The 12 Types of Lightworkers and Their Mission on Earth

There are many types of lightworkers put on this earth to benefit us. If you have ever come across one, chances are you will remember that interaction for the rest of your life. If you are a lightworker yourself, you have no doubt come across people who remind you of a meeting you had with them years ago.

I have had the pleasure to meet multiple lightworkers, and the experiences are nothing short of extraordinary. But, before we look into the different types of lightworkers, let us first figure out what a lightworker is.

In simple terms, a lightworker is a gifted individual whose purpose in life is to serve humanity. They want to make a difference in the world and individual people, all to bring positivity into the world. As a lightworker, your mission is to interact and bring change to as many people as possible.

If you have interacted with other lightworkers, you might notice that your missions can sometimes differ. That is because nothing binds you to be a specific type of lightworker. Many resonate with more than one type of lightworker, and this makes meeting the different types of lightworkers memorable.

Have you ever wondered the type of lightworker you or someone you know is? This article is here to tell you about the 12 most common types of lightworkers and what their mission is.


The 12 Types of Lightworkers

This list will help you identify the multiple types of lightworkers and can help you identify yourself. You may feel like you belong in different categories; this is normal.

You are a free individual with multiple choices. The characteristic that describes you best, no matter how many they are, represents the kind of lightworker you are.


1. Grid Workers

Grid Workers

These are lightworkers who deal with gateways to this earth and grids. This ability makes them able to sense dark energy in any space they enter. They can adjust according to their surroundings as sometimes the energies around them can get overwhelming.

However, because their mission is to brighten up an area, they will do what they can to eliminate the dark energy.

Grid workers are known to be spatial empaths that invoke Archangel Michael's violet light. This enables them to cleanse and transmute the dark energies they come around. Although they can easily get overwhelmed, grid workers are generally fun to be around and are always bubbly and joyous.

They work with the GAIA grid, enabling them to allow cleansing light into their planet. This is possible because of their big hearts that release that light into the universe. Their loving presence also draws those with dark energies who require cleansing.

This is why you might have noticed that many of your friends and lovers are dark souls. They see you as a beacon that shines a light into their dark lives, making them want to be around you.

A grid worker can also sense the positive energies around them, providing them with a much-needed rest from the darkness.


2. Timeline Workers/ Transmuters

Timeline Workers

The type of lightworkers that I find the most interesting are the timeline workers; this is because of my obsession with Doctor Who. Other than that, timeline workers possess very powerful abilities, magnified in their empathy. They can change the timelines, sort of like stepping through parallel reality.

Timeline workers can choose the reality they want to be in but are aware that their choices can affect other people's realities. Because of this, they are very careful with what they do, ensuring they don't put their needs above others.

They can absolve ancestral karmas for people whose families have collected too much of it.

Timeline workers shine the way for others to follow; they believe that we are One and the choices of one affect those of others. They lead by example, ensuring they blaze a bright and clear path for others to follow.

Like their counterparts, timeline workers also draw dark entities. If you are one, you will notice that more people with dark souls will come to you the stronger you grow. Unlike most people, you will not chase them away.

Your compassion creates a safe space for them, making them comfortable enough to open up to you. Their strong thoughts can affect you, and I would recommend meditation to shut the world out for some time.


3. Frequency Workers

Frequency Workers

Most people resonate with frequency lightworkers, and most of us have interacted with them. This is because this is one of the most common types of lightworkers. It doesn't mean their work is less important. Frequency workers have to struggle to keep the frequencies right in a world surrounded by chaos.

Frequency workers come across denser energies, and their jobs are to maintain these frequencies. Their work is hard as the third-dimensional reality relies on the law of polarity, making the frequency dense.

As a frequency worker, you might have trouble maintaining your frequency when surrounded by entities that tend to lower your frequencies. Don't let this discourage you, however. You will be able to regulate it more with more practice; you just have to be patient.

The world is full of people going through hard times, multiple arguments, and different beliefs, with so much happening at the same time. It is understandable that with all this chaos you would want to lock yourself away. However, you need to remember your soul's true mission.

