12 Signs Your Higher Self is Trying to Contact You

All human beings have positive characteristics within them. Your higher self is an accumulation of these traits. With all the hustle and bustle of life, you may miss the signs your higher self is talking to you. It may be because you work too hard or are always busy caring for others.

Meditation and yoga are among many of the practices that can help you connect and live in unity with your higher self, which will positively transform your regular everyday life. Even with a busy life, it is essential to establish that connection by making such practices a daily routine.

We have endless abilities to connect to the universe as humans. In our current times, many of us are continuing to wake up and are meeting our high self in different yet very mysterious ways. Our higher self is a more evolved and better version of our everyday existence.

You may think that tapping into it is complicated, but by getting rid of all harmful and old energies and tapping into the vast power of your human spirit, it can be pretty straightforward. Following our intuition is also a great way to tap in.

Our intuitive abilities (a part of our higher self) help us through life. I am sure you have had an experience whereby you listened to your intuition or a strong gut feeling, and it saved you from an intensely negative or dangerous situation.

Here are 12 signs that show that your higher self is trying to communicate and make a connection with you:


12 Signs Your Higher Self is Talking to You

12 Signs Your Higher Self is Talking to You

For some, connecting with their higher self can be so intense that they choose to ignore it or think they may be going insane. However, the signs can hardly be overlooked when you are ready to embrace that side of yourself.

Let us see how you can tell your higher self is talking to you.


Your life begins to feel inspiring and exciting again.

When you connect with your higher self, you will notice some exciting changes in your life. You focus more on improving yourself or at a particular goal, become more creative, and feel more inspirational.

This connection helps you become more open-minded and rational and enables you to combat issues in life you never thought you could. Such matters include venturing into a new relationship, building a home, starting a new business, taking business risks you could not have before, and much more.


You feel the need to meditate regularly.

Are you feeling the need to meditate more recently? It could be a sign your higher self is talking to you. Meditation helps us shed off baggage and relationships that no longer serve our best interests while attracting relationships that positively can.

It connects you to the higher realm and helps manage depression, stress, and anxiety. You start losing connection with friends that drag you down, but you should not feel guilty.

They are not necessarily bad people. Meditation helps increase your vibration while leading you to embrace your higher self. Sadly we all have different paths, and the bad must be left behind.

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You begin to have intensely vivid dreams.

You begin to have intensely vivid dreams

Embracing the connection with your higher self increases your brain's capacity, and you can quickly tell because you will begin to experience vivid dreams with a meaning. It may be a dream involving a deceased family member trying to communicate with you to leave you a massage.

You may also start dreaming about the current situations in your life that are proving difficult to handle. When you take time and break down the dream, you will find meaning, solutions, and answers to certain situations.

Now that the connection has made you more open-minded, always focus on these dreams as you can apply them in real life.


You experience heightened emotions.

When you start to experience intense emotions, it could be a sign your higher self is talking to you. This will begin soon as the connection is made as it applies to both positive and negative emotions.

All sorts of emotions, including sadness, happiness, depression, and more, begin to come to you explosively and you may feel overwhelmed. You and your higher self are pretty similar, and emotions develop fast upon the connection.

The tendency to feel emotions deep is because when you two connect, you feel a deep need for each other intensifying a form of passion between you.


You want more time to yourself.

If you find yourself needing more alone time, it could be that your higher self is seeking your attention. As you make the link stronger, you begin to discover that you are connecting less and less with some parts, people, or activities in your life.

This may feel odd, but it is okay. When you notice this sign, take some time to yourself and try to recharge your spirit world connection, including connecting with your higher realm helpers, spirit guides, and angels.

When you enhance this connection, communicating with your higher self becomes effortless.

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You start becoming more grateful for life.

Our attitude brings about our level of gratitude. Not everybody in life is grateful, and maybe before your higher self tried communicating, you were not as thankful for life as you are now. Once you invite the communication, you begin to have a heightened appreciation for life.

