How to Recognize a Spiritual Person – 12 Specific Characteristics

We all strive to become better people throughout our lives, and one of the ways to do this is by becoming spiritual. Going on a spiritual journey is not easy, but the good thing is that we are not alone.

Most people are also on their spiritual journey, and finding someone on the same journey, or preferably more advanced in their spirituality, can help you on your journey as well.

There are some characteristics of a spiritual person that you will notice from the beginning. People like this can help you on your own journey and show you how to find your inner path, enabling you to embrace self-healing.

They radiate strong and pure energy that makes them seem kind. They make you feel welcome and special and allow you to be yourself around them.

The best way to recognize a spiritual person is by looking at their behavior. The characteristics of a spiritual person are easy to identify, and you don't have to strain to see them. These behaviors shine through in anything they do, and their energy draws people in.



What Does Being a Spiritual Person Mean?

Before looking into how to recognize a spiritual person and how you can work with them, let us first define what a spiritual person is. Simply put, a spiritual person has attractive characteristics, not physical ones but emotional ones. This is a person who makes you feel good when you are around them.

Spiritual people place a lot of value on spirituality and have experienced and studied non-physical reality and divinity. Their energy is so strong that it makes you want to be around them. They are a comforting presence in your life and have the best impact on everyone around them.

It is hard to accurately define a spiritual person because spirituality can mean different things to different people, and we all approach ours differently. What I can tell you is that you will feel it in your bones when you meet a spiritual person.

Don't worry; I am not leaving you in the dark. I am going to share tips on how to recognize a spiritual person that makes it easier for you to identify them.



12 Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

12 Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

Recognizing the characteristics of a spiritual person is one of the best ways to identify a spiritual person. Of course, these characteristics will not apply to everyone because people are different.

However, these are the best pointers to how to recognize a spiritual person.


1. They are Authentic.

The best way to be a spiritual person is by being authentic, and this is the first how to recognize a spiritual person tip for you. Someone led by the spirit will trust their heart and be intentional in all they do.

Among the characteristics of a spiritual person are truth and conviction. These are the people we identify as beautiful inside and out.

I believe we have all been there before; you want to do something no one wants you to do. However, you have a strong intuition that pushes you to do whatever it is, without fear. You might not believe in what you are doing, but you know that deep down, it is the right thing to do, and it ends up working out for the best.

Authentic people don't just do what society wants them to or cave into peer pressure. These are people who listen to their guts and do whatever they think is right, even when they don’t believe it.


2. A Spiritual Person is Humble.

You will see that most people who are considered kind are spiritual people. Whenever you see a kind person do something, you need to realize that these are the characteristics of a spiritual person, and their humility is one of the best ways to identify them.

Humble people are the opposite of egoists; they don’t believe they are better than others. They don’t think they are deserving of what they get and are deeply thankful for whatever comes their way. They know that what they have will not last forever, but that doesn't stop them from living happy lives.

A spiritual person is humble and finds gratification in the smallest of things, such as the sunset. They have a deep sense of wonder that allows them to see the beauty in everything around them, enabling them to feel gratitude. This makes them enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


3. They are Open Minded.

Life can be so complicated at times, and there is no one-size fits all solution to our problems. For example, I might lose my job and decide to start my own business.

The business prospers, and I make more money out of it than ever before. However, just because this worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone else.

This is one of the things that a spiritual person sees. They understand there is more to the world and are more appreciative of other people’s opinions. Spiritual people are patient and listeners.

They take appropriate actions whenever necessary but otherwise keep their cool. They don’t stir up trouble or start conflict when it is not needed.

A spiritual person also understands that just because one solution worked for a particular person doesn't mean it will work for everyone. They are ready to find credible solutions that work for everyone.


4. They are Wise and Intelligent.

If you want to know how to recognize a spiritual person, look for the one with the most intelligence in the room. Contrary to what most believe, these are not always the oldest person in the room.

You might be shocked to discover someone younger than you is more spiritual, but this should not discourage you.

A spiritual person has enough wisdom gained from their experiences in life and what they read. This wisdom grows the more they age and becomes more valuable. They learn from their past, seeing what works and what doesn’t and using this experience to guide their future lives.

You can find a spiritual person by looking at one who works to improve their world and that of the people around them. They use their wisdom and intelligence to find the cause of the problem and find an effective and sustainable solution.

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5. A Spiritual Person is Caring.

A Spiritual Person is Caring

Remember when we said spiritual people are kind? Well, one sign of the characteristics of a spiritual person is caring for and being ready to help others. They don't have an ulterior motive when they do this; their caring is not fueled by money or recognition; it comes from within.

