15 Signs a Karmic Relationship is Ending

We all know that one relationship that started on a high note; the couple was in love, they couldn’t live without each other, and then everything ended. Sadly, that is the sign of all karmic relationships. They start like the best thing that has ever happened to you, but they are hard to maintain and usually end dramatically.

Of course, this doesn't hold for all karmic relationships, but it is true for the majority of them. Most see these relationships as a stepping stone to something better—sort of like the relationship you have before meeting ‘the one.

Karmic relationships can be mutually beneficial for the parties involved, although some end with disagreements.

People think a karmic relationship is there to teach you the things you should be careful of in relationships. They teach you how to act and give valuable pointers that benefit your next relationship. However, when the time comes for this relationship to end, you have to cut the strings and let it go.

Because karmic relationships are normally turbulent, it might be hard for you to know when the time to end it has come. Well, not anymore. Today, we are going to look at the signs a karmic relationship is ending that will help you know when it is time to cut the cord.



15 Signs a Karmic Relationship is Ending

These signs that a karmic relationship is ending will show you some factors you should watch out for to help you decide to end the relationship. I know it will not be easy but ending the relationship is the best choice for all involved.

So, without further ado, I give you the signs a karmic relationship is ending.


1. Lots of Drama.

You might notice that drama was a constant companion throughout your karmic relationship. This mostly happens because of the early connection that happens before getting to know each other well.

While dealing with the relationship and knowing each other better, lots of emotions can come up, most of them negative ones that lead to a lot of drama.

Of course, all relationships experience some sort of drama but if you are constantly arguing with your partner or have an on-again, off-again type of relationship, take it as a sign. Constant arguments are one of the unmistakable signs a karmic relationship is ending.


2. Poor Communication.

Poor Communication

Most of the drama in karmic relationships is brought about by poor communication and is one of the other signs a karmic relationship is ending. Instead of you and your partner working together to find solutions, it feels like there is a constant power struggle.

The most minor misunderstandings get blown out of proportion, and you must constantly defend yourself and your actions.

You might notice that you find it hard to have honest conversations and cold treatments are the deal of the day, every single day. If you feel like you cannot talk to your significant other anymore, it might be time to call it quits.

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3. You Are Constantly Covering Up for Them.

Although you love the person you are with, they never seem to get along with your friends. Because of this, they don’t respect your friends and, by extension you. It makes you feel the need to explain them to others, using the commonly heard phrase, “they're not normally like this.”

If you have to defend your significant other’s actions all the time, especially if they are quick to anger, are distant, or disrespect you (in private and in front of others), you need to end that relationship right away. Avoid making excuses for their behavior and remove yourself from this negative situation.


4. It Feels Like a Rollercoaster.

Healthy relationships make you feel warm and welcome, and you can always tell when something is wrong. On the other hand, karmic relationships are more chaotic, with more ups and downs that leave you exhausted.

As thrilling as it can be, especially during the highs, you have to let it go. If that relationship doesn't guarantee you stability, it is not the one for you. The one benefit of such a relationship is that it helps you discover your boundaries and things you cannot tolerate.

However, this is not enough reason to stay in an unhealthy relationship, and you should see it as one of the signs a karmic relationship is ending.


5. You Feel Drained.

Instead of your relationship making you feel nourished and loved, you at times feel very drained and like you just need a break. This mainly occurs during one of the lows associated with karmic relationships.

The constant shift between happiness and fighting can exhaust you, leaving you to feel like you deserve better, and that is because you do.

Another of the signs a karmic relationship is ending is that you feel so drained in the relationship; instead of relaxing your guard, you have to keep it up at all times. If you feel you're always waiting for the bomb to go off, you are not in the right relationship.


6. You Feel Insecure.

You Feel Insecure

Falling in love too fast, too soon, exposes some of your worst fears. It makes you feel like you are laid out bare for all to see, and your partner doesn't make you feel validated in your thoughts.

Because of how fast you fell for each other, you start feeling like that could happen with someone else, and you will be left alone.

It is common to feel alone, jealous, and obsessive in a karmic relationship. You become possessive and want to spend all your time with them although they don't appear to feel the same.

You need to rethink the relationship if your insecurities are constantly brought up and your partner doesn't show signs of changing their behavior.

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7. Repeated Patterns.

I was once in a relationship where I had to constantly tell my partner not to make certain personal jokes because they made it uncomfortable, but they never stopped. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, you know how frustrating it can be.

You might always have the same arguments with no indication of change, resulting in unhealthy patterns that cause problems only broken up by a few moments of bliss and overwhelming love; this is what makes some break up only to reconcile a few days later.

If your relationship is like this, know that this unhealthy pattern is one of the signs a karmic relationship is ending. You should either try fixing it or ending that cycle altogether.


8. Codependency.

Karmic relationships can have you feeling like you depend on your partner too much. That is because they create a feeling of codependency, putting you in danger of losing your individuality.

You suddenly start noticing that you rely on them for all decisions and accept them against your better judgment.