You may necessarily not be lacking, but you begin each day by counting your blessings. While setbacks and challenges are a part of life, you begin to view them as opportunities for growth, and with a growing sense of appreciation, your life becomes more positive.

It would not be surprising if you started a gratitude journal to keep a record of all the positive experiences and the challenges you have overcome in life.


The world starts to feel less threatening.

You start becoming more grateful for life

When your higher self begins to talk to you, you feel like you have the power to overcome all limitations and challenges the world throws at you. This can be quite obvious, especially if you are the type of person who is used to feeling threatened or is used to running away from problems in life.

Inviting the connection with your higher self leads to realizing potentials you never thought you had before. It also helps you shed off any limiting thoughts that make you feel small or inadequate.

You begin to walk through life more confidently in yourself and your actions without other people's opinions bothering you.

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You start to feel more love and compassion.

Have you been feeling and showing more love and compassion lately? It could be one of the signs your higher self is talking to you. It tries to show you the better and more magical side of life that is hard to experience by yourself.

Your better self lets all negative and fearful thoughts out of your system while giving you more power and confidence to tackle life. When you give in to the connection, the realization that love and compassion can overrun hate and evil becomes more vivid.

Even with such new positive vibrations, you have a duty to believe that the world can be a better place.


You experience trouble sleeping.

Sadly not all signs are positive when your higher self is trying to talk to you. Insomnia may be an ugly side effect. As you realize through your spiritual journey, sleeping normally as you did before can be challenging.

The high frequencies you experience when your higher self is trying to establish communication make it hard for you to rest at night because they make your mind more active.

Take this opportunity to have transparent and honest self-reflection, which will help deepen the connection as you think about your life and what improvements you need.


You feel the need to weed out people who are holding you back in life.

Since your higher self is a more evolved and better version of yourself, you start to attract more positive and valuable relationships within your life once you connect.

Through the inspiration of your higher being, you discover that you are slowly letting go of relationships lagging you behind. You steadily start connecting with like-minded people who help increase your positive vibrations.

It would be best if you remained open-minded, as losing some of these people can be hard at first. However, with time, it can be easy to rekindle the relationship when they choose to embrace their better version.


You realize you can manifest miracles.

You feel the need to weed out people who are holding you back in life

When you embrace your higher being, something spectacular happens. You are able to manifest miracles! Your belief limitations are diminished, and you begin to experience blessings in life. Anything you manifest comes to be.

With this gift, you can create a whole new reality through your mind, and anything you focus on will come true. You can also be lucky enough and experience healing powers, whether hands-on healing, soul retrieval, or any other kind of healing.

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Continue to focus on your higher self, and you will be shocked at the many more gifts and potential you have within that you can use to benefit yourself and others.


You constantly see the same numbers over and over.

Your higher self will send messages through the universe when trying to contact you. Since we cannot communicate regularly with our higher self as we do with people, they send us messages through different but noticeable mediums.

Seeing the same numbers repeatedly is a sure way they are trying to make a connection. In most cases, these numbers come in a repeated sequence.

You may have noticed a certain dominant number on your receipts, the clock, on television, and more, all within a short period of time. There is a high chance that this is one way your high self is trying to communicate with you.



Last Words

While taking on this spiritual journey, it is necessary to remember that we are all unique, and the signs you experience may not be the same for others. It can be pretty confusing, but always remember that there is no wrong or right way to embrace communication with your higher self.

When you make up your mind about inviting your higher self into your life, indulge in meditation, yoga, self-realization, and follow your intuition more to keep the connection strong and alive.

We all receive these messages and signs at different stages in life, in different ways, and with different intensities. Do not be afraid; with time, you will learn how to maintain communication.

If you feel like you are experiencing signs that your higher self is talking to you, be ready for a gradual and positive change in your life that will make you the best version of yourself.


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