I have this friend who is always trying to feed the vicious cats outside their apartment. The animals claw and sometimes bite them, but they still continue giving them food. This is one of the ways I realized they were a spiritual person; their help is even more magnified when it comes to humans.

A spiritual person knows that we are all connected and loves to treat others with kindness. They know how to put themselves in other people’s shoes and find the best course of action to help others.


6. They Are In Touch With Their Spirituality.

A spiritual person is in touch with their spirituality. They realize a higher power exists and use this knowledge to get more in touch with their inner being.

They don’t just take their spirituality for granted but find ways to enhance it every day. They find practices that can help them expound their spirituality and don’t confuse it with unhealthy principles that others sell.

Spiritual people don’t suppress their emotions or judge others. Instead, they find a way to empower themselves. They find ways to enrich their lives and help others do the same. This is how they can help you in your spiritual journey.


7. Don’t Buy into Fake Policies.

There are many self-proclaimed spiritual gurus, sensei, teachers, and so much more. Not all are fueled by bad decisions, but that doesn't mean their teachings are correct. Spiritual people are aware of this because they are in touch with their spirituality.

Because of this, they cannot buy into toxic spirituality. As we saw above, they understand empowerment comes from within and are not easily manipulated by fake teachings. Think of it this way; is it possible to always be happy? Can you be positive at all times?

The truth is, as humans, we go through different emotions and hurt others without meaning to. A spiritual person will not always pretend to be happy. They know it is normal to experience emotions and act accordingly.

They don’t buy into toxic positivity but do whatever they can to make others embrace their truth.


8. Respect Others Choices.

There are many religions, and spiritual people are all over. A spiritual person understands and respects this. One of the characteristics of a spiritual person is understanding. They know people believe different things and give them room to practice their beliefs.

A spiritual person will not get into arguments concerning religion or belief and will not try to disprove others of their beliefs. They might disagree with what others believe, but they know that there are different truths, and just because they believe something different doesn't mean they are wrong.

If you want to know how to recognize a spiritual person, look for the one who believes everyone should be left to do whatever they think is right. They don’t have a spiritual ego that makes them believe their spirituality is superior to others and won’t try convincing others to change their views.

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9. They are Peacekeepers.

Some hold spiritual people to a certain standard that they think is what it means to be spiritual. They believe spiritual people are always warm and fuzzy and exude joy at all times, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Spiritual people also experience feelings of grief and anger that can make them act out of anger. However, no matter how angry they feel, they don’t try to start fights. They are peacekeepers who know how to control their emotions. They don’t indulge in drama or conflict.

This kind of person knows it can be draining to act out of anger and would rather walk away instead of getting into fights. They know how to rein their emotions when upset and keep the peace.


10. Love Themselves.

Loving yourself can sometimes sound egotistical, but it is not, although loving yourself to extremes is. Spiritual people know how to love themselves and respect themselves to a healthy degree.

They don’t want to repress or hide their negative qualities or over-exaggerate their positive qualities. They know that as humans, we all have our downfalls, but they don't let these downfalls define who they are; they accept themselves, the good and the bad.

In the process of loving themselves, they also find a way to love and respect others. This is what happens when you realize the world is complicated, and so are people, but that doesn't mean we are all bad.


11. Don’t Hold Grudges.

Don’t Hold Grudges

Spiritual people don’t hold on to grudges or treat those who wronged them. They know the importance of forgiveness and extend it to anyone that needs it. Spiritual people understand that holding grudges is detrimental and will not give them peace of mind.

I know what it’s like to hold on to someone who has wronged you. I would carry this deep hatred toward someone who hurt me with me all the time. I would spend most of my time obsessing over what they did and how I could make them pay.

But then I noticed I spent most of my time fueling rage that didn’t serve me and let it go.

Do not be fooled; letting go of a grudge is not easy, but it is definitely worth it, and that is what spiritual people realize. They can let go of their emotions and find a more logical and accurate way to deal with negative emotions.


12. A Spiritual Person is Purposeful.

The last way to know how to recognize a spiritual person is by observing how they move through life. Spiritual people have achieved enlightenment and know what feeds their souls. This makes them move through life with purpose.

They are always looking to make something better and embrace growing and learning new things. They leave unfulfilling things behind and find things that let them expand their knowledge.

You might notice that there is someone around you who follows their heart, finding fulfillment wherever they go. This is because they don’t believe in tying yourself to one thing and advocate living your life with a sense of purpose.

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Last Words

Well, there you go, 12 tips on how to recognize a spiritual person. We know that you can identify them by studying the characteristics of a spiritual person. Look at their actions and how they treat others.

What are their principles, and how do they move through life? These questions will help you identify the spiritual person in your life and help you forge a friendship with them.


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