15 Types of Psychic Abilities That Might Be Hiding In You

Most people have no idea that they are psychic, let alone knowing what they can do about it. Knowing the types of psychic abilities that you have is a great way to know how they work. This article will help you learn how to improve them and take them to the next level.

It is important to note that you may have an affinity with a few of these abilities; your psychic powers are not just limited to one. You might show more strength in a specific ability, but this doesn't limit you to the others. Feel free to explore yourself and work on the different abilities you might have.

So, without further ado, let us look at the different types of psychic abilities you may possess. These can help you learn more about yourself and what your abilities can let you do.


1. Astral Projection

Astral Projection

This is one of the most common types of psychic abilities that most people with this gift possess. Astral projection refers to the ability to step outside your physical body through your mind.

You might know it as having an out-of-body experience. It can feel like you are experiencing everything around you but not being in the moment yourself.

Your ability to astral project might have started without you knowing—for example, most talk of first experiencing this through their dreams. You can see the events unfolding around you, some even impacting you, but you don't feel them.

You are like an outsider looking in. People who have been on the brink of death have also reported seeing themselves on the operating tables. They can see what the doctors are doing, and some can retell what happened in great detail.

Although your astral projection might have started by mistake, you can hone this skill to make it easier to do it. You can learn to control your astral projection, which also shows that your psychic abilities are growing.



2. You Possess the Gift of Clairvoyance

You Possess the Gift of Clairvoyance

Also known as the gift of second or psychic sight, clairvoyance is another important type of psychic ability. People with the gift of clairvoyance have extrasensory perception, also known as ESP. It allows them to see spontaneous images or flashes of light that other people cannot see.

People with this gift can also possess the gift of foretelling the future. That is why you can sometimes feel like you have experienced something, although it hasn't happened. It is also why other people think you have good luck: your ability to be at the right place at the right time.

Clairvoyance can come in different forms, such as clairsentience. This makes you feel a psychic feeling or touch that lets you sense presences or energies that others cannot.

You might also possess clairalience, the ability to smell things; claircognizance, which is psychic knowledge; or clairgustance, psychic tasting. These are gifts you can easily dismiss as nerves, but tapping into them can tell you more about these abilities and how you can use them.



3. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique

This is a technique you can develop to deal with your emotional health. Not many people possess EFT, but those who do can help others with this gift. If you have EFT, you can improve other people's moods by placing positive energy into them.

That is why it seems like people are happy around you. You can remove the pain or negative emotions from yourself and others. It is why it can seem easy for you to control your mind and focus on your goals and energy.

If you have the emotional freedom technique, you can tap different parts of your body, which can help you focus on a certain issue. It enables you to release any negative energies or emotions you are holding back. They could be what stops you from progressing in life and cause you problems.

Someone with EFT can help others identify the areas in their lives that are a source of stress. If you have this ability, you can help others gain emotional freedom. People will come to you to get relief from their everyday troubles.



4. Divination Abilities

Divination Abilities

People with divination abilities use occult arts to make predictions or prophecies about the future. Some people can see this as a dark magic practice and can judge you because of it.

However, divining or predicting the future is a true gift that not all possess. It grows with practice, making it easy for you to use these abilities at will. It might be scary for you to hone this ability due to the negativity associated with it.

Do not let these negative energies deter you from doing it. Holding yourself back might have unwanted consequences.

Divination also requires you to develop your extrasensory perception skills. It will make it easier for you to develop divination abilities that will, in turn, make it easier to prophesy the future or make more accurate predictions.



5. You Can Read Auras

You Can Read Auras

I have a friend who can read other people's auras. It can be a little creepy sometimes as it helps her know exactly what you are feeling. Not everyone has this gift; most can just see or recognize a person's aura.

A true telling that you have psychic abilities is that you not only see or recognize the aura but can read them as well.

Different people have different ways of viewing the aura; some describe it as a ring of light surrounding a person. Others see it as a strip of light around a person. This makes them able to read and understand what someone else is feeling. That is why you always feel you can tell what another person is going through.

You can also sense a person's energy levels by reading their aura. That is why you can become easily agitated or excited for no reason. It could be because the other person's energy is messing with yours, affecting what you are feeling.

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6. Mediumship


This is one of the most common types of psychic abilities we normally see on TV. Mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits. We normally see mediums on TV offering to communicate with other people's loved ones.

There was a show on TV as I grew up whose name I cannot recall. It used to show this woman who was a medium as she spoke to people about their loved ones. It was always moving to see the emotions they could bring up and the details they could provide about people they had never met.

Different mediums have different means to communicate with the spirit world. The one I watched used energies or their presences. You might contact the spirit world using mental impressions, auditory messages, words, or images to make that connection.

You might have an entirely unique approach to mediumship that others have not used. Whatever your approach is, it is entirely unique, and you should not be made to feel weird or singled out about it. Your gift is unique, and you can approach it however you need to.



7. The Ability to Channel

The Ability to Channel

This is another cool type of psychic ability that not many people possess. It works similarly to mediums. The difference between the two is that mediums can hear those in the spirit world. On the other hand, those who can channel use their bodies to communicate with spirits.

If you have this ability, a spiritual entity can use your body to communicate with those in the living world. They can use this means to guide us through our lives. It can also be necessary during your spiritual growth, helping you on your journey to spiritual enlightenment.



8. Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

This is one of the lesser-known forms of clairvoyance. It is when one can use the pen to communicate with the spiritual world. You might have seen it portrayed on TV without even realizing that it is a type of psychic ability.

Some people seem to lose control while writing, which can result in writing something ineligible. This can be their way of relaying the message they get from the spiritual world.

It is believed that this ability or the hand is controlled by an outside force or intelligence that uses your hand to relay the message. Knowing whether you have this ability can be the hard part.

Consider this, have you ever zoned out while writing or painting, and when you came to, you had either written or painted something you don't remember, making it seem like your hand took over?

Of course, this is not to say that any time you zone out and find you have written something you cannot understand is automatic writing. The more your abilities grow, the more your automatic writing will continue to showcase itself.



9. Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

This is yet another of the types of psychic abilities that you might have seen showcased by others. They are a popular type of psychic reading, but this doesn't make them any less useful.

As a tarot reader, you can use tarot cards to advise someone about their life. It shows the person's future through the cards that you can use when foretelling the future.

A tarot reading can also tell you about the person's past. The cards can reveal the other party's life before you, which gives you in-depth knowledge of their lives. You can also learn about the person's future; the cards show you what has happened and what will happen.

This is why some mediums use a tarot reading to read the other person's future.

A tarot reading can also work together with other forms of foretelling the future, and you can use it to foretell the future accurately. It is important to work on this ability for you to make more accurate foretelling.



10. Telekinesis or Telepathy

Telekinesis or Telepathy

Whenever I hear telekinesis, my mind immediately goes to Charles Xavier from X-Men, popularly known as Professor X. He is, in my opinion, the best person with telekinetic abilities and who made me wish I had telekinesis.

You can then imagine How dumbfounded I felt when I learned that there are people who can have this ability.

Of course, in real life, the gift does not show itself as strong as it does in the movies. You might not be able to move things with your mind, but you can, to some extent, read other people’s minds.

This is why you always seem to know what the other person is thinking or feeling without talking to them. It can happen even with people you have never met.

You might not even realize that you have telepathic or telekinetic abilities. You might realize that you can sense other people's feelings, which can affect your own emotions.

This can be confusing, especially as your abilities start showcasing themselves. You can reduce tier effects once you learn to control them, giving you much-needed relief.



11. Animal Telepathy

Animal Telepath


This is another ability that I wish I could possess; it would enable me to talk to my cat. Animal telepathy refers to the ability to talk with animals. It brings the term horse or animal whisperer into a new light as there are people who can actually do it.

Most people with animal telepathy work with animals. They have a gift for training animals. They can understand them in a way that others can't.

You might realize that you always feel drawn to animals as if you can understand them. That could be your animal telepathy showing itself without you realizing it.



12. Psychometry


This refers to the ability to feel the energy certain objects release. This could be from the energy left by the owner or the object's previous owner.

If you have psychometric abilities, you can feel or sense information regarding the object's past, present, and future events. This is the ability used by people who help find missing people.

Most of the objects we own, especially those we hold dear, hold a piece of us. We leave our essence in these things, which is what a person with this ability can sense.

Holding this object for them is a way to see where we have been or where we are. It tells the object's history, and psychometrists can read the energy fields around the objects to gather more information about us.

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13. Retrocognition


This is almost the opposite of precognition or the ability to tell the future. Retrocognition gives you the ability to see or experience past events. These can be events that happened before you were born. Some see it as a way your past lives show themselves. It can help you now the things you did in the past.

Retrocognition can explain why you are experiencing some of the things you are going through in your current life. It is a useful tool to help you come to grips with the past. It can enable you to make peace with some of the events in your past.

It can also protect you from making the same mistakes. You can use retrocognition to learn important lessons about your life. It can guide you on the best course of action, which can be a useful tool.



14. Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing

I have a problem concentrating on one thing, it always seems like my mind bounces around different thoughts, and I cannot focus on one. That is why I envy those with the gift of remote viewing.

This type of psychic ability lets those possessing it to shift their awareness or attention to something in a distant location. They can move their minds to focus on something else, something that is not even close to them, while I cannot focus on something that is right in front of me.

Those who can remotely view don't need to enter a state of altered trance of consciousness to focus on these objects. They can tap into the ability whenever they want to, even in real-time and when awake. It is an enviable gift that only rare people with psychic abilities can possess.



15. An Unbeatable Sense of Intuition

An Unbeatable Sense of Intuition

This can be a tricky type of psychic ability. We all have intuition, which is what guides us through our lives. It helps us navigate the tough parts of life, shielding us from things that can be harmful.

Because we all possess this, it can be hard for you to differentiate between regular intuition and that tied to psychic abilities.

There is one way to tell the difference. Those possessing psychic intuition have a more detailed sense. Theirs shines brighter than other people's intuitions.

The messages or notifications they get through their intuition are more detailed or heightened than the regular intuition. It makes the message clear to psychics.



Last Words

So there you go, the 15 types of psychic abilities. It is fascinating how these abilities can seem like ordinary things in the beginning, but the more your abilities grow, the stronger they become.

You will start seeing things in a new light. You should focus on growing these abilities if you possess them in order to grow them. I hope this article has helped you identify some of the telling signs of psychic abilities. How many of them could you relate to?


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