Focus on self-care and create a safe environment where you can take a break from all the madness. Continue practicing your craft, gradually exposing yourself to denser frequencies until you can master it.


4. Healers


These are self-explanatory. Healers have an important mission of healing humanity. They can feel humanity's suffering and have an overwhelming urge to help us. This makes them very sensitive and empathetic to others, spurring their desire to heal others.

Imagine feeling one person's pain when they are going through a difficult time. Now imagine that pain magnified to suit everyone going through pain around you. This seems like something I would never be able to do; I run away at the smallest inconvenience until I am ready to face others.

If you are a healer, you know just how much a bit of some alone time can benefit you.

One of the ways to become a powerful healer is by healing yourself first. When you understand yourself better, you will be able to understand others, which makes it easier for you to heal them. Working on yourself will create a higher vibration and light that enables you to heal anyone who you come into contact with.

Another way to become a powerful healer is by working on your intuition. This will improve your talents. As you grow, you might also gain new abilities, if you did not have them already. Most healers have psychic abilities or the gifts of claircognizance and clairvoyance.


5. Lightkeepers/ Light Workers


This is another type of light worker with special abilities. Their purpose is the embodiment of light. They are supposed to bring light into the world regardless of their external circumstances. Lightkeepers should maintain a high vibration frequency that brightens up the room they are in.

One of their best characteristics is their loving presence. They are a safe haven for people going through chaotic and traumatic times. Simply being around a light worker can take the load off your shoulders, healing you of the pain you have from your troubles.

They know how to make people feel relaxed and loved. Their desire to see others happy overrides their desire for self-preservation.

Because of this, it is important for a lightworker to take time off for themselves. Do not let your emotions take the back seat; as important as it is to serve others, you need to take care of yourself first. Your light can be dimmed if you suppress your emotions, which will make your life even harder.

Lightworkers tend to be very charismatic people who make people involved. That is why you will notice most of them tend to be motivational speakers, spiritual teachers, influencers, and people in leadership positions. They need to uplift and motivate people, and they find a platform to do that.

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6. Messengers


Other lightworkers' purpose is to carry messages through worlds. Different messengers have different methods of getting their messages across. One of the most common and effective ways they do this is by influencing popular culture.

Think back to the reggae legend Bob Marley. He was a minority who used his music to connect people from different worlds at a time when inclusivity was a distant thing. People from all over the world would listen to Bob Marley. His songs were not just incredible to listen to; they carried important messages that changed most people's thinking.

Most messengers tend to be highly creative individuals who use their talents to imprint messages that impact humanity. Have you ever read a book so influential it prompted you to change your life or your way of thinking? Chances are that book was written by a messenger.

Their abilities shine the most when creating something, making them a conduit connecting them to the 4th and 5th dimensional frameworks. These people tend to influence the mainstream population.

This enables them to communicate the messages they get in hidden means that affect the collective unconscious that most of us don't even notice when we get a message from one of them.


7. Seers


One of the gifts I normally think I would choose to have is the ability to see into the future. This sounds like a good idea on paper, but I don't think having this ability is as easy as I would like it to be. While I am over here thinking about this, there are actual lightworkers with this gift, known as seers.

These are people who have opened their third eye to see the things others cannot see. Some seers have the same abilities as timeline workers. Neither of them is bound to time as we know it, which lets them know what will happen before it happens.

As cool as I believe this gift is, most seers tend to be isolated. That is because people misunderstand them and their abilities and think they are creepy. Some people think they are crazy, spouting out things they cannot support. However, real seers do have the ability to see into the future.

You need to train your third eye to recognize the difference between what you see and what has not yet happened. Working on this ability will enable you to have some measure of control between the different timelines, making your interactions with others easier.


8. Active Blueprint Weavers

Active Blueprint Weavers

These are another type of lightworker with a connection to the timeline. Active blueprint weavers are those who access the future and its inventions and bring them back to the past, which is their present. They bring forward the invention of different things when they are needed most.

