7. Intrusive Thoughts.

Turning your thoughts inward during Merkaba activation can lead to intrusive thoughts. This amplifies the thoughts inside your head, making them more intense. The thoughts can feel like they are weighing you down and can be difficult to control.

With practice, you can learn to turn these thoughts positive and use them to communicate with your inner consciousness. Build a healthy rapport with it, get to know your inner self more, and you will have a better relationship with yourself.

The thoughts will not weigh you down anymore and make you feel more optimistic.


8. Connection with Your Inner Being.

Because you are training your thoughts to become more positive, you become more connected with your inner being. Establishing this connection helps you learn more about yourself and what brings you real joy.

Although this feeling can be overwhelming, it is better to learn how to control it. This will give you a better understanding of yourself and let you enjoy your own company more.


9. Isolation.

Turning your thoughts inward makes you focus on yourself and can make it hard for you to interact with your former friends. You might find yourself withdrawing more from the company. You might be overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness and distraughtness.

This is because Merkaba activation breaks your old bonds and finds new ones to replace them. You can try fighting this feeling, but it is inevitable. Once the destruction is over, you will regain your bonds and even create more that will enrich you.

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10. You Are Changing.

You suddenly don't know who you are anymore. You are isolated from your friends and family, and your job no longer satisfies you. Even though you know who you are on the inside, you don't recognize yourself anymore.

You can regain your identity by accepting the new you, and it will help you in your Merkaba activation journey. Work on building your connection with your inner self and let it reflect on the outside. This is the best way to learn about yourself and take control of your life.



Last Words

Merkaba activation is a complex practice, but you can master it with time. You can start by asking yourself how to activate Merkaba; this is the first step to genuinely accepting and using your power. Don't be afraid if you start experiencing Merkaba activation symptoms that impact your life.

These changes can affect you physically, but you shouldn't worry. With enough practice, the symptoms will fade, and you will become more in tune with yourself. This brings you closer to your physical and spiritual beings and makes your Merkaba activation successful.


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