While depending on your partner is good, make sure you don't overdo it. Codependency can quickly become dangerous, and if you see this in your relationship, it could be a sign a karmic relationship is ending.


9. You Are Always Anxious.

You Are Always Anxious

Some love the thrill of karmic relationships because you never know what comes next. This thrill is addictive but will not last throughout the relationship. Because of the constant highs and lows, you might find yourself developing anxiety.

You become anxious for the next time something terrible happens, stopping you from enjoying the moment. You are always waiting for something to go wrong and don't feel the joy of being with your partner anymore.

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10. They Bring Out the Worst in You.

Because they are not healthy, karmic relationships tend to bring out the worst in people. In healthy relationships, the partners improve and encourage one another.

If you feel like your worse traits are constantly emerging and don't get support from your partner, take it as one of the signs a karmic relationship is ending.

I have a friend who used to be the sweetest person you would ever meet. She fell head over heels for this guy, and in no time, all the light in her eyes started going out. She became mean and withdrawn from others and was generally not pleasant to be around.

This behavior finally ended when her relationship was over, and we got back our friend. This can easily happen to you if you don't take back control of your life.


11. What Red Flags?

A behavior most people in karmic relationships tend to have is that of ignoring their partner’s red flags. It is not that you don’t see their negative qualities; you just choose not to see or acknowledge them.

When wearing rose-colored glasses, even red flags look like regular flags. If this is you, know that this is a sign of a karmic relationship.

You should be able to see any underlying problems in your relationship and try to fix them. If you instead choose to ignore them and hope they go away on their own, you are just putting yourself in danger.

You start convincing yourself that maybe you are overreacting and tell yourself the red flags don't matter; it is not who they are.


12. You Lose Yourself.

There are certain relationships where it seems like one person doesn’t exist without the other. This doesn’t happen in healthy relationships because these partners recognize the importance of individuality.

This points ties in with the codependency we talked about earlier. Instead of seeing yourself for who you are, you can only see them. Your entire life is made up of pleasing the other person, turning you into a shell of who you used to be.

You might find yourself making choices you never would, and if that is not one of the signs a karmic relationship should end, I don’t know what is.


13. You Become Addicted.

You Become Addicted

Because of the volatile and erratic nature of karmic relationships, you get addicted to the constant turns. This makes you feel at a loss when the relationship ends. You start feeling like you need them to survive because you were used to the unpredictability of it all.

This is why most people in karmic relationships keep getting back together. It is important to notice these signs and stop yourself from making the same bad decisions every single time.

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14. The Relationship is Toxic.

Take a breather one day and think of your relationship as an outsider. If you are in a karmic relationship, doing this will make you realize your relationship isn’t healthy. Being able to recognize you are in a toxic relationship joins the ranks of signs a karmic relationship is ending.

Taking a lens into your relationship will expose you to the truth about that relationship. After identifying the unhealthiness, it poses to you, you need to start working on ending the relationship.


15. You Are Not Happy.

Leave alone the instances where they make you feel like you are the most important and beautiful person in the world. Disregard the feelings you get whenever the relationship is on a high and try to figure out what you are actually feeling.

Karmic relationships don't bring lasting happiness; deep down in your soul, you are aware of this. Finding out you are not happy in your relationship is a clear sign a karmic relationship is ending, and you should let it end.

Don't force yourself to stay in a relationship that doesn't bring you joy and happiness.



FAQs About Karmic Relationships


What Happens When A Karmic Relationship Ends?

The most overwhelming feeling when a karmic relationship ends is regret and emptiness. Because of this, you might want to go back to your ex because you want to feel happy again.

However, you need to remember that happiness is only temporary. Things haven't really changed, and in no time, you will go back to feeling unhappy and depressed.


Are Karmic Relationships Supposed To End?

Karmic relationships aren't built to last. They are a fun adventure you have, but like all adventures, your relationship will come to an end. There are very few instances where karmic relationships have lasted; most end because they just aren't the right fit.


Why Do Karmic Relationships Happen?

Most people believe karmic relationships happen to teach you a lesson. Not a bad lesson; they are just there to show you what to expect in a healthy relationship and what you should not.

They let you discover your boundaries and what makes a healthy relationship. People see karmic relationships as the step you make before finding your soul mate.


Can You Make A Karmic Relationship Work?

Some do believe that karmic relationships can work. I know of some who eventually go back to the person they were in a karmic relationship with and made it work.

This, however, requires a lot of dedication and growth by the partners. Generally, karmic relationships aren't built to last, and it might be better for you to let it go when the time comes.


Last Words

A karmic relationship will sweep you off your feet, and you will fall in love in no time. You get to experience intense feelings for your partner that you didn't know were possible, making you fall deeply in love. However, karmic relationships don't last despite all the love and affection.

It is important to notice the signs a karmic relationship is ending and act on them. Don’t force the relationship to continue, be thankful for the time you had and improve yourself when you get into your next relationship.

If you can, avoid getting into a karmic relationship altogether and find other ways to improve yourself and your personal relationships.



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