An easy way to understand this is by thinking of Nikola Tesla. It is believed that he used dream exploration to access the Akashic records.

This enabled him to travel through dimensions and raise his frequencies to access a future innovation, alternating current electricity, and take it back to his time.

Active weavers have the task of bringing light to humanity and bettering it. They bring forth what the world needs at the time, enhancing others' lives and bringing about a global awakening.

This type of lightworker sees the world's blueprint decades, even centuries ahead of time. It ensures the world doesn't continue floundering in the darkness, finding a way out.

This is a gift we could use in these hard times; people who use their ability to reduce large world issues, such as pollution, and something to fix the receding resources.


9. Manifestors


There are people in this world who hold unbelievable manifestation abilities. They have strong visualization techniques that help them bring their manifestations to life.

These are lightworkers who serve humanity by manifesting positivity and positive events. They do this to bring happiness to a world submerged in horror.

Most manifestors also have incredible meditation abilities. They allow them to take their minds out of the boundaries of their physical bodies, enabling them to invoke higher powers to make their manifestations come true.

They can sometimes bring manifestations to life without intending for it to happen.

If you are one of those people that seem to get whatever they manifest all the time, you might be a manifestor lightworker. If you think you hold these abilities, you need to work on your inner self.

Manifestations can be easily blocked if your inner self is clouded or you don't believe in yourself. This is a tip for those who are not lightworkers as well, heal your inner self and work on your visualization skills.

This and practicing positive affirmations will help you give your manifestations life.


10. Astral Workers

Astral Workers

You know that scene in Dr. Strange 1 where he gets knocked out of his physical body but is still able to see what is happening around him? That is a more unrealistic version of what the lightworkers known as astral workers can do.

Most astral workers are able to have out-of-body experiences that occur when they are asleep. Those with more advanced skills can do it even in their waking hours.

The ability to astral project in your dreams gives you the ability to enter the Akashic records. Like Nikola Tesla, you can use this chance to discover new worlds.

Being a lucid dreamer means being aware of what is happening around you in your dreams and having the ability to recall it later. With this ability, you can see different worlds and learn so many things that show you what life could look like if we lived differently.

You can use this ability to change your life and share this knowledge with others to help humanity succeed.


11. Wayshowers


You can probably already guess what wayshowers can do; show the way for others through their example. These are people who have ascended to the 5th dimension before anyone else and show the way to those looking to make the same journey.

They have reached peak human enlightenment and are guiding others to reach this level of frequency vibration.

Wayshowers are not worried about trivial things as they know there is a bigger picture. They don't hide who they are to fit into what society considers normal as they already know who they are. They live their truth and are not bothered by material things.

This is not to say that they live life without any purpose; it only means that they focus on letting their higher selves take control of their lives. They use what the universe has given them to the best of their abilities.

They know to enjoy life for the gift it is and not to worry about what people will think. If you think this is a great way to live, find a wayshower who will teach you how to reach this level of thinking. It is their purpose after all.


12. The Ascension Guides

The Ascension Guides

Right off the back of the wayshowers come our last entry in the list of types of lightworkers, the ascension guides. These are the perfect people to turn to when working with a wayshower. Working with these two lightworkers together can make your ascension to the 5th dimension easier.

Most people seem to think ascending dimensions is easy, but that is not true. There are many pitfalls one can face during the enlightenment process. Your perspectives and beliefs will be challenged as you learn about the true meaning of life.

Who better to turn to than someone who has already reached this enlightenment and so understands what you are going through? Don't be scared to approach ascension guides.

They might seem eccentric or hard to talk to, but in reality, they are some of the warmest people. They are ready to help you deal with any hiccups you face on your enlightenment journey.


Last Words

Being a lightworker doesn't mean you are forced into one category. There are multiple types of lightworkers, and you can fit more than one. Some lightworker types are closely connected, and you might share characteristics.

I hope this article has helped you find the type of lightworker you are. If you are not one, I hope it will help you identify the lightworkers in your